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Paramount prepares to scale Dune

Paul Jacques


... it will stay true to the book, just like the Bourne films stayed true to the Robert Ludlum books. Oh! maybe not then.

Guinness to hit three quid a pint

Paul Jacques

I'm with Nazar on this one

Time to improve my stout homebrew recipe.

And I used to build PC's as part of a previous job.

Chin Chin

Second iteration of Windows Server 2008 due in October

Paul Jacques

Second Irritation

For some reason I read it as Second Irritation, hmm I wonder why?

Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90

Paul Jacques

Almost the end of an era

Sad to hear this news, he will be missed.

At least Jack Vance is still with us.

Quake rocks Britain

Paul Jacques
Black Helicopters

the real cause of the quake..

..is all those Japanese Sumo Wrestlers jumping up and down. Woke me up with their quake generating bouncing. How they managed to project the vibrations to Market Rasen is top secret, hence the Black Helicopters icon.

Doctors back more tax on booze

Paul Jacques

Fuel, booze...

...what next fresh air?

I brew my own beer so I wonder how long it will be before thay try and tax homebrew, a tax on brewing yeast maybe?

Can we have a clown icon please? A brown clown...


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