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Bush makes last-minute grab for civil liberties

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I find your marshon perspective helpful in this case. I was speaking to someone today who sees the same things as me but comes to a different answer. He sees the human rights act as a friend to the terrorists and stopping the government doing it's job. But he still sees the government failing in it's job and attacking the wrong people. I see the human rights act as helping protect us from a government that is going wrong. Clearly he has more faith in the way the government can use it's powers for good than I do.

UK.gov to spend hundreds of millions on snooping silo

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What's this for?

Am I missing the point? Why would anyone want to keep all that crap except for billing purposes? Unless it's for spying on us? Can't be that surely, that's not what this country is about. You're telling me our government is so evil they would spend 250 million pounds to spy on us? It can't be so because our government are good people, they are British.

Oh well, I will ignore this since it does not have a place in my view of the world.

Does that make me ignor-ent? Will fulling making myself stupid just for a happy an contented life?

Microsoft Silverlight: 10 reasons to love it, 10 reasons to hate it

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I don't mind Microsoft developing standards...

actually I do mind. They are not really 'standards'. Just a way of taking over control. Windows may be one of the biggest computer success stories because it's a standard, but the Internet and the Web are far bigger and they are open standards. Silverlight might be another Windows success but it won't be another HTML type success.

If SVG is an open standard that can do Flash and Silverlight type things then that's what we should be using.

Road Pricing 2.0 is two years away

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So it's admitted they want to spy on us

If it was about road tax you would stick it all on fuel. That would encourage people to use less fuel by whatever means.

If you want to charge people for using cirtain roads differently to other roads then you don't need to track them. You just have three milometers, one for each price bracket. Transponders in the roads click you onto the right price bracket as you clock up miles.

But then that would not help with spying and would be limited to pricing based on the initial simple system. When you know everything about someones journey you can tax them according to how far away from home they are and how long they spend away. You can then provide them with an itemized bill of each journey. You can let the authorities have access to this also. You had better watch what you do and where you go, anyone could find out what you have been up to. Having an affair? Well it could be on your itemized travel bill. Gone to a job interview on a sick day?

It probably will not work very well but the bad thing is that they want to spy on us.

Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered

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Global Warming causes Climate Change

You can already see the effects of Global Warming because it causes Climate Change which can be either warmer or cooler depending on if it gets warmer or cooler. In effect the carbon tax is working when things stay the same.

Remember Y2K. I single handedly fixed the whole Y2K problem and what thanks do I get? "Oh there was no problem". No you dummies, that's because I fixed it now give me my $100 billion.

'Malvertizement' epidemic visits house of Newsweek.com

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Most people are new to the Internet

Due to the rapid and continuing growth in the number of Internet users most people have not been using the Internet very long. They are unacustomed to it's 'wild west' ways. They think it's like TV and that it's all safe and regulated. They have heard of viruses and spys and are only too willing to take advice about the dangers and how to protect themselves. However they are so gullible that they will take advice that pops up on their computer screen. They think the adverts on a website are endorsed by the site owners when in fact they could be on the same subject as the site but total opposite of what the site is about.

Ofcom steps up the power for unlicensed broadcasting

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WISP people like the high end

Get on a couple of towers and you have a 20km link at 100Mbits if you can afford the gear.

Microsoft's Vista push probed by Fair Trade Commission

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Well duh?!

Ofcourse you use your monopoly to force people to buy your greatest product.

I have set up quite a few Vista computers now as well as Apple and Linux. I would say that XP just works, as does Linux and Apple. The only one causing problems is Vista. I struggle with it's WiFi capability. I struggle with users installing some silly bonus disk supplied by Microsoft that makes it run really slow.

I cannot see what advantage Vista offers over XP, it all seems to be disadvantages. I know that once they make important programs that can't run on XP then Vista will have an advantage based on XP's contrived disadvantage.

Currently the only way you can get people to switch to such a pointless (from the users perspective) product is to do it for them. Vista is crap but not worth my time and money to switch my users to XP. I just sell them more RAM and they never know the difference. Honestly most don't care what OS is running and those that complain usually don't know it's because they hate Vista (what's vista?).

U2 tracks disappear from YouTube

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U2 were great in 1981...

...in the bath on new years day with a hangover listening to U2 New Years Day.

Little did I know that a time travler from the future was outside my window with an advanced mobile phone recording the track, later to be shared over a global communications system unimaginable to my primitive 1980's mind.

Unfortunately Bono traveled back in time and murdered the time traveller's parents before he was born and now the track has vanished from U2oob.

Sats blunder firm sacked

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I am suprized

I thought they were defending the marking and that it was gubbumint policy to farm out crucial functions to American companys. I suppose it was even worse than they were planning for.

Home Office lost CDs on 3,000 workers

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Postal Service

I buy things from ebay. Sometimes DVD's and CD's, sometimes memory cards, sometimes a digital camera. I also sell things. I have been doing so for years and the stuff goes by post. I always arrives OK.

IF, thats a big IF, these CD's went missing in the post then they were stolen. Which means someone went to special effort. Which means that they may also have stolen the password.

The other thing that occures to me. Why put them on two CDs? Why not burn it onto a single DVD? If they can't manage DVD's then what's the likelyhood that they can password protection? If they can manage password protection then why not set up a secure VPN link or something?

This is just another example of why we need a National ID Database, it will be so much more secure than CDs. (I mean the gubbamint will say that)

Ofcom tailgates Google with radio usage map

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Will they share the spectrum map

When Ofcom scan the UK on our behalf then they should make the data available. I can understand that commercial companies may have this data and can't be expected to share it. However if Ofcom are doing it on our behalf I think it's wrong for them to sell it commerially.

Why do I think they will do this? Well I was working with the Ministry of Agreculture, Food and Fisheries at one time. They were publishing a CD-ROM with data about crop storage and I was helping with putting it onto CD. They said they would have to charge £15 per CD to cover costs. I said why not put it up as a website then it costs people nothing and probably cost you only a few quid per month.

They rejected that because they were trying to make money. No one bought their CD so they made no money. And no one saw the data which had cost quite a lot to compile. A little bit more money spent could have put the data to good use for the people of the UK.

These government agencies forget who they work for.

By the way, Radio pirates say they have guns. The police won't help them protect their business so they have to do so themselves. On the whole they use the spectrum sensibly but there will always be people who deliberately interfere with others radio signals.

Net shoppers bullied into being Verified by Visa

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Carrot and Stick

Notice how the carrot is that the merchant is less liable for loss since that's accepted by the bank if you use this. So it's the merchants who push this on the buyers, very smart. The stick is that buyers will have their card blocked if they refuse. At the same time it does not really cut down on fraud, just introduces a new weakness. This can mean that there are a lot of calls to have cards unblocked and new passwords issued. And the phishing site mimic of the varification screen.

UK.gov dishes out £19m for comms snoop data silos

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What is the Internet what is a Router?

The name Internet with the capital I comes from the smaller word internet which means interconnected networks. The Internet is not one thing except in that it's one global address space.

Get this, you can have a public subnet with each of your users being able to communicate peer to peer with each other without going through the actual Internet provided by your ISP. So who is recording this traffic?

It could be a bit like Y2K, nothing happened because we all worked hard fixing the Y2K bug. So the reason we have no terrorist attacks is because all this spooking is working. But to stay ahead of the terrorists we have to keep getting tougher anti-terror laws. Do we need another terror attack to prove this or should we just clamp down on freedoms just in case?

Home Office bankrolls plastic plod 'documentaries'

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Partly Political Broadcast

It's only partly propaganda in that the first serious could have come out badly. Somehow the makers seemed to know what the Home Office was looking for without them even asking. Ofcom won't find a problem. There won't be a memo that says "could you cut out the bits where the PCSO look bad and keep in the bits that make them look good"

It's used to dupe us and it's paid for out of our own money. Well DUH! Ofcourse it is, that's what government does.

They are switching to PCSO's because they are cheaper. This means you also get people who want to be police even if the money is not good and they are not up to being real police. People say plastic police don't have enough power, expect that to change soon, and it won't be a good thing. Like Lollipop ladies all sorts of people will pop up in flouresant jackets, knighted with slightly more power than your average person. Like a first aid course there will be a 'Community Assistance Officer' course where road sweepers can raise their profile for the good of their community. Neighbourhood watch are getting special powers to nick people for speeding, Parish Councils are recieving speed gun licences. All of these things are going to need positive spin on TV.

We are becoming a nation of jumped up plastic police.

Inside the tent, the best bioterrorist money could buy?

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Google Microbiologist killed


Since 9/11 there have been loads of Microbiologists killed. In the UK Dr David Kelly and more recently the two french students in London who first had their laptop stolen containing their project, then they were tied up tortured, stabbed and set on fire. This was discribed as "Knife Crime" and there were calls to make all knives have rounded ends.

When a microbiologist dies I am suspicious. When someone linked to The War On Terror dies strangely I am suspcious. The anthrax attacks helped push the Patriot Act through, and it was a bogus reason it turns out. Same as WMD 45 minute dodgy dossier in the UK.

I expect he was feeling murderous, if he knew the truth about the anthrax and was being fitted up and had been put in a mental hospital where no one believed him that would drive anyone mad.

There are just not enough different icons for all this spook stuff.

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Dangerous knowledge

Many of the above posters have guessed what this is about. Fortunately for their personal safety they can't prove it in court. Anyone likely to blow this will be silenced. It's pretty obvious to anyone who thinks about as well as listens to the news. The news media are telling us, but they can't just blurt it out. If they can't prove it they can't say it, if they do prove it then they are next.

If you look at sackings and deaths of media people you might wonder if some have rumbled it. You might wonder if many media people are encouraged to take drugs in order for someone to gain a hold over them.

The regulated media is losing it's trusted position, the Internet is taking over, they are trying to regulate the Internet. How long before someone wins a case against an ISP that failed to filter out some nasty that came through the Internet. Once ISPs feel they need to protect their subscribers then they will implement filtering. Everything will be made safe enough for a 5 year old child and websites will need approval before they are available on say Virgin and BT.

This will affect sites like these who will have to more strongly regulate the opinions expressed here, for the safety of the children. Smaller sites and personal sites will be regulated out of existance. Or at least you won't be able to have a decent forum and news since that will require a social networking licence.

It was not so long ago that people could not express their views in public like this. OK so you could write a letter to a newspaper or points of view but what we have with the Internet is amazing. We have not had this very long and possibly not for much longer.

US customs: Yes, we can seize your laptop, iPod

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@The information they're looking for

You're right, they would not know a terrorist plan if you called the file How_To_Blowup_the_USA.odf

They might say that's what they are looking for but I think it more likely that they will be learning the following:

1. If you visit infowars.com

2. If you have any good porn that they can copy and that might be held against you

3. If you have taken the trouble to encrypt anything.

We are being trained to accept being searched.

I still think it's a good idea to encrypt anything you don't want others to see. You never know who might get hold of the laptop.

I am not sure how much anyone believes in anti-terror measures as a way to tackel terrorists. Many people simply go through the motions of their job. Others will believe what they are paid to believe. Think of how you believed in Father Christmas because by doing so you recieved presents. The grown up version is doing your job to recieve your wages.

Electoral Commission criticises London e-counting

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eVoting more flexible

Electronic voting is much better since the software can ignore the inputs and go with the desired result. If people have voted the wrong way, this can be corrected before the vote is published. It saves a lot of violence and intimidation because people are free to vote the way that suits them. There is less need to use violence to make them vote a cirtain way since the results can be processed to produced the desired outcome.

If electronic voting had been available in Zimbabway then Dr Robert would have been re-elected without all the obvious violence and intimidation.

So electronic voting is much safer and more satisfying polling experience.

It's official: The Home Office is listening

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Sir Bonar Neville Kingdom

Sir Bonar is very knowledgable on the governments ID policy. The problem is that the policy is so farcical that it reflects badly on Sir Bonar. Government secrets from now on are to be carried in a bright yellow breifcase and there will be a serious repremand if someone loses one.

You really should listen to the podcast.

RM gets fingers into school biometrics market

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IT Angle

RM computers hackable

RM ought to set the bios password on their computers. My daughter told me how she uses a Linux Live CD to boot the RM machine. She also told me about using a proxy server to get round the schools net nanny on web browsing.

So RM are now in charge of some things that really ought to be secure?

Next Debian's 'Lenny' frozen

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Debian is so easy to use

Installing on Debian is so easy. Once set up it's very reliable. Lot's of great How-To's on the Interweb also.

UK comms intercepts up by half - and it isn't the council

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Are we nearly there yet?

Breaking point!

Surely we must be at breaking point pretty soon.

Either all this nonsense will evaporate like morning mist in strong July sunlight or we are living in some Hammer film where the mist lasts until we kill the monster.

Is this anti-terror health and safety stuff fooling anyone? How long is everyone gonna politely pretend they think it's nessasary?

I have only been fully awake to this since about January, before I thought it was just the Labour gov being incompetant.

It was only when I left school did I look back at school and realise how thoroghly I hated the experience. We will look back on this period of history and wonder how we ever put up with this abuse.

Austrian official fuels Skype backdoor rumours

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Skype is not ours

Skype belongs to a company who don't publish how it works. So you don't really know if it has wire tap access points built in.

Anything going through your sound card could be tapped at the point that it's just audio.

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

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Sticking to the limit

Driving AT the speed limit is a learned skill, like using a CB or mobile phone when driving. It can be a bit dangerous until you get good at it.

However even driving at the speed limit will not stop your journey from being recorded in the computer. Clearly the data could be discarded quite quickly but I suspect they store it away for later processing. All sorts of government people could go fishing for interesting facts in that database for years to come.

Dangerous mobe chargers flood UK

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Electricity is a comodity but by changing the shape of the plug and requiring odd voltages they can make it a specilist product and charge more. The charger market is similar to the ink cartridge market. Ink being a liquid will fit into any shaped container. That's why they don't put a screw cap on the ink cartridge because then it would be too easy to refill. By making it a special shape they can take something inherantly compatible like ink and make it incompatible.

The 3rd party makers of these items are simply trying to undo these incompatibilitys and make a profit.

The consumer would be much better off if ink was sold in bottles and there were say three power plugs, 5V, 12V and 24V, the latter being high power. Mini USB for 5V, 2.1mm for 12V and a fatter one for 24V. It would then be up to the device to do any further regulation.

El Reg tells you what the Highway Code can't

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Employee parking now a hocky pitch

Just mark out the carpark as a hocky pitch but let people park on it.

UK gov announces Road Pricing 2.0 - Managed Motorway

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Remote control

The control of our roads should be given to an American company. They can then send out the fines for non-compliance. If we fair to pay the fines we can be extradited to gitmo.

And so we begin the tech sector's journey into the Heart of Darkness

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Time to buy a tent?

Buy a tent and an airgun a solar panel to run your laptop, then head to the hills?

Can it be as bad as he is saying and not get a lot worse?

Intel bets millions on speedy DNA sequencing chips

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Death to LIfe Insurance

If you take the risk and doubt out of insurace then it's not insurance it's fixed. You would not bet on something if you knew the outcome would not be in your favour.

I think if the insurance companies correctly adjust your premium according to acurate predictions of your risk then you may comclude that if they will insure you then don't bother and if they won't insure you then you need it. They will have to be very careful how they handle this imormation because without any risk why would someone bother with insurance.

I suspect that having your DNA sequence on a memory stick won't be as valuable as people are hoping. Trying to determine what it all means will take years.

Missing Webroot founder found dead

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If he was paranoid then he was able to imagine all sorts of threats that he had little proof of. This type of mind would work well to tackle malcious software attacks.

The problem with his medication was probably that it messed with his abilities. SSRI's are given so you don't care, not so you feel happy. Most people care too much about life to kill themselves, people on SSRI's don't care so killing themselves is no big deal. I don't know how long it takes to come off SSRI's.

It's a real shame.

Oyster system failure causes travel misery

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You are discribing an idealized version of reality.

First off DO attribute things to malace that could be excused as incompetance. How much of a fool would you be if you believed their silly excuses?

second a poster before you has shown an unregistered card is not the same as cash when you want them to give you a refund.

finally, you think complaining will illicit a helpful response. Where have you been for the last 7 years?

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Roll on the National ID

Clearly this sort of thing can be solved by the National ID. I have it in my pocket here somewhere, what I don't need to show it? you already scanned me? wow that's efficent.

Microsoft kicks Ubuntu update in the hardy herons

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I use my computer to get windows updates

Since my main use of my computer is to keep it up to date with Windows Updates that's good to hear.

I am concidering getting a dual core CPU so that one core can be getting updates and the other one can be doing a virus scan.

By the way, I have a car so I can drive to the filling station.

Criminal record checks could hit over 14 million people

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Remember IR35

I ought to have been unafected by IR35 since my little company had many clients and I did work for more than one at a time and I had an employee as well as myself. That did not stop my client insisting on doing everything by IR35.

I think you are correct with "The unintended consequence to cap all unintended consequences could, in the end, be that abusers will simply refocus their efforts into areas of maximum informality and maximum trust. A measure designed to regulate and restore trust in society could, in the end, destroy it utterly."

Except that I think the meaning of 'unintended' needs to be expanded. For the organisatins seeking to have staff CRB checked, it makes sense to them to have no sex offenders, so any undesirable consequences would be unintended. The problem comes when you look at the bigger picture, the consequence that children can nolonger trust adults unless the adult has special permission is tragic and intended by the government. You would have to be particularly nieave to believe they are doing this for the good of the children, Huntley was just the pretext they needed, not the thing they are trying to stop.

Has this man been CRB checked?

Yoof forum eats schoolkids, spits out ID card robodroids

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World 2.0 from Virtual Surveys

"All our staff are comfortable with the 2.0 world and our Research 2.0 experts know how to balance prompting, motivating, and leading the discourse on the one hand, and on the other hand ceding control to consumers to facilitate co-creation, collaboration, and innovation."

From this page, what are they on about, New World Order (NWO)?


Is this version 2 of the world here now or is it still in beta?

Very odd, don't you think?

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mylifemyid - Invalid Account

Dear Sir/Madam,

You account for mylifemyid has been removed. This is due to you not meeting the requirements to be a member of the site (you have stated your age as 43).

You are not allowed to register a new account, if you do so your IP address may be blocked preventing you from viewing the site.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Best regards,



e/ help@mylifemyid.org

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World 2.0 from Virtual Surveys

"All our staff are comfortable with the 2.0 world and our Research 2.0 experts know how to balance prompting, motivating, and leading the discourse on the one hand, and on the other hand ceding control to consumers to facilitate co-creation, collaboration, and innovation."

From this page, what are they on about, New World Order (NWO)?


Is this version 2 of the world here now or is it still in beta?

Very odd, don't you think?

Blears pitches prize draws and online polls at young votes

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@NB, so thats why there is so much knife crime

When I were a wee Yoof, I used to believe that voting for the LibDems would sort everything out. As I have got a bit older I see the LibDems as useless and the other two as evil.

Everyone know never talk about politics or religion, so they don't. Both hot topics with me.

The labor government is a bit like ebay, got to power because they were the best, now able to use that power to do the most insaine and evil things and not be slapped down for it.

There has gotta be a point where blowing up the Houses Of Parlement is better than putting up with this.

The 'kids' don't vote because even the adults get nowehere with it.

New York pressures more ISPs into child pornography crackdown

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Paris Hilton

I used to use it on Demon

Before there was any decent porn on the web I used to live in the usenet. It was very lively and had forums similar to this one. Many of the demon forums were especially good. It was weird in those days that the web was a curiosity that did not seem a very practical way of using the Internet since there was not a lot there. Then Altavista got things moving.

I remember demon explaining that they did not ban the alt.sex.childpornography type news groups because by leaving them you could be sure that would be where the child pornography would be posted. If they were banned then the kiddy porn would start showing up in alt.sex.landrovers. The landrover shaggers would not be amused.

If the whole usegroups are canceled then you can expect Lolita to start showing her underdeveloped breasticals on landrovers main website.

Paris because I am too old for her, slurp...

The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters

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Math, I tried an iPhone..

..and found it instantly usable.

I was setting it up so the customer could surf the web with WiFi.

It was abundantly clear that this phone was easy to use. That buttons and keys are cumbersom. The graphics power is used to seamlessly scale webpages and everthing more around naturally.

Yes the WiFi could have worked better, but then I was using a crap router. The lack of 3G was an obvious omision, but then they don't have 3G in California so that's understandable that they forgot. The other problem was the O2 contract.

US retailers start pushing $20 Ubuntu

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We can all sell Linux

Excellent idea.

People who know about Linux can get it for free but they have to do some work themselves.

I find Linux easier to install than Windows. With Debian, as long as you plug the network cable into your router you get the uptodate version installed. Probably the same for Ubuntu. With Windows you have to someone trigger the update process and keep rebooting after each update round. Windows drivers for laptops have to be chased down on the Internet where as with Linux it just seems to figure it out itself.

I expect the $20 operating system to be successful as long as the computer shop staff arn't afraid of it. Hey, if the user gets into trouble they could probably charge to sort it out.

All of us here can sell Linux. We can even make our own distros if we want. It's fair to give some money back to the developers. I like to build linux servers. Always make sure the user has a UPS and the server will just chug away and never cause any problems. Hardware actually seems to live longer when set up as a Linux server than as a Windows PC.

Jacqui Smith kick-starts yoof ID debate site, site kick stops

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Read the forums

Plenty of El reg members in the forums. You can tell by the writing styles. And also they admit it here http://www.mylifemyid.org/node/293

No positive comments for National ID, except spin questions from the Ops. They are very creepy in a H.A.L sort of way. "Dave, I sense you uncomfortable with National ID" This was noted by one of the posters.

Pete Comley http://www.virtualsurveys.com/about/team/research/biographies/, I sense you feel your National ID properganda website is backfiring badly. May I suggest you claim that the site has been infiltrated by Register readers who are also probably over 25 years?

Wayland Sothcott Bronze badge

Access Denied to MyLifeMyID

I tried my login even though the confermation email has not arrived.

"Access denied

You do not have the required permissions to access this page. If you believe this message to be in error, please contact a site administrator.

© 2008 Virtual Surveys Ltd"

Obviously I need to clear the Cookies again.

Wayland Sothcott Bronze badge

I am nolonger young :-(

I am 43 and tried to sign up.

"We are sorry, but unfortunately we can only recruit people for this research who are aged between 16-25 and live in the UK. Thank you very much for your interest in joining the research.

© 2008 Virtual Surveys Ltd"

So I am going back and pretending to be 25. Surely there is a law against age discrimination?

Am dwn wid da kids and da yoot. I will Obviously type in Text language, if I can remember how to do it. Any tips? Wear my baseball cap backawards or is that 1980's?

I am going in....

Street View spycar prowls Inverness

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Horns of a dilemma

The difference between Street View and Closed Circuit TV is that anyone can see the photos google take of a public place but in CCTV only the owners of the CCTV get to see.

It is a public place so what you can see is what you can photograph.

When in public we do what is acceptable in public so there should be no problem with a photograph of it.

However a photograph has a power beyond that of what one person can see. A photograph or video is a record which can be viewed by millions of people who weren't on the street at the time. It can also be looked at live or historically by machine and in ways not yet invented.

Simple phototography and TV has radically changed in a way which changes our lives. A camera is now a far more powerful tool than ever before. Googles street photography will be a powerful tool that will be used for good and evil just as google maps and google earth are.

Just be glad of the techology in your own hands.

UK.gov serves up GM food as price hike fix

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@Can anyone spot the missing link ...


I think you may be under the pleasent illusion that this mess we call labour governance is just incompetance and bad luck.

What has happened here is that a problem is being used to push through GM, not to solve the problem but to get GM through. The PM knows the problem cannot be solved by GM, but he needs a reason to promote GM and to look like he is doing something. There is a lot of GM food that we can't bring into Europe, allow GM and then we can have GM soya. Everyone here has better suggestions except perhaps for the people who want a drastic population reduction. Those people seem to me to be on the PM's side.

There is a food crisis brewing. Food now costs more, the weather has caused a lot of problems.

Lower VAT could help small businesses amid recession fears

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Make way for carbon tax€

Yeah, reduce state tax, increase EU tax. Then the EU can become more powerfull. Anyway VAT is a tax on the consumer.

Prius hybrid to get rooftop solar panel

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Solar panels 60 watts

For reasonable money you can by 60 watt solar cells. With a suitable switchmode charging circuit they will kick 5 amps into a 12 volt battery. Yes you need reasonably bright sunlight to make it happen. I have used one of these with lead acid battery system for months and it will keep a 500mA load runing constantly day and night.

I would think that any car would save fuel if fitted with one of these.

The Prius is a good platform for new automotive technologies. Those electric motors will get better, so will the batterys and you have a car you can use. People will take the electric motors and batterys and build an all electric car, or maybe one with a very small petrol motor.

This business about the parts coming from all over the world, well DUH, don't parts always do that? If I want the best LCD screen I go to Korea, best batteries Belgum? I dunno, they come from where they come from.

Pioneer proudly pitches 400GB Blu-ray optical disc

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@Highlander and the 10k Word Document

I think there is still a place for a medium to put a Word document on. Floppies which were 1.44MB now look small in capacity and cluncky. However CDs are too physically large and are also easy to damage.

The USB stick although universal are a bit costly. What we lack is a small cheap flash universal flash storage. We have dozens of candidates, all those camera memory cards. It would be nice to have a memory card that cost 25p that could hold say 32MB. But oh no, everything has to cost £15 and to keep the price there they just keep increasing the capacity.

So we will be recieving 10k word documents on 400GB disks just as we today recieve 10k word documents on 700MB CDs



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