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Top prosecutor warns against growing state power

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Leaving it a bit late to stop the police state

The he leaves his job and then decides to make the stament about the police state. The fact that he could do nothing about it whilst he was the UK's Top Presecuter says it all.

As for Jaqui Smith holding a public consoltaion reminds me of her MyLifeMyID website.

We just don't have enough police state icons. The Eskimos have 192 different words for snow.

Kentucky judge OKs 141-site net casino land grab

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IT Angle

nominative determinism - Judge Wingate

Wingate was a proxy firewall I used in my early days on the Internet. Is he trying to be some sort of firewall?

AMD co-founder Ed Turney dies

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AMD Plants all over San Jose

There are AMD fabs all over Silicon Valley. The place even has streets named after chip manufacture. The industry founders have left a lasting legasy. R.I.P Mr Turney..

Govt ponders proof-of-ID law for future phone purchases

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We must tackle the terror ththreat

All you people seem to have forgotten 9/11 and 7/7. Do you want your daughters blown up by extreamists who want to take away our freedoms? Is it not better to place our freedoms in the hands of our government, which when all is said and done have our best interests at heart? After all this is only going to affect those who are doing something wrong. I know that in some ways we all fall under some new law or other that says we are terrorists. But thats never likely to lead to someone being shot accidentally.

Wacky Jacqui's yoof ID site goes silent

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Daily Mail Readers

I don't know about the people who read the paper version of the Daily Mail but if you read the posts on bothe the Daily Mail and the Daily Express on this sort of police state crap you will see they are pretty much the same opinion as on The Reg and my Life my ID.

Does this mean that the vast majority of people don't post online and only a few do and those all hold the same negative opinion of the ID scheme?

Obviously to check this I talk to real people I meet. It seems that most people are a bit twitchy about something that's going on in the world. People have connected stuff like bees dieing to GM crops not needing pollination. I don't know if that's the case but this person was cirtainly tuned into lots of things.

There is some much blatent crap coming out of governmental authorities and their hangers on (Virtual Surveys, Parish Councils, Health and Safety Officers) that people are becoming incredulus.

Take the crap about high blood pressure. The figure for high blood pressure keeps getting lowered. Then people need to take statins to keep it under control. Big Pharma, surely?

Today a policeman told me they can't trace a mobile phone call that just happened but they could in future monitor my mobile phone if they thought it nessasary. I mean, come on!

McCain begs for YouTube DMCA takedown immunity

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McCain - now you see what's wrong...

...but you can't just change the law to suit yourself. Other people have the same problems when using video content. Fair enough if you are stealing from someone and depribing them of the ability to make use of what they own.

However when it comes to news, you give that up when you broadcast it. You can't morally own the copyright on the news. If you have sent out a news report then people should be able to use that report when they comment on the news or when they use the news to illistrate a point.

By having the news agency own the news is like they own the truth bacause only they are allowed to use it.

I do think it would help if people did their own news gathering and not rely on the established agencies.

TUX because it's about doing your own thing.

CPS to consider private prosecution over stealth Phorm trials

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defendant was in a position of authority or trust;

Too right they are in a position of authority or trust. The Internet is very important to people and you have to trust the people supplying you are not messing with your data.

"there are grounds for believing that the offence is likely to

be continued or repeated , for example, by a history of

recurring conduct;" Well that is the whole point of the tests but they may change the nature of the offence so it's not breaking the law in future.

Unfortunately the court is only likely to impose a nominal penalty:

Don't prosecute if "the court is likely to impose a nominal penalty;"

Since a huge fine would only be nominal to BT then it means the law does not apply to huge companies, only smaller ones.

Judge Dredd smartshell shotguns to hit Iraq in '09

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A bit like shooting those chemical drums in Doom.

Porn, abuse, depravity - and how they plan to stop it

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@"the good old days of internet free-for-all"

The Internet started just for geeks but as it became more popular more and more average folks got to enjoy it.

I remember taking 18 months of using the Internet, starting in 1991, to get a grasp of what it was. How could just about anything be published in any country and I can freely access it? So totally different to TV, News Papers, Films, Books and Magazines.

I think that I now understand that other media went through a period where they were unregulated. What is important to the Government is what the majority of people believe rather than what some intelectuals believe. The Internet is now available to everyone or anyone who wants it. That's why the government want the Internet handed over to the mega coorporations who will regulate the content.

The geeks will always find a way but the freedom of the net is being taken away from the average person who was only recently beginning to learn it was more than just free porn and downloads.

Home Secretary rejects McKinnon anti-extradition plea

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Global Government

Notice how more and more things are being done globally. From the smoking bans to the Bank Baleouts. We all break the law, there are so many of them. This means that if the government does not like you then they just arrest you for one of the many offences you have unwittingly comitted.

This case is high profie test case. It will pave the way to a more streamlined system. They will alter some laws to make things run smoother in future.

No pr0n, no interference - puritan broadband is go

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I just downloaded via Bit Torrent and watched Fahrenheit.451.

In this 1966 film, houses are fireproof and everyone is glued to their flat screen TVs and pop prozac pills all day. The fire brigade hunt for books which are illegal since they make people unhappy. They make a big pile of books and one fireman gets to use the flame thrower to burn them.

The hero is a fireman who gets curious about people who read books.

A remake of this film is probably Equilibrium.

The same theme of banned cultural possessions shows up in V for Vendetta

At the moment we have the upper hand. But slowly little by little the book burners are gaining more power. They may only be able to keep the 2100MHz band free of smut and hate crimes at the moment but they have bigger amitions. As in Fahrenheit.451 there will always be subversives who buck the system but they will be hunted down and possibly even shopped by their own neighbours.

In terms of networking using a VPN would attract attention. I can see for our own safety that we will have to submit to some sort of escrow system. Rember when encryption was going to require that the keys be held a government agency who were not going to leave them on a CD on a train. This could still come back under a different guise.

Icon, fire burning at 451F

Revo Pico RadioStation DAB+ radio

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I thought this was a RadioStation

OK, so it is a station in that it's a reciever. If they let more people broadcast DAB then more people would get into DAB.

You can't beat FM as the best compomise for quality and reception and coverage. 100 watts mouted high enough covers the whole county.

The problem with Internet Radio is that each new listener reduces the quality and costs you money. P2P Radio maybe the amswer.

Turbo-charged wireless hacks threaten networks

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Paris Hilton

This much power?

It's amazing that many of us have so much unused computer power. However if you nock a couple of noughts off a number with 20 noughts on it you have not made much difference.

The real problem with security is like the person who has learnt kung fu and says "Hit me, go on hit me, I will block you". So you hit them "Ow, that hurt, you we'rnt supposed to hit me like that".

Passwords are not random. They are the pets name or the girlfriend.

Paris could be the girlfriend.

Secret docs loser to appear in court

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The man who cannot be named

They called him The Man Who Cannot Be Named.

Sounds a bit Harry Potter to me.

Ah the CD's might be in my Wizard Cloak.

US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics

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It's not just Yanks and Americans

Having read the comments I see we get the usual smug people saying stoopid yanks or dumb americans. We have proof that only 50% of Americans are stupid, half of them did not vote for Bush the 2nd time. Possibly if the voting was rigged then even more of them are not stupid.

This sort of insane jobsworth rule following is happening everywhere. People seem to be embracing the most stupid rules. I am not just talking about them hugging the rules, these people are letting their pelvises touch as well.

Common sense tells them that this is stupid. All common sense people, ie most people, know this is stupid. However there seem to be a huge number of the wrong type of people in power. They may not have much power but whatever power they have they are determined to use it in the most perverse way.

It's a global phenomenum. Something makes these people think they are doing the right thing. Or at least they get something out of doing it and think they will get away with it. Which they do seem to.

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Licking Teenagers - could you make this up?

You have to wonder what the prosecuters are trying to achieve. Are they trying to proove just how stupid the law can be? Or do they actually think they are doing the right thing?

Just how far wrong can you possibly go with a law written to protect children?

What's the worst thing that could be happening here? These people are actually trying to hurt people out of some sadistic evil sense of their own importance.

"Come here little children and tell me all your illegal sexual thoughts so I can blackmail you into giving me sexual favours in return for me dropping the charges. Otherwise you will be taken away to a childrens home in Jersey".

Melamine, poisons and the misappliance of science

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United Biscuits - Penguins

I wrote to United Biscuits back in May about a packet of discusting tatsting Penguins. We both found them so horrible that we spat them out. I took them back to the shop and the staff and customers tried them and spat them out. We opened a freash pack and they were the same. I wrote to United Biscuits who sent me an envelope to post them back in. My United Biscuits contact wrote back saying all her staff and the Lab had tried them and there was nothing wrong with them.

Obviously I know they were not right and I know that UB know they were not right. However they chose to bribe me with vouchers and call an end to the matter.

Now I am thinking, could this have been Melamine?

We need a puking icon.

Boris to give out Olympic 'BlackBerries'

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@ James

Boris is a bit of a hero, he seems to be responsible for getting rid of Sir Ian Blair (from office, I might add). I think what Boris means about our Olymics being just as good as China for less money is like shepards pie at home being just as good as a posh meal in a resturant, sometimes you just want something normal.

Darling launches £50bn relube of bunged-up UK banks

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Banker deaths

Has anyone noticed how many people in banking have died recently? Some suicides which these days always make me wonder. The millionaire banking chap on a night out who was knifed to death.

Maybe bankers get their identity from the huge profits they make. When they lose huge profits they loose all their self worth. Or maybe these deaths are part of a cleaning operation to allow the tax payer to be screwed. We already get screwed forwards when we stupidly borrow money, now we get screwed backwards too.

EU battery rule may zap iPhone, blow away MacBook Air

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embedded battery

At one time motherboards had a Ni-Cad battery soldered to the board. This looked like a good idea since it would last forever. However the battery leaked and the acid traveled down it's legs into the solder holes in the board then seeped through the layers of the board rendering the motherboard FUBAR. Thankfully they now have replaceable batterys.

Any manufacturer not allowing you to change the battery is ripping you off by deliberately making it's product die.

Get snapping for Freedom

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re: Democracy

With Hoodies, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. With cameras if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. These things do work both ways, but there is a difference if the state does it to if I do it.

The state could use cameras to make the roads safer. I could use a camera to make my home safer. A crook could use a camera to help them steal from me. A Crooked government could use a camera in a system of fines to take money from me, that's not a crime since they make the laws.

If one of the sheeple stands up to the sheepledog then the other sheeple watch the rogue sheeple get put in it's place. If all of the sheeple stood up to the sheepledogs then we would win, there are more of us.

Net game turns PC into undercover surveillance zombie

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Gates Horns

Only webmasters?

I can imagine some Phorm of technology that could alter links as they come phrom a website. If you you think of some reason to get one of the big ISP's to pass all their user traffic through your server then you would be able to do this to any website.

Myself, I can't imagine that it would be legal to alter traffic from websites at the ISP. If it was I am sure all the users would boycot it.

UK minister looks for delete key on user generated content

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Think Of The Children AGAIN!

I don't believe the stupid actions of government are actually that. The stupidity seems to be very well coordinated in a particular direction, somewhere very sinister indeed. It's very cynical of them to use "The Children" in their plans.

Hopefully it won't work, but the smoking ban worked and that should have failed.

'First production-line energy weapon' now shipping

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Thumb Down

Freekin' lasers on Freekin' Sharks

What's the Freekin' point, the animals are already Freekin' dangerous, they don't need no (I was gonna say Freekin' again but decided against it) lasers. What are Northrop wasting thier time on this for?

Daylight savings shift to cause phone havoc Down Under

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East Anglian Times

The reason we change from summer to winter time in the UK is for the farmers. Or more specifically in East Anglia it provides the winter sugar beet crop with an extra hour of daylight in the mornings. Do they have sugar beet problems in AZ?

Mines the scruffy barbour with the bailer string coming out of the pockets.

German man arrested after UK gamer's murder

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Student Murders

He was from Suffolk and was about to begin a Physics Degree.

The two stabbed french students did a project on Bird Flu

The two Albanian women stabbed, one was a student.

Any more student stabbings?

Kentucky commandeers world's most popular gambling sites

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New World Order AGAIN!

In the New World Order (NWO) there are no real borders to the law. Americans can extridite on a whim. Now they can shut down other countries websites.

This is not about Americans ve the rest of the world. It's about the new axis of evil with the USA, UK and other colaborators in The War Against Terror (TWAT) creating the New World Order. Notice how all the laws seem to be aligning; smoking ban, ID cards, licences required to protest, Automatic Numberp Plate Recognition databases.

We now witnessing the worlds biggest bank job and both sides of the atlantic are doing very similar things.

Another London BT exchange hit by thieves

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BT Open Retch are struggling

This was in the city, but in the country theves steal the cables. BT also don't bother with poles all the time. Often they just leave them in the grass or strung on the hedges. One of my customers cuts hedges for the council, he says he sometimes cuts through the BT cables.

Becta green lights open source software in schools, at last

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Teachers gobsmacked....

....when you tell them about Open Source software. They cannot believe such a thing exists. When you say it does then they ask if it's legal. Then when you say it is then they ask why it's not been stopped already.

For most people and even plenty of people who think they know about computers, Open Source is just something they can't get their heads around. They understand stealing and they understand free stuff that is crap or not free.

Once they get it they are quite likely to accept it. However because much of the software is different to Microsoft then they focus on the differences as problems. In business this has a practical important for some things. In the home completely free software is available from Microsoft via stealing. However in education it would seem obvious you can't steal and that you can overcome small differences between Open Source and Microsoft if it saves a fortune.

Many home users are concidering Open Source as an alternative to stealing from Microsoft. They seem much happier to have Open Office when I explain that I don't make pirate copies of MS Office and that if they want it then they should pay £400 or get their company to buy it. Or they can have Open Office and just pay me a small fee to set up their computer.

Labour minister says 14 year olds should get ID cards

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Re: and lose them

Need an ID like when you tag a dog. All our lives would be a lot easier if we were properly tagged and governed. We can all still have our freedoms but the roads could be a lot kinder to nature if a central computer kept track of our movements and organized car sharing etc. All you would have to do is go online and say where you are going and why and the governing body could buddy you up with someone going in the same direction. Advisors could also organise healthy meal options and people who need special diets could be fined if they eat unhealthy food. How many of us are with our ideal partners? The UK could become stronger and healthier if by using the ID chip the relevant authorities could arrange our lives so we bump into and fall in love with our ideal genetic partner.

Oh we are heading into a wonderful brave new world....

AMD unimpressed with Intel six shooter

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Windows ve Linux

If you want to run the most powerful Windows based server then you really need compatible CPU cores like these. However if you base your server on Linux then your choice really opens up. Linux is compiled for pretty much every CPU available. PowerPC for example. CPU's that can be arranged in vastly multi CPU configurations. It always seems to me that the CPU makers have to work a lot harder to make their chips Windows compatible compared to how hard the Linux compilers have to work to support a new CPU.

Effectively with Linux (or Unix) you can simply design the most powerful CPU or cluster forgetting backward compatibility then put Linux on it. With Windows you have to design to the machine code already in existance.

Vehicle spy-cam data to be held for five years

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@Prove Alibis

"Remember that this data could be used to prove alibis, i.e. to reduce false convictions."

Yes it *could* be used to prove alibis. If the lawyers get good at getting hold of it then it could be a very good tool in your defence. However look who owns the information and who controls it. If the evedence is unhelpful for their case then it won't be available.

There was a case of a police car running down a girl. There were loads of witnesses who said the police car was doing 100mph with no police lights or siren. However the police are going to examine the cars computer to find out the truth.

Computers can be very acurate but those in control of them can lie. It should be normal to have systems independantly examined.

Furse should not resign, she should be sacked

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It was not a screwup

I think the writer is missing the point. The stockmarket was deliberately switched off because of Fannie May and Freddie Mac.

Eye-o-Sauron™ poked out by Great Wall of America

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americans love cheap labor but hate Mexicans

Actually they perhaps don't hate them, just think of them as low life, only good enough to do low paid work that americans would not do. To this end there is not the total commitment from everyone to keep them out. Eye-O-Sauran is an expensive project that only the wildly optomistic techies who invented it would think was going to work. But the authorities are behind it because it shows the people that they are spending serious money on stopping Mexicans, whilst at the same time still allowing them to get through.

Just because there is a law against something does not mean the authorities want you to stop doing it. What about that Royal Navy ship whoes job it is to stop drug traffic? It turns out many of the crew were enjoying the very drugs they were committed to stop. Lets see if you have anything in your pockets before I decide what to do with you.

Doctors rally for right to call UK.gov quangonista a 'sh*t'

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GMC and Andrew Wakefield

Dr Andrew Wakefield wants to find out what causes ADHD and he suspects it's something to do with the MMR vaccine. The GMC prosecute him and are still prosecuting him. I think the bloke needs some help, maybe some Doctors better at this sort of investigation should get involved. However that's not likely because the GMC will prosecute them too.

In the mean time ADHD continues to be a chronic problem which is also growing.

It's enough to make a person swear, but then they love it when you swear, it means you have lost control and they can get you for it.

Blue icon for blue lanuage.

Brit trio convicted for liquid bomb terror plot

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Poor show

So one of the largest terror plots was foiled and hundreds of lives were saved, and yet the prosecution could not convince 12 people that this happened. So does that mean most of the air travel industry are equally unconvinced?

Surely we need a retrail with a jury chosen by Jaqui Smith?

London Stock Exchange limps back online

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IT Angle

"cannot speculate at this stage as to what caused the problems"

The problem was not IT. It was because Fannie May and Freddie Mac were bought out by the US Government. If those had gone down then that would have crashed the US economy and hence the world economy. Monday would have been a momentus trading day. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong at the most critical moment.

Digital divide looms again over superfast broadband for all

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1 Gbit for what?

Computers became powerfull enough for email and word processing nearly 20 years ago, speed improvements have not made word processing better. The Internet became fast enough for web browsing at 512k ADSL or even 64k ISDN. Speed improvements beyond 2Meg have made no difference to this. YouTube works fine on a 2Meg line and reasonable fulls screen is ok on 3Megs. If you had 20Megs on low contention then you are pretty much sorted for everything of interest the Internet is likely to offer.

If you had 100Megs then you could get rid of your PC and simply have a terminal. If you had 1Gbit, what would really be different apart from wasting bandwidth. Clearly you can't run Office 2007 on a 486 but Office 95 was fine. Bloated applications will require the bandwidth if it's generally available. For those without the bandwidth they will find that previously perfectly useable websites will nolonger work well enough.

Without the digital divide then there will be no reason to upgrade.

Actually laying fibre in rural areas is easy. You just give the farmer free broadband and borrow his mole drain digger.

DARPA funds radical disco-copter concept

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Black Helicopters

DARPA invented the Internet

This could be the next Internet. We could all be flying round in giant frisbees if this thing takes off.

Yes I do remember streethawk, the bike was a road machine when on the road and magically changed into a motocross as soon as it's wheels hit grass or dirt. Amazing!

7-year-old faces M&S Inquisition

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Dead Vulture

Parents are responsible for children

Unless the issue is parental abuse then the parents are entitled to know everything in their childs life since they are responsible for the wellbeing of the child. Childhood is a transition period where the child is given more and more say until they become an adult. There parents are simply there for when their adult child messes up and ASKS for some help.

I am reminded of the Stanford Prison experiment. We the British are particularly suspeptable to letting power go to our heads. Even if the Data Protection act is misunderstood it seems we are willing to use it in the most controlling and harmfull way possible. Give someone the job of enforcing some rule or law and they take it to the max. This is especially the case with jumped up little nobodies. The cleeshay (nerd spelling) of the jumped up little hitler may be amusing but we seriously have to watch out or these people will take over.

Police quiz BT on secret Phorm trials

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@Phorm Recent Patent App

"[0022]In one example, the ISP initiates launching of a context reader into HTTP stream that flows through to the client device. In particular, a script may be embedded into web pages requested by the client. The script executes within the client browser and reads information off of the displayed webpage, such as keywords or other information. The observed/monitored information may be stored locally or otherwise for later use, such as in influencing delivery of a targeted advertisement to the user. In other examples, monitoring and observation processes run within the ISP infrastructure, for example on a server that observes requests and responses of a particular client connecting through the ISP."

from http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20080201733

There you have it. Not only planning to look at your web stream but to alter it.

The fundernemtal principle of comunications is to faithfully carry the message to the recipient without it being intercepted on the way. Obviously with http traffic it's pretty easy to meddle with since it's in human readable format, that being the whole reason for the success of HTML web pages.

When you trust everyone you don't lock your front door. When people start abusing this then you lock your door. It's time to lock our web traffic since we can't trust the ISP. https: is what we now need to do. Then we know that only us and the web site are party to the communication.

Hadron boffins: Our meddling will not destroy universe

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Standard Risk Analysis: Extreme

The LHC is unlikely to destroy the universe.


Open the above picture in a separt window.

On the risk analysis it's a severe consequence that is a very rare event. So the risk is HIGH.

If we perhaps extend the table to catastrophic and say that the event is unlikely then the risk becomes EXTREME. They are now saying it won't destroy the universe when the switch it on this week. How do they know? I suspect they already switched it on and we are still here. Or I think we are.

Yes, watch the film Quiet Earth.

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Jobs Horns

hollowed-out caverns deep beneath the Franco-Swiss border

"The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a titanic 27-kilometre doughnut made of ultra-chilly superconductor magnet pipe, is situated in hollowed-out caverns deep beneath the Franco-Swiss border. " and they are meddling with the very structure of the universe.

I want one of those. Get me one. And I want sharks with lasers. Get me 6 of those, no make it 12.

I will control the universe. Woh ha Ha haaaa....

Thus passes to C&W

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Malcom Mure

There was a time when one of the directors would answer your technical problems personally. I think these things are cyclic. When the customers are getting good service then the business is struggling to make a profit but growing quite nicely. When they farm out support to an Indian call centre then the company makes money from the shear fact that it takes time for everyone to jump ship.

Look at ebay at the moment. I expect they are making a bomb, but they seem to be running a vendetta against their loyal customers.

BTW I am 43 and was a loyal demon customer from 1993 to 2003.

I suggest people contact George at http://rcscumbria.net/ and chat about Broadband options, you may be amazed at the possibilities if you have £25 per month or more to spend.

Vodafone says termination rate clampdown would hit the poor

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Black Helicopters

New World Order scheme

If you notice everything is being harmonized. Sometimes it's the Euro way of doing things, sometimes the USA. Tracing calls is done through the billig system because if their is money in it then it will be recorded so that the spooks have some data. By charging for recieved calls as well then there are two records of the call that will be kept.

It does not therefore have to make sense in a purely business way, they are harnesing the business aspect to achieve a snooping aspect.

Ofcom considers termination charges

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Paris Hilton

Termination credits

Termination credits would be a good idea. Since by answering the phone I am allowing the phone company to charge the caller I deserve some credit for being entertaining enough to keep them on the line.

By answering my phone I am providing the reason for the caller to spend money. I am providing a service that the caller is prepared to pay for, media content, so to speak. Without me and people like me there would be no one for the callers to call. I want my cut of the profits.

Paris could make a lot of money this way.

Data watchdogs did not want to see eBay bank server

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Money is represented as data

The banks actually deal in data that represents money. Because they still have the data they still have the money. But they don't have the data security and for a bank thats supposed to keep money safe that seems very odd. Then it occured to me, they look after the data that represents their own money but if they loose our data that's only our money.

Each day we need to get a bit more control over our own lifes and leave less in the hands of big unaccountable companies. If you entrust your money to someone else then it's nolonger your money, at least in practical terms.

'Child protection' database slammed as plod data mine

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Jobs Horns

Slam and Blast

With more powerful tools the authorities do seem to be making progress tackling crime. Or is that a perception fed to me by misleading government press releases? It feels like I am having my opinion changed, rather than changing my own mind.

It has been suggested that with 300,000 people accessing the database that some of them may well be paedophiles. But then Jaqui Smith will be approving each one of them, if she can find the time. If a person likes children that much then they may gravitate to a profession where they get to work with children. Being investigated by a child protection official who likes to abuse children may well be an asset if you are a person abusing children.

When we allow 'the proper authoritys' to have licenses for powers we don't have then we have allowed them a license to abuse. The paedophiles who get caught are the stupid ones, the smart ones become Child Protection officers.

If social workers did not exist then the person reporting child abuse to a social worker would instead have done something about it themselves.

E-voting outfit confesses vote-dropping software bug

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I don't buy it

OK, so they found a bug. One that they lived with for 10 years. Windows has loads of bugs but we still find it works well enough.

This is not a bug it's a fish, a red herring.

The idea of erasing the cards could be similar to 'beam me up Scottie' in that the votes are transfered into the counting system so the original has to be destroyed. Otherwise they may get counted again if the card is re-inserted.

That might be the design phlosophy but we can all think of a better way of doing the same thing wilst making sure the memory card does not get double counted.

I feel the real reason they like the card wiped is to make a recount impossible. The real bug is why they would want to prevent a recount.

Mobile broadband: What's it for?

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@ I can't believe it's not broadband

Hello John,

I am delighted that it works using AT commands under Linux. I feel we should get dd-wrt to work with this. I have just connected a customer using a Haewei E169 mounted in a pastic box on the outside of his house with a 3m USB cable. It's nolonger mobile but with a 1 bar signal it does 1000/50 on speedtest.net provided we chose London and not Maidenhead. The actual websurfing is fine. Reasonably snappy and perfectly usable, it would not cause you a problem.

I have ordered a Billion 3G + ADSL WiFi router http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/Shop/ShopDetail.asp?ProductID=7161

This will provide him with WiFi Broadband on his laptop in the house.

The odd thing about this is that he could have got 8Meg sync on his ADSL but chose 3 Mobile at £30 per month for 18 moths because it comes with a free laptop from PC world. I don't think this is the best way to get a laptop and broadband for the same cost but plenty of people will be tempted by this option.

I have charged him money to get his speed up from 50kbps to 1000kbps. I can see a lot of people will be in the same position. If they get 200kbps they will think they have broadband and will probably put up with it. One of the first things a young laptop owner does is to install Limewire. What will be the result of that!??!



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