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Shifty study proclaims Brits a nation of freetards


Fine but...

Can I get a refund for all the music I bought over the decades they price fixed and ripped me off?

Thought not...

Swine flu apocalypse: Batten down the hatches


5 should be

"Stay calm and carry on" which is a craze sweeping everywhere :-)

UK agent leaves secret drugs info on bus


On the plus side

She did make a killing on ebay selling an "almost blank" USB stick for 2 million pounds to someone in Columbia...

Jackalope gets jaunty with Ubuntu nip and tuck


USB broadband dongle support?

Having wasted many weeks trying to get T Mobiles USB broadband modem working does anyone know if this is something that's finally supported?

Microsoft promises 'lessons learned' on IE 8 download day


Here we go again....

So for most standard-level designers out there that means fixes for IE6, fixes for IE7 and then extra code to make IE8 happy.

I'd like to say to all IE users please go to http://www.ie7.com/ and install the browser on that page right NOW!

Nokia to fire 1,700 staff


This has been on the cards I guess...

I applied for a permanent job there a few weeks ago and heard nothing back even though the agency said I had the best CV by far. Looks like this has been on the cards for a while...

Government wastes £4.6m on mobile telly nonsense

Paris Hilton

Erm.... GA?

Why don't they just log onto their Google Analytics account and see how many hits the site has had. It's GA number 14 on their list of sites in case they can't figure out which domain it is.

Honestly if you are going to say that you may not be able to get the stats at least take the GA code OFF the pages before you try bullshi**ing your way out of it!

Netbooks: A bit popular


Love 'em

MSI wind at work for email and notepadd++

Dell XPS M1730 at home for the more demanding applications (photoshop etc).

I'm very happy with both.

Microsoft to act on IE8 'show stoppers'


@ Joe

IE6 won't be going anytime soon. Until large corps obtain millions for new computers I'm afraid that IE6 and maybe 7 are here to stay...

Capgemini tells contractors to bite 15 per cent cut


The thing is...

In this climate most will want to stay because they know they will have a job.

Problem being I bet most will simply work 15% less for a 15% cut in wage. If this place treats contractors at all badly I bet this will bite them in the ass big time when overnight the business starts slowing by xx percent.

NASA will give away old Shuttles for free



The ultimate "Pimp My Ride" vehicle!

How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008


It has a lot to do with machine specs

WoW works simply because it will run on just about anything.

My 1 year old £2k Dell XPS laptop was turning itself off because it was getting so hot playing WAR. It was lag-freeze everytime more than 10 people were in front of me and I had to spend hours getting any kind of playability.

WoW installed, patched and I was playing with no fuss with every setting on maximum. I could raid with 25 people or chill out by an auction house with 50+ outside and never have a problem.

When the game makers stop making games for 1% of the population and get them working for the majority of the population you'll probably have a winner.

Unreal tournament was the first game I ever came across that made the game for the 1%. I think it was 3 years later until I had a machine that could run it smooth. For that reason I was playing quake for many years instead of UT.

Adobe sales are flat in tough market


Stopped buying Adobe when...

I found out how much of a con the price was depending on where you lived. In most other countries, if I were alowed to buy it, I could purchase it far cheaper than the UK even taking everything into account.

Photoshop CS4 - USA price: £381

Photoshop CS4 - UK price: £561

They lost me a customer the moment I knew I was being robbed blind and nothing will ever change my mind now!

UK puts £55m into disabled parking reform


Not just badges that are abused!

These bloody disabled bays right outside peoples houses are getting out of hand. 7 out of 29 parking spaces in my road now disabled bays... one road very close to me has almost 60% disabled parking with a straight row of 7 at one point.

These bays are just as abused as the badges I've love to see two things happen:

1. Tough penalties for abuse

2. A maximum number/percentage of bays per road

At the rate these bays are popping up in my road within 3 or 4 years it will be a 100% ratio.

Sky and BBC in iPlayer deal


Sky player? pah!

Got a computer? Check

Got internet? Check

Use sky? Check

Got sky one, movies etc? check

Can I view what I already pay for? ermm nope, I have to pay another £10 a month for to watch what I already watch. Needless to say I am one of the 99.99999999% who signed up, found out it's an "alledged" scam and never bothered again.

US Army gets eco-conscious, preps mega solar plant


Peak Oil

Now I know for sure peak oil and fuel wars are on the way.

Every now and then the most mundane news release contains something far more important between the lines and this news release is something I knew would come about if peak oil/gas/food was close.

Net game turns PC into undercover surveillance zombie

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This is why

I have used flashblock and noscript since they launched. I also use Linux for banking, general surfing and windows when I need to run certain apps.

I have always loathed flash and the security issues that keep popping up with it. If a site uses flash I hit the back button and go to a competitor's site instead. Always have, always will!

VAT fraudsters sentenced to total of 133 years

Dead Vulture

we're all victims

This was not some kind of victimless crime, but organised fraud on a massive scale perpetrated by criminals all bent on making fast and easy profits at the expense of the British taxpayer,"

You could be talking about the criminals but you could equally be talking about the VAT and Tax man.

Make one small and easy-to-make mistake and they won't settle for just blood from the stone, they also want your organs plus your balls over a coal fire.

Tombstone because it may be the only place left to escape the Criminal AND Government greed.

HMV keeps Warhammer-ers from goblins


Not just HMV

It isn't just HMV, Amazon have made a real hash of this as well with many people not getting the game because they didn't order enough for everybody.

Thankfully Play.Com still delivers the best service and I'm in the game no worries.

eBay changes anger smaller sellers


The demise begins

I have been using Ebay less and less and with these new fees I won't be selling anything else on ebay again.

It used to be fun on ebay but with the charges (and increasing postal charges) it's back to being cheaper and easier selling in the local paper.

Mines the coat that won't be on ebay

Microsoft slams 'sensationalist' Vista analysis

Paris Hilton

I bet if...

M$ contact those 180 million users a large chuck would be on XP.

I wasted £460 on Vista only to upgrade back to XP a month later. More than a year on I still have no desire to have Vista back on.

Paris because I'd much rather turn her on than Vista.

eBay auction fraudster jailed for four years

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Rob the robbers

Photoshop in the states:

$634 which is £318

Photoshop in the UK


At launch it was something like £400 MORE here than there. If I wanted the CD, box and manuals I can understand some increase but DOWNLOADING as well???

We've been robbed for years, cheers to anyone who robs the robbers!

Trousers Brown Counterpoint: Is Gordon right?


The perfect storm

Peak Oil, Peak Gas, Peak food.... Fuel wars, food wars?

Some fun times ahead and coming to a planet near you soon...

Davis increases majority, says goodbye to Tory front bench

Paris Hilton

BBC can make success a failure...

I was quite annoyed with the BBC interview on BBC breakfast this morning. I don't live in his area and I don't much care about what he did or why but the BBC spent the whole interview twisting facts to make his success look like a failure. I know the BBC long ago lost its ability to be impartial but this was above and beyond.

Nothing unusual then.......

Paris because I doubt she could suck as much as the interview did this morning.

Fasthosts brings down Edugeek - and leaves it there

IT Angle

Do what I do

I use them for buying domains which I then point to proper hosting.

Been with CWCS 11 years and never had a single problem!

Force listeners onto DAB by killing FM

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It is terrible

I used to have DAB in the car and I travelled from Devon to Worcester every week. I found it much more frustrating that FM and I was glad when I went back to FM. As others have said at least with FM if you have a bad reception it will still work.

Make DAB work as well as FM and I may try it again. Until then FM is the better service by far!

Redmond puts key Vista update on ice

IT Angle


Is what I call anyone installing a pre-release on client machines and then moaning it isn't working.

Shell IT staff disgusted at mega profits


Not a chance


The key reason Shell made so much money was because of extraordinarily high oil prices. Prices that will almost certainly dip if the situation in the Middle East stabilises at all.


Considering how quickly this planet is running out of oil (20 to 40 years are figures I see often) and how rapidly the need for oil is increasing I can't see the prices ever going down.

Transport Dept. IT: 23 years late, £100m over-budget

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RE: Cause for Thought??


Heh, I was thinking exactly the same thing

Post Office loses Amazon contract


They will lose a lot more!

I've been using RM for years to post out parcels. How I wish I could change to someone else (As soon as I can I will).

Not many people know but they changed there claims service this year. I started losing a lot of parcels suddenly and out of 20 lost parcles I managed to claim the money back from..... ZERO!

Royal Mail now send out a letter to the customer asking them to confirm that the parcel they've reported as missing is... well... missing. They have 5 days to reply and if the customer doesn;t answer back they close MY claim and tough luck to me!

This goes for both recorded AND special delivery.

I wish Royal Mails rivals all the best and I look forward to the day I can work with a company that once again cares for their customers!

Adobe takes UK price hikes to new level with CS3


Rip off!

I'm in a nice position where I wanted to buy this and I could if I wanted too but there is *no way* on earth I'm paying so much more than folks in other countries. Yes we pay more taxes but that amount? Come on!

None of the excuses stand up and I for one won't be spending a penny on this until they get a grip and level the playing field.