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'Mad Scientist' developing powered suits for US military

Robert Ryan

Scale it up

If we scale it up maybe 3 or 4 times it's size now, we'd have pretty good start on a Landmate.

Pirate Bay-probing cop on Warner Brothers payroll

Robert Ryan

@ Pierre

Baen Books has been doing an experiment where they post full novels for download on their webstie. They've been tracking book sales and comparing those sales to the books that are available in the Baen Free Library for the past few years. They have found that their sales have increased for the books that are available for free online.

'Magnet boy' freezes Xbox

Robert Ryan


I call shenanigans! There's no way that a static charge could have that kind of effect on a computer, you would be seeing the computer crash or at the very least the I/O circuit for the keyboard would get fried.

And as Ian stated, what about the CRT? If the kid were really affecting things the way they were talking the CRT would definitely be reacting!

BOFH: Insecurity complex

Robert Ryan

@Carol Yates

I'm sure the lads are just trying to lull the boss into a false sense of security.


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