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School worker's Facebook post prompts suspension

Wayland Sothcott

Fascist state

We have citizens tattling on each other and the state encourages this. Confidential hotlines for just about everything. There is a hotline to report benefit fraud, you can get a criminal record for this, but if you are high enough up then you get let off with losing your job.

It's divide and conqure.

McKinnon launches second extradition challenge

Wayland Sothcott

Not enough evidence

If the CPS say there is not enough evidence to prosecute him, presumably the merkins have some evidence. The crime was committed in the UK on an american server. The physical location of the server is not the issue since the Internet can handle that. The aledged criminal was doing the crime whilst physically sitting in the UK.

To summerize.

1. American owned computer.

2. Crime happening in the UK.

Remembering the true* first portable computer

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Wii controllers

It's interesting that 60 years on the principle of inertia guidence this uses is now concidered advanced in the Wii controller.

Inertia guidence and GPS will be in camera phones next, allowing you to wave your camera arround to obtain a 3D Google Street View style photo. That's looking 1 year ahead if that.

What do the military have right now that will be in our hands in 60 years time?

Excellent article, big up The Register.

Police deny targeting kids for DNA

Wayland Sothcott

"Teenagers are not arrested purely on the basis to obtain DNA samples."

No not 'purely' to get DNA but it's probably the top reason.

Icon: Testing for reptillian bloodlines.

Microsoft's software vision chief embraces future horror

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Gates Horns

Hard drives are now massive capacity and physically tiny

so you can store your data in the device. There are advantages to letting someone else look after your data. One is that you don't have to worry about your computer crashing because your data is available on any computer provided you have your password.

Well there it is, the disadvantage, your data is aavailable to anyone with the password anywhere in the world.

Hopefully this is just a fad, however people who have come to computers in the last ten years may only know how to access online data and not their hard drives. Think about this, is it easier to install Open Office from a copy you saved on your hard drive a few weeks ago or is it easier to get it from the Internet? I expect most of us have saved downloads but if we have fast Internet then we generally go online to get a file.

I had an important email in MS Outlook on the company Exchange server. I went to look it up and it was gone. Now if I had printed it or saved it on C: drive then maybe I would not feel that someone had gone and deleted it. It's possible that the sysadmins had deleted it, how would I know?

If we trust someone else to look after our data then they can hold us to ransom. Who has the copyright on photos you upload to Flicker? I think it's Google.

Crew preps for ISS spacewalk

Wayland Sothcott


If I was doing the spacewalk I would be worried about what my crew mates would be up to whilst I was out of the way.

Britain leads world in police state survey

Wayland Sothcott

slowly sleepwalking....

"Britain is slowly sleepwalking toward becoming a surveillance society"

Oh come on, it's going as fast as it can. Any faster and there would be technical problems stopping it happen.

Also the police do knock down your door in the early hours of the morning. And they do drag people and throw them into vans. They do herd large groups of people into a tight space then charge at them. They do expect you to phone the anti-terror hotline on 0800 789 321 if you don't like the way your neighbour puts her hair bleach bottles on top of her dustbin.

Not only that but they are getting businesses involved in all this bulshite. A company I visit has a notice on the door about swine flu and how you must not enter if you have been near pigs or have a cold.

Cirtainly the older doctors are not pushing statins and flu virus on everyone, but the younger more ambitious ones are. The same ones who will be informing on you to the authorities if you have a medical condition.

I maybe sleepwalking but I will put my dressing gown on.

Obama fights cyber threats with new White House post

Wayland Sothcott

Can we fix it?

Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!

Hail Obama

Yes we can!

It's like Bob The Bilderberg

Fans decry tennis gal's breast-slash plan

Wayland Sothcott

It's not the winning....

it's the spectating that counts in womens tennis.

Stolen RAF files are blackmailer's dream

Wayland Sothcott

Re: A few things

If they were spooky enough to gather all this data you would expect them to be spooky enough to keep it safe. So many times things happen as if by 'mistake'. Oooops, we messed up!

I suspect it's standard practice to allow people to do some sackable things but not sack them. If they have done nothing wrong then how are you going to sack them? Same with MP's expenses, a crisis is an opportunity, but one that was a long time in the planning and setting up stages.

Better still if you need someone to do a difficult task like prove that there were no special rendition flights then someone with a few personal problems might be persuaded to comit suicide on a mountain before any shit hits the fan.

There has even been some suggestion that some of the shamed MP's might be suicided. Nothing like spring cleaning to take your mind off your problems.

ICO tells cops to behave on CCTV

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Fascist police state, obviously

The businesses are cooperating with the police to pre-empt any crime that might happen by gathering the evidence in advance.

The customers seem more than willing to assist with this process.

The government are only pretending they are against this, infact they are all for it.

So you have the people and the businesses co-operating with the police who are co-operating with the government to make sure everyone is monitored. It would be too big for the government to install aall this security but get everone to work together it makes it possible.

There is a name for this happy co-operation, Fascist Police State.

McKinnon supporters petition Downing Street

Wayland Sothcott

Play the Asperger's card

I have signed the petition in order to support Gary. However I don't agree that Asperger's should be a getout of extridition free card.

An alien for Gary since I know he likes to hunt for them.

Arnie pops up in Terminator Salvation

Wayland Sothcott

CGI is a fashion

Or rather over use of CGI is the fashon. Rember when the first talking chips came out, everything sounded like Steven Hawkin. Just because you have learned a new trick does not mean you should use it all the time.

Think about the feel of the original Mad Max film compared to the new Mission Impossible.

Some great films of the 70's had a sort of documentry style that built tension because they felt so real rather than simply looking impressive. Vanishing Point for example.

I do love CGI, The Matrix is very good.

Ofcom works out why Wi-Fi doesn't work

Wayland Sothcott

Channels are a myth

Ok, not exactly a myth but misunderstood.

All WiFi devices recieve over the whole WiFi spectrum but the signal gets weaker the further away from your channel it gets. Pretty much the same as increasing the distance or number of walls between stations.

In WDS mode you have to set the channel on both stations manually. Yes it works best if they are both set to the same channel but it still works if they are set to different channels, providing they are close enough.

WiFi devices themselves actually work quite well together but not everything using the 2.4GHz spectrum is careful not to trample another signal.

The chipset of the device is very important too. Atheros devices generally work a lot better than Broadcom in my experience. The Broadcom ones can get so bogged down with other peoples noise that they don't work. The Atheros ones seem to be able to use the frequencies that are operating.

WiFi is similar to ADSL in that it transmits on lots of little channels at the same time, some of which will fail and some will work.

Eventually people will stop using the old baby monitors as their children get bigger. They will also get fedup with video senders and get a cable put in. People should also put in CAT5.

Ireland bucks trend with anti-blasphemy law

Wayland Sothcott

seditious comments

Seditious accusations are both true and hurtful. Calling a politition a thef for fraudulently stealing thousands of pounds is seditious. It's not the same as other libel in that seditious stuff is true.

Would that be making this illegal?

Aussie censors implement six degrees of separation policy

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Re: How about tinyurl.com?

Well that's the link to the link that the articlke headline refers to.

Anything that makes it possible for someone to find illegal content is illegal. If illegal is defined by 'what can get you for'. The Pirate Bay provides links not to websites but to torrents. It is a search engine and yet they got convicted and imprisoned. Google is different because they don't fight the authorities but work with them, China is a good example. YouTube is getting flack for not taking stuff down fast enough, that will change.

The Web could change to be more like the Pirate Bay model. Instead of file downloads we could be hosting websites on our PCs that work by Bit Torrent or something similar. Obviously some of those websites would be the the search engines themselves. Everything multiply hosted and global.

Unless the foundation of the Internet is changed then this will be what happens when filtering is added on the top.

So what is the foundation of the Internet? TCP/IP, the IP stands for Internet Protocol, currently IPv4, we are jumping to IPv6 which will be a fundermental change to the foundation of the Internet.

Home Office 'ring of steel' fails the pig plague test

Wayland Sothcott

Ofcourse they don't have a list

How could they engineer a pandemic if it was that easy to stop?

Further evidence that this is a manufactured problem.

Jacqui's secret plan to 'Master the Internet'

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It will all be ok after the election

Once we get rid of Labour then the new government will stop all this crap.

YEAH, RIGHT, of course they will....

IPCC U-turn on Tomlinson CCTV

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Re: Go easy on IPCC?!?!?!


He said they scoured the area for evidence.

Later in the interview he tries to maake out that he has watched the CCTV evidence. The interviewer gets him to clarify that they only have the amature video, which is entirely a different thing.

OK, so he is yet another incompetant person in an important position.

More like he is pretty competant but he is up against some pretty competant opposition. We now have google street view and it's easy enough to walk down there yourself and scoure the area for CCTV cameras.

By the way, the Police Officer reminded me of Peter Pan, being that it's like a woman playing the role of a man.

Icon: Hellitelli

Farmers furious at EU's sheep-chip scheme

Wayland Sothcott

Sheep as Guineapigs

OK, bigger the guineapigs but ideal to get the RFID chipping industry off to a good start.

Once these animals can be chipped long term and the chips further developed on the back of all the money the industry will be making.

Then the bigger and more important market is to chip sheeple. This is a few years off and unless they hurry up with the birdflu human crossover there won't be a pretext.

Anyway good news for the RFID industry. They will have to make them Tazer safe.

White coat because that's what Doctors, Vets and Butchers wear.

UK's visa fingerprint system fails

Wayland Sothcott

Human rights for terrorists not sheeple

All this checking only works on the sheeple. If they arrest terrorists they have to let them go.

Steptoe storage vendors cash in on junk platters

Wayland Sothcott


It would take a small company wanting to get ahead in the market to do this. I would say there is a huge market for long term reliable storage. Something that stores data for at least 25 years. Capacity need not be massive, since drives are already massive.

Safety goggles to protect against spinoffss.

Who snapped first?

Wayland Sothcott

Daily mail readers AGAIN!

Why are they always slamed here. Is it just shorthand for a type of person who thinks the police are always right and that someone is guilty if the police suspect them?

Have a read of what readers actually says on this subject...

"This man was unlawfully attacked, from behind, for no apparent reason other than that he was casually dressed in an area where the gestapo assumed all such people were protestors. I am fast becoming ashamed to be British.

We should also note that it now a terrorist offence to photograph a police person - i refuse to use the term "officer" as that connotes standards of integrity that the majority of police utterly lack."

Hundreds in the same vein with massively positive scores. The few typical 'Daily Mail' reader comments with massively negative scores.

Daily Mail readers get it. So if they get it then you can be pretty sure the majority get it. This is a huge non-violent uprising against Wacqui Jacquis police state.

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The Met experiences panopticon blowback

I have just gotta say "Panopticon Blowback" is just the best phrase about the police state that I have ever heard.

Somehow I will have to work it into a conversation.

The Quick - and the Dead in the Water

Wayland Sothcott

inadvertent ?

It looks more like he is holding it so it can be seen.

Would he carry a copy of Penthouse in the same way?

US outlines secretive international piracy deal

Wayland Sothcott

French base ball rules

I did not realise the French had pass the 3 strikes rule for those suspected of piracy.

I don't know how they will be able to tell if you are pirating material. They will have suspicions but they maybe wrong. I guess that they will look at bandwidth so those pirating movies will be stopped and those pirating books will be allowed to carry on.

Icon is book burning onto CD

BT blocks up to 40,000 child porn pages per day

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Re: which ISP is that

"my own ISP has stated publicly that they will never do so and don't believe in censorship (and if forced will give us means to bypass it)"

Tell us who please?

My ISP is Quik Internet www.quikinternet.co.uk (no C in quik)

They have told me that they would never do Phorm. I could ask about other filtering but I know them well enough to know the answer.

Photocops: Home Office concedes concern

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Typical UNDER-zealous policing

If the police have all these new laws to help them do their very difficult job how come they allowed someone to video them asulting a man and causing his death?

This is the kind of sloppy policing we expect.

The police set a lot of store in video evidence, so much so that if you don't have any then you don't have a case. If you do have evidence then they have to hope that it was illegally obtained. Maybe they will still be able to get away with murder even when filmed comitting it.

If we want a strong police force then we are going to have to make an exception when the police kill someone. After all they are only doing what is a very difficult job.

I for one would feel rightly punished if the police killed me since it would mean I must have been doing something really unacceptable.

Black 'copter because I feel safer when armed police are in the sky watching me.

UK.gov to get power to force ISPs to block child porn

Wayland Sothcott
Paris Hilton

Why they block child porn...

The reason they block websites with child porn is that most people think the web is the Internet and to control the Internet all you have to do is control the filter for the web.

The reason they are going after child porn should be obvious, everyone hates child porn and no one would say it should be left alone.

If they said they want to block freedom of speach and prevent disenting voices and that's why ISPs have to pay money to implement this, then it would carry no favour.

Today on Radio 4 some bloke from a Think Tank (institute for policy research or some such scary sounding conspiritors) was on the raadio saying that the government wants to promote free speach by giving money to the 30 best charities to use on inovative political campiegns. Might one of them be the IWF?

Paris because if you're old enough then she is child porn.

Wayland Sothcott

County Broadband

"They pointed out that in 2006 the Home Office had pledged that it would tell all providers to implement filters by the end of 2007."

When I was a partner at County Broadband a small WISP, we had this letter. I read it and was furious. Then I read it again and realised it was volentary, so I chucked it in the bin.

An ISP should simply connect the subscriber to the Internet.

It's not Vaxhalls job to make sure you don't drive where you are not allowed. It's not the ISPs job to decide where you can and can't go on the Internet.

If the government want to control what comes through our boarders then maybe they should own the routers that link the UK to abroard.

Westminster forced to switch off digital CCTV cameras

Wayland Sothcott

See no police brutality....

Is this so the police can shove people to the ground for no reason?

Microsoft cries netbook victory against Linux

Wayland Sothcott

powerful netbooks

Netbooks need to be more powerful. Upgrade the screen to 17" and the keyboard to one with numeric keypad. RAM should be 8GB, 600GB HD, quad core 6GHz liquid cooled CPU, top end games graphics. A decent battery. Blue Ray player. Surround sound 5 speaker system, gaming chair, games sticks and steering wheel. A wheeled trolly to carry it round in and full Windows Vista.

People are not so much after the Windows Quality as the familiarity. They need to realise that a Netbook is not a notebook or desktop. Obviously many people are attracted by the smaller price, however the number of MASSIVE laptops I see people enjoying means that actually they just want a proper computer that is not stuck to a desk.

The netbook needs to downgrade further. It needs to be even smaller. The battery to last longer. But the screen should be super super sharp and bright. If it becomes challenging to get an operating system to run fast on it then that will be linux.

MEPs urge govs: Set up surveillance register

Wayland Sothcott

Register cameras

I suspect they will want anyone with security cameras to register them with the police. A combined police and insurance company partnership, like with burglar alarms, will give police and government real time access to your cameras. It will start with the pubs and clubs as recently reported, then onto companies and schools then into the home. If you want to watch porn and drink beer then you will need this camera on the TV so the children are protected.

Ofcourse the government want to regulate spying, they want to have a look through the peep hole too!!

Yahoo! engineer in murder-suicide riddle

Wayland Sothcott


SSRIs, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. This family of drugs contains the flurine molecule, the same one in Sarin and VX nerve gas, the same one the Nazis put in the water in the Jewish parts of town.

This is the drug given to depressed people before they go on a shooting rampage. How could someone be so unfeeling as to shoot their own children? Well numbing your feelings is the whole purpose of prozac. Read the datasheet that comes in a box of SSRI pills and you will see suicide is one of the side effects along with sleeplessness.

Now who do we know went on a shooting rampage in the early hours of the morning?

G20 police demand ID as train staff ordered to spy on passengers

Wayland Sothcott

re: No legal basis?

Being unwilling to provide ID is seen as suspicious since if you have nothing to hide...

Getting more stroppy with them gets you arrested, which means fingerprints and DNA on the database. Now you are automatically concidered as a suspected when the police check suspicious finger prints.

You may have noticed that the police swagger around wearing Tazers now. That the humble traffic Warden is now some kind of police officer; Civil Enforcement Officer who can call their collegues the police, for rapid backup.

If you argue with any of these polce types then expect a van with a cage in the back to arrive wwithin minutes.

Heck, even the store detective will attempt to detain you if you refuse to give your name and address when buying a Freeview box.

They are bound to want a TV licence for a computer next. First it will be, do you own a PC? Then it will be that you have to register computer ownership.

NYC granny shoots mugger with .357 Magnum

Wayland Sothcott

If she had killed him...

then he would not be suing. So she is right, she should have killed him. When you pull a gun on someone then you must be prepared to kill to kill them. When you fire it at some one then you must intend to kill them.

Guns are not toys, they are very useful tools.

Pink Floyd's Gilmour backs McKinnon protest gig

Wayland Sothcott

Martyr in the making

Gary Mckinnon and his supporters are causing a massive storm around this whole area of aliens and extridition etc.

I expect if the Americans wanted to extridite me I would watching the inflight movie on RendAir before normal air travellers had even put their shoes back on.

They will wish they never even suggested extriditing him. In future they should tighten up the password policy on their computers.

Ofcom finds few using e-gov

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Re: Well Duh...

"...my personal opinion is that one should not assume malice where blunt and blatant stupidity forms an adequate explanation."

I used to subscribe to that opinion but I feel it leads to being taken for a mug.

The amount of blatent stupidity defies a credible explaination.

Corruption and malice on the other hand often hide behind the accidental. It's OK to accidentally break something but not to deliberately break something.

It could well be that the deliberate loss of personal data CDs was precisely to discredit the governments ability to look after data. However that could be looked at in two ways; either the government are incompetant with data so don't let them have any more databases, or the government clearly need to spend a lot more money on much better databases.

Some government websites are actually quite good. 42% of people say they have used them, thats pretty good. Many old people say they don't use the Internet but then say "I ask my daughter to look it up".

Still more Tasers for plods - but still not in London

Wayland Sothcott

Essex Police Swagger about toting tazers

I think they mainly like to sugesst you cower before their might or they will tazer you into submission. They seem pretty chuffed with them, clearly it makes them feel tougher.

Check the foil lining.

Cops wanted compulsory DNA cards

Wayland Sothcott

Our Government? Cricky!

They really did use the OGC logo.


I am just amazed they did that.

I am not amazed that when they changed the name of Traffic Wardons to Civil Enforcement Officers that this was leading to them getting new roles. They now assist police with fraud cases and can in return expect the police to respond prompty when they call for assistance. It was in this weeks Worthing Herald but missing from the online version.

So not having to carry an ID card does not mean that will be the case in a few years. I expect we all realise it will be manditory in a short while.

Apple proves: It pays to be late

Wayland Sothcott

@ Ted

Someone said you were a moron for saying that megapixels were not important. I get what you mean. Apple are smart enough to craft a complete device. A well made device is not the sum of the parts it's more the multiplication of the parts.

Examining the parts you might say, oh not enough megapixels, well actually there are enough but then lens complements the camera too.

Lack of multiprocessing in some ways could be an advantage too, it requires less CPU power.

I think apple are right not to make lots of models. However they should allow the phone to be used on your choice of network. O2 is not suitable for all areas.

Privacy campaigner vows legal challenge to Google Street View

Wayland Sothcott

Kelvedon and Witham in Essex

Last week I saw the Google car in a couple of Essex towns so I supposed I have been Googled twice!

Go Google Go !!!

Police law-interpretation: What next?

Wayland Sothcott

If a tree falls in a forest....

and the CCTV camera does not have a mic, does it still make a sound.

If a crime happens that's not on CCTV, was it really a crime?

Well with so much crime backed by CCTV evidence it's hardly nessasary to go including a whole load of things that are not on CCTV.

So if you want some help from the police you better make sure your whole life is available on CCTV. Insurance companies would like some police help too, so if you want insurance you will need to install CCTV.

Phorm CEO clashes with Berners-Lee at Parliament

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Paris Hilton

Small ISPs who go through BT

Can anyone confirm weather small ISPs who effectively resell BT services under their own brand and IP ranges would be passing through PHORM servers?

UK's net radicalization plans are 'crude, costly, counter-productive'

Wayland Sothcott

re: "Radicalization" - I'm with Gandi

based on that test http://politicalcompass.org/

I think out of principle you should not be anonymous when posting here unless hiding from your employer, the police or criminals. It's important to let the government know who you are and how you feel. Lets face it if you write to your MP directly they hardly read the letter properly so they are not likely to go reading your stuff on here.

I agree with what you are saying except for the bit about being scared and being reluctant to express your views. You believe in what you are saying so thats reason to say it. The fact that it might make you a radical is even MORE reason to say it.

As for the Internet radicalizing people, the government have had it too easy with TV and Radio. Due to technical restrictions it's not been posssible for everyone to run a TV station with global reach. With the Internet this is now possible. Yes anyone can see your website buut if everyone did then it would crash. With P2P the more people who look at something then the stronger it's 'signal' becomes.

We are truley in a race between Freedom and Tyranny. The tyrants simply must get a grip on the net (and everything else) before they lose their chance. We must not let them win.

I honestly can't say who's going to win but right now we are.

Wayland Sothcott

Report && Wacqui_Jacqui = do_the_oposite

The suggestions are actually pretty smart. Infiltrate the Internet groups and subvert their logic to achieve your goal. Spy stuff.

Jacqui won't see the subtlety and will blast ahead with government at full throttle.

Online attackers feed off Norton forum purge

Wayland Sothcott

Installing Norton is like a target on your back.

It's like giving the Israeli army the coordinates of your schools and hospitals.

The less well known your anti-virus the less likely the virus writers have tested the virius on it.

Think of this, if you develop your virus on a virus protected computer then as soon as you've got a live one it will escape into the world. Darwin's survival of the fittest.

DNA database includes nipper and nonagenarian

Wayland Sothcott


I feel that we are attacking the puppet not the puppet master.

Who ever is in charge has to do what their master tells them. It should be the us the people who are in charge. The MyLifeMyID website showed that Jaqui ignores evidence she sets out to obtain.

Maybe I am missing something. Maybe people who post opinions online have different opinions to the majority of britains?

I know that cirtain news articles will always attract a cirtain opinion. For instance only people who support our armed services would dare post on an article about protesters getting in the face of our brave boys at their home coming parrade. Not entirely true, there were about three but their scores were very negative.

Straw bends on Coroners & Justice data-sharing proposals

Wayland Sothcott

Labour was supposed to be the antidote to Tory

Posters tend to say that we will get rid of this bunch and get the Tories in who will reverse all this crap. Things have gradually got worse. Who thinks they will gradually get better. Who thinks there will be a sudden huge crisis that will swing it?

Diebold e-voting software includes delete audit logs button

Wayland Sothcott


When anything seriously corrupt comes to light, it's always "oh sorry we made a mistake". Occasionally there is a scapegoat (or an escape goat if you have done a bank robbery, thanks Jade).