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IDS finally admits what EVERYONE ELSE already knows: Universal Credit will be late

Frederick Karno

And who really believes anything this man says:

Running a department that is consistently being pulled up for abuse of statistics we are now supposed to believe they are getting the maths right ?

Its been a dogs dinner from start to finish with this man employing every trick in the book to have us believe he was "on top of things" however true to form has a list of excuses and blames others when it obviously isnt working.....

Fortunately the private firms that are involved still get their ludicrous payouts even in failure, cant have the private sector suffering can we.....

Oh noes! New 'CRISIS DISASTER' at Fukushima! Oh wait, it's nothing. Again

Frederick Karno

Dear me

Unfortunately media like to sensationalise,governments like to under report,getting to the truth is extremely difficult.

Your article is as guilty as many others of taking a mix and match approach to reporting ,would the reporter go and drink water that Tepco and the Japanese government announced was clean,without testing it themselves ?

These 4 reactors will never produce usable power again, everyone reading this today will be long dead before the clean up is complete, this reactor design was cheap and cheerful if run well.

It wasn't run well and is not so cheerful now.

Nuclear still has a place in energy production, if run properly but who can be trusted to do that when profits are involved,i am a Nuclear advocate but Private firms have no place in running reactors at all.

Snowden's secure email provider Lavabit shuts down under gag order

Frederick Karno

The USA government is looking pathetic over these issues, when you by pass societies laws and constitution,you are undermining your very own ability to Govern.

The truth no matter how unpalatable will always be the winner.The more this continues the more business's will avoid the USA altogether , the same will happen in the UK, hopefully people will sit up and take notice and remove the Governments who decide they are going to remove Laws that are there for a very good reason.

Spooks made 1,061 bugging errors in 2010

Frederick Karno

Really ??

i think it would be a better thing to say all our communications are intercepted its just whether they then use this information......

Fukushima scaremongers becoming increasingly desperate

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This is beyond ignorance now

And you are fuelling the flames of ignorance yourself well done.......

for example just because an isotope is short lived does not mean its a lesser risk in fact in general the shorter lived the more reactive they are .it is how, where and why you come into contact with them that is important.

There are extremely good reasons why the exposure levels are set where they are, anyone who thinks they should be raised should be pointed to our blind belief that asbestos was a gift from god..... we now have proof that it isnt but that took 100 years to find out ??? or so.Our major medical science in this area is still based on the events of WW 2 but has been refined since then as more information is gleaned.

Playing down the fact that the workers got burned is rather stupid imo , they have received a massive dose to their feet that only with careful observation can be estimated.

The point is they were burned by contact with water in an area that no one ever expected the water to be contaminated, this has to be a worry, a major worry.

When this started i saw an interview with the designer of the sarcophagus that surrounds Chernobyl, he was of course saying that they would never need to consider that option at this plant. I bet they would love to have the airborne contaminants contained at the moment.

I hope the workers at this plant are actually getting better information than is being drip fed to the public , the public should be told the truth , it will back fire on the industry as a whole if they dont, and put back the whole nuclear program,

I am speaking as a pro nuclear but pro truth commentator, and i find your analysis just as misleading and misinformed as the press you comment on.

Radioactive Tokyo tapwater HARMS BABIES ... if drunk for a year

Frederick Karno

Strange Situation

Its a tricky situation that the japanese government are finding themselves in .

From the start it was obvious that the fuel rods had broken and were exposed to air but they have been in denial from the start.....

Now they are finding iodine in the water, what next ??? well if they are finding iodine and caesium in the system then the whole spectrum of radioactive contaminants will be there.

There is a myth that because something is short half life that is a lesser risk.... whilst this maybe so with radiation when it is contamination and is in the eco system then its a different story.

Take for example Caesium released from Chernobyl there is still far too high a concentration on the lake district fells for the sheep that graze there to be used as food thats from 25 years ago.

There is a reason for the levels they set and whilst conservative should still be an enormous worry that they have been breached.

I have no faith in what the Japanese government and its scientists are saying they have been down playing the whole scenario. Which is far from over let me add but the truth will eventually out....

My thoughts go out to the people of Japan whilst some problems seem to be easing, others haven't even started yet.

Fukushima situation as of Wednesday

Frederick Karno

A little bit of reality

As an ex nuclear worker a little bit of a reality check is needed.........

This is an incident the like of which have never been faced, A disaster at 1 reactor would be bad enough and would stretch the available man power but to have 4 in various forms of trouble is totally unprecedented..The tonnages of the materials involved dwarf any other incident.

none of the first 4 reactors are in any way at this time safe, numbers 1 to 3 although they have been releasing activity the bulk of it is still behind heavy shielding reactor 4 is a different animal and i hope they have done their figures right and havent cut any corners as at present it would appear we have 140 tons of irradiated fuel not long out of the reactor sitting in a pond outside of the main containment open to the air.

The problem here is that this could possibly go critical and start acting like a reactor but with no control no cooling , bothering about whether its mox or any other type of fuel becomes irrelevant the cocktail of radio nucleotides from a reactor make even small amounts of this stuff in the air highly dangerous as has been seen with chernobyl the effects are deadly and long lasting. The radiation level in spikes at the site gate has been if its to be believed 1000mSv or 1 Sv this suggests to me that at least 1 if not all of the other 3 reactors are in various stages of meltdown causing gamma and neutron radiation burst to occur dose rates at this level to workers would be lethal at 5 Sv this is a substantial distance away from where the problems need to be tackled.

My heart goes out to the workers in these conditions who are fighting now not only for their own lives but for the safety of their families many of whom will have already lost loved ones in the tsunami and to ry and prevent a full scale Chernobyl style realease

A full bown debate about the pro's and cons of nuclear energy whilst needed does nothing to help these poor souls and should be kept for when there is some semblance of order restored at this plant and that could be quite some time.

Emergency declared at second quake-wracked Japanese nuke plant

Frederick Karno

They aint telling the whole story

if they are finding caesium and iodine outside the plant these elements are only released if the core has been exposed to the atmosphere and the rods have ruptured.

they have a history of not quite telling the truth where incidents are concerned.

i an glad we have no reactors of this kind in our country they were always thought of as a liability but they were cheaper at the time than the ones we use.

As has been said its not a fail safe if the heat cant be removed from the core.

Unarmed Royal Navy T45 destroyer breaks down mid-Atlantic

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why is it a suprise ??

Its no suprise to me that the French have a vested interest in giving us shoddy equipment, they have been waiting a long time to get their own back, and our last government has opened the door to that.

There are many people of course worried that perhaps the type 45 will not be fit for purpose, well if i could just allay there fears. Its purpose is to provide protection for our aircraft carriers.

Well our aircraft carriers have been retired and the one replacement is many years away and has no aircraft so this vessel will be able to tie up along side the new ship and fight off boarders with its gun and close range weapons quite adequately in plymouth dockyard.

Many i know are worried about our ability to provide adequate cover for our outlying dependencies like for example the falklands well again this is no problem, we can now eacept that we cant infact help at all as our projected armed forces would be unable to defend the isle of wight let alone such far flung places as Guernsey.

Ministers of course deny that our armed forces are being depleted in any way, these are the same people that say they are capable of running their own checks on expenses and the banking crisis is not a problem.


Pentagon out to 'destroy' Wikileaks, founder says

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Doesnt bother me

All this personal stuff is just to try and deflect attention away from the US military they have been at best lax with their security and at worst, guilty of illegal acts themselves.

wikileaks is one of the few places people can get this information out and into the main stream the governments hold to much sway with the mainstream media to allow documents like these to ever be talked about, we have to support freedom of information for good or for bad, as our governments are showing daily they are untrustworthy and down right incompetent to be in charge of it.

The truth will out but only if WE push for it....

Bollywood 'recruits DDoS hired guns to fight movie pirates'

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oh dear

They appear to be getting a taste of their own medicine, pun intended.......site unreachable

Solar plasma aurora storm to hit Earth tomorrow today!

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At Last

.......now how do we see it through the cloud again ???

UK supermarket starts contactless payments

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more myth

The amount of credit card fraud is massive they just dont report it as a crime thats with chip and pin....if you imagine a scenerio where every purchase was swipeless looking back over a month would you notice a couple of quid missing here and there ???? i doubt it and so do they...

All these great ideas never help us the people in the long term it is all about the banks not having to handle cash.....cash is real ......banks no longer deal in real......., as has been seen they deal in myth and legend....the longer we keep hold of cash the better it means they are accountable ....

ID card scheme barely broke 13,000 mark, minister confirms

Frederick Karno


Mathematics was not the Governments strong suit thats for sure, a long hard look should be taken at all their projects.

Pirate Bay now run from Pirate Party 'mountain bunker'

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cant see it meself

MPAA wont be sent to prison mate , they grease to many palms for that to happen

ATI Graphic cards turbo charge password recovery

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So everyone using this card or buying one is a potential hacker and should be registered on database of potential terrorists.

At some point people have to realise that ANY password is crackable and nothing is secure on the internet,or over the airwaves.You can make it harder to crack for a while but it will be an ongoing battle.

LibDems drop net blocking, blame activists

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OH really ???

why can it not be enforced ??? all the copyright owners have to do is take someone to court......

loads of legislation available .... so why do they not do it ???? they are after all wanting to cut people off based on the same evidence... !!!!

Spook firm readies Virgin Media filesharing probes

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Yeah right !!!

According to Klein there is "absolutely no way" CView could ever be used to report the IP addresses of individual filesharers. "We believe identifying the consumer is an invasive use of DPI," he said.

did his nose grow longer when he said that ????

hands up all those that believe him.......

Prolific penis pill pushers fined almost $19m

Frederick Karno


They were able to make this ruling stand up in court

Anti-filesharing laws are go

Frederick Karno

Devils advocate

If they are so sure of their methods they would have used them in the courts, they havent .

What if, they as they say remove 80% of file sharing and the music industry sees absolutely no change in their profits which is what i suspect. What will be their response then ???

I suspect that the majority of files sharers wouldnt have gone out and bought the rubbish the industry is producing anyway....so they are then back to square one, and will blame something else.

Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers

Frederick Karno

who is this guy again ???

is this the unelected Lord who was disgraced as an MP ....

nice watch btw wonder who gave him that...... !!!!

UK.gov convinces just 2,000 Mancunians to join ID card trial

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well i'll go to the foot of our stairs

Would be interesting to see a breakdown of who has signed up freely...... and their jobs, that figure is so low .

I am going to assume its a few greater manchester councillors and people at the tax office.

on the bright side they arent getting over run and need more staff.


Music industry cooks UK government's piracy stats

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you cant be serious

go and wash your mouth out with soap how can your figures worked out using statistics that are reliable be more accurate than transposed and rounded figures taken from a dubious small sample source,by a firm that has a vested interest in them being wrong.

Bang goes your lordship.......

keep up the good work exposing the myths that surround this evocative issue.

UK.gov revives net cut-off threat for illegal downloaders

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So now we know !!!

Its amazing how many people who meet Lord Peter get changes made to there advantage......the aluminium deal, gaddafi's son,now a media mogul.......it wont be long until they are meeting on HIS yacht at this rate.

Not long till the election now !!!

Mandy not swayed by ents mogul on illegal file sharing

Frederick Karno

Lord who ??

Its amazing that anyone listens to this man ,twice found guilty of corruption with many more suspected cases as well.,given a peerage for what ???

He is and always has been a tax payer liability we have all funded his lavish lifestyle,this should serve to boost even further the pirate parties agenda.Its amazing how they can do all this crime fighting instead of doing something about the catastrophic failure there policies have had on the economy.But i suppose anything to divert media attention away from the horrendous state of the economy while getting a free meal is what Lord Mandelson is all about.

That Digital Britain report in full

Frederick Karno


the Governemnt already take VAT on our broadband now they want vat+50p.

I wonder how much could be saved by getting rid of OFCOM who are supposedly there to protect customers but seem to have a different agenda.

Yorkshire boozer establishes 'smoking research centre'

Frederick Karno
Paris Hilton

Being taught a lesson

The smoking bans only achievement is to make lots of people redundant the myth that n0one smokers would make up the loss has been proven to be a myth.

The only pubs that are buoyant have increased prices to compensate this has caused the none smoker to ineffect pay through the nose for a policy that was ill thought out.People who smoke are doing nothing illegal and room could have been made for all.The fact that Government have chosen to enforce this has just further ensured a holier than though attitude.

There have been many flawed and statistically unsound assumptions made on the effects of smoking that have entered the main stream and are now believed,but when none smokers go past closed pubs i can assure you the majority of the 50 a week that have closed did so because of loss of custom this would have been prevented if all the non smokers had returned to pubs that were allegedly staying away.

As a none smoker my motor vehicle produces far more of exactly the same carcinogenic substances as burning tobacco creates yet i dont see the same uproar about that i suppose it depends which companies lobby the hardest as to what type of government we get, and its amazing that through legal loop holes an MP can still get his subsidised to the hilt pint and smoke in the house of commons bar......doesnt seem fair to me even if it is within the rules but i suppose pales into insignificance with the impropriety they have shown over there allowances claims.

I have lived long enough to know that when the majority force decisions on the minority it usually comes back to haunt them i think the smoking ban is one such case.

Paris because they are actually reducing the tax drinkers are asked to pay in a bid to revive the entertainment sector.

Plod called in on MPs' expenses leak

Frederick Karno

so lets get this right

There is going to be an investigation costing gawd knows how much money but a lot of police time and effort to find someone who has released information that should already be in the public domain but for MP's delaying it......

If they are the same police that investigated the donations row where all the parties admitted breaking the law but the cpa found there was no case to answer then the people should be pretty safe.

The court of human opinion will soon be the voters of this country and i hope they remove the lot of them and lets get all fresh faces in and destroy all of their gravy trains.

It is stunning to go back 10 years and how Tony Blair was going to clean up politics we now know totally different.....and also the real reason for getting shot of the hereditary peers was not to bring about reform but to leave some room to get there supporters on to a nice little tax payer paid earner.

We need an oliver cromwell style reformer in this country and quickly !!!

Exam bosses target faster cheat takedowns

Frederick Karno

Just another excuse

They should ensure the security of the papers better.If it has got online then the damage is already done taking a site down will have little or no effect.

Our Government says it is capable of keeping and using data securely let them prove it by ensuring exam questions are not released in the first place,get your own house in order before asking others to do your dirty work for you.

We have a Government hell bent on controlling everything we say and do and if ISP's bend the rules for this they will have to do it all the time.

mines the one with the question papers in the inside pocket.

Private ID scans leave fetish club-goers feeling exposed

Frederick Karno

ID theft

Thge scanner might comply with as many regulations as you want but the security of the data being held for a so called 3 years ..............

I am now on a 12 monthly basis going to write to all government departments and all companies that i deal with for an update on what data they hold on me through the freedom of information act .

If enough people do this they will grind to a halt....

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines

Frederick Karno

no a shock

looks like the swedish court sold out anyone can be bought with enough money.

the verdict was pinned on and they were guilty before the case started .

we need to support these guys and show the courts what we think of the sellout.

Child porn suspect ordered to decrypt own hard drive

Frederick Karno

Bit embarrassing

well personally i dont believe anyone should have to give up passwords but there is something strange here.

Because i dont believe that a hard disk only encrypted with pgp couldnt be broken and read i'm not saying it will be easy and i'm not saying it wont take time but i'm virtually sure they can break and read most hard disks but perhaps they just dont want to show they can.

Tories pledge high speed broadband for all in 10 years

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That'll do nicely !!!

"and the use of wireless technologies where laying fibre optics is impractical or uneconomical"

be able to steal broadband connections no problem then.........when will they get it into their thick heads that wireless will never be secure so is worthless !!!

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users

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been there done it !!!

Anyone on a DPI isp that uses anythibg ither than port 80 will find their traffic hampered at some time, probably by mistake but they will spend long hours wondering why that new program they are trying doesnt work only to find its the DPI that has mistakenly throttled it to death.

As someone who suffered at the hands of this for some time.before the isp came clean i advise anyone who can to vote with their feet.

They always pick on p2p as this gets emotions high and the "i dont use it so thats ok " brigade tp fight their corner but believe me you will all suffer for it.

The only reason they want to reduce bandwidth is so they can send more of their own stuff down the line to you.......tv content with adverts that they get money for for example and they want to use your money to do it.

Its a con dont fall for it get a decent isp that doesnt bandwidth shape..

and remember in the real world if you are stuck in a contract and they change one word of that contract it would then be null and void you should have to resign for the changes.continuing paying for the service is not an admission of acceptance of the changes.

vote with your feet or live to regret it. p2p today bbci player tomorrow who knows what they will pick.

Government grants itself even more data sharing power

Frederick Karno

A date for your diary !!!

The Euro elections are in May 2009 a clear message can be sent to our Jailers then, that we dont want them micro managing our lives and we are all sick to death of being told how good it will be when they have everything on a database that will be shared as and when they require with all the rest of Europe.

Anyone who wants my vote can have it, the only people who will not now or ever get it again will be our present Labour party,they can stick that on a database too.

Atari dumps Davenport Lyons' piracy nastygram campaign

Frederick Karno

Merry Christmas

I hope the general public take note that these modern day Dick Turpin's are only acting on their own behalf, and will not fork out money to the scam D/L are running.

It has always amazed me that the law society has never taken an interest in this practice of demanding money with menaces.

Even the French(who i don't hold in high regard)banned a lawyer from practising for using the self same tactics.They are belittling the justice system and using it for their own means .

Filesharing ambulance chasers get into the gay smut racket

Frederick Karno

Missing the point ???

This Digiprotect firm has been given the rights to upload these films .

It is them who are seeding them now i'm not a legal eagle but this is entrapment,once that film is released on p2p they cant get it back ,they have no control over who gets it or where it goes, this must break rules on the distribution of adult material .

And as for the case in which they won £16000 it was a default judgement, on the track record of Davenport Lyons there is no record of them actually taking a person to court and winning..

I hope that can be reversed with more and more people becoming aware of the scam,and that someone in Authority will stop firms like this undermining the law in this way...

The Courts allowing IP address information requests to be given out for a supposed criminal case then being used in a civil case is frankly bizarre...surely someone checks that cases are actually brought ????

I am not condoning or condemning file sharing i am just questioning Davenports Lyons abuse of the Legal system and how they are seemingly able to run a blackmail racket legally.

BNP races to get membership list off the net

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Here here !!

Francis Fish : I'd rather have an open debate with these folk than allow them the veneer of respectability :

totally agree, but our current crop of "do as i say "politicians are unable to have reasoned debate without resorting to personal attacks..........

What should be more worrying is that the erosions of our freedoms are giving more and more credence to the policy's of this party,and more and more people are genuinely feeling left out of the political process.......

While government runs headlong down the hill of the surveillance society, more and more people will turn away from the mainstream parties and choose to vote on local issues and the BNP among other parties will gain support.

As for the list , personally i dont give a damn who's on it ...

If your job specifically forbids you from being a member of this party it would be stupid to have joined imo ...but we can all pick out certain "clubs" that Public servants shouldnt be in : freemasonary, opus dei are these open and above board ??? i dont know and am not likely to know...but i do know that trying to outlaw people only gives them publicity and has the opposite effect to what was intended..

On a historical note : The Nazi party in Germany were actually socialist but then again i have never been able to tell the difference between Nazi ,Fascist and Communist the outcome for joe public was just the same.......Nulabour /Old Thatcher no differance really its just a title.

UK govt cuts web shoppers a break

Frederick Karno

There could only be....

Only a government could come up with a site like the customs and excise one.........

What is needed a site where you can type in the item, country,price and it works it out for you...

instead you get something that requires an old style A level to work through it.....

perhaps students should study this instead of the Manchester tram timetable...no perhaps not it is a bit too difficult....

Gov to Manchester: No new trams without road pricing

Frederick Karno

You will do it our way or else !!!!

As has been stated .........This minister is just enforcing a line that has been taken on all projects,you will do it our way or else !!!!

Democracy has nothing to do with this at all , and much of the budget would be taken up installing all the control equipment necessary...........

So Manchester if you want any of them taxes back that you contribute to the Government you are going to have to do what they say........and be quick about it or you will have to sit on the naughty step.

UK's 'secure' child protection database will be open to one million

Frederick Karno

Even if !!!

Even if the lowest figure is taken its still far far too many to keep safe ..........the government proves time and again it is incapable of handling computer related projects........

We have to ask ourselves why use a computer at all ??? will it save a life for example ???

well take this recent case of the horrific murder would that child be alive if we had a database....i doubt it....

i can see no good reasoned argument for it being built and as with all computer projects it needs constant upgrading.....going through all the current projects they will cost in the region of £100Bn over the next 10 years i dont think thats money well spent for the stated aims.....

Police vet live music, DJs for 'terror risk'

Frederick Karno

Nallocks !!!

Detective Superintendent Dave Eyles proves with his comments he is totally unfit for the work he does his superiors should also resign en bloc they work for us we pay for them and this is what we get........

Jumped up jobs worths who are abusing the law......and driving a bigger wedge between the community and themselves.

If they were out on the beat they might prevent some real crime it isn't as though London is without its problems you have to ask yourself where will it end ....our nation is being riven apart by namby pamby government blaming terrorism for everything.

Mines the one with the permit to breathe and a fixed penalty notice for malicious standing on the cracks in the pavement notice....in the pocket

Lords demand DNA database deletions

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another nail in the database society ???

You now know why Nu Labour wanted to get rid of the Lords and fill it with people who have supported them and have enough skeletons in their closets to ensure they will toe the line....

"guilty until proven innocent " are the new society watch words....

UK confirms e-voting death

Frederick Karno

Postal voting !!!

I am of the opinion that this should be reviewed too...as was proven in the birmingham case its far too easy to abuse the system...

If they want to increase voter participation it should be done on a bank holiday and made compulsory.....but the paper should contain a None of the candidates box.

The bank holiday for voting should be a fixed day and when no voting is required we should use it to celebrate our Britishness.....another washed up government half baked idea....

mines the one stuffed with postal votes.....

Mandelson puts reassuring arm around small firms

Frederick Karno

not likely !!!

The last person in the world i would want putting a reassuring arm around me would be Lord Mandelson......

All his time in politics has been tainted with financial impropriety,some only gossip but others proven.

Hes the one looking for the loan agreement in me jacket......

UK puts £55m into disabled parking reform

Frederick Karno


lets hammer the people who qualify for badges and use them properly to pay for the thieves that dont...............

Only Nu Labour could come up with this bright idea, just to lay a few myths to rest:

The badge holders photo is already on the badge.The badge holder is not necessarily the vehicle owner but must be travelling in it.They cant park where they want they still have to adhere to rules many of which are complex and change from town to town.

If someone is found breaking these rules i think they should have their driving licence revoked heavily fined their car taken away and treat like the pariah they are.........dont pick on the very many people who use these badges properly.

CPS to consider private prosecution over stealth Phorm trials

Frederick Karno

In the Public Interest ???

With no legal expertise at all i could prosecute this case and win on behalf of the people , so whats the problem ?????

A hefty donation to the Nu/old Labour coffers will put an end to this shenanigans.....but at the end of the day the right greased palms will find a way to get round it.

MoD admits data loss bigger than thought

Frederick Karno

Is there anyone left ???

Is there anyone who hasnt had THEIR personal data given away by the Government ????

I feel as though i might as well publish all my data online at least that would be a choice i freely made.......

They always blame a contractor, well it doesnt rub with me,whoever the data is originally handed to is totally responsible for that data and without the persons explicit permission it should never have left their control/be copied etc etc.....

Its about time we saw ministers sacked over this,its now a monthly occurrence and is of more danger to the majority of the british people than any terrorist threat.

As has been said, they should personally write to all people concerned,giving all the details that have been given away, a guide to how to change your bank account if it was lost.The letter should be personally signed by the minister of defence,and the chairman of the half witted firm this contract was given too.....that should at least be a reminder to them what plonkers they are.

Brussels bounces BT-Phorm quiz back to UK.gov

Frederick Karno

Hot under the collar

I know its a very emotive issue but , the only thing that matters to any firm involved in the trials is money......your money .

Personally i have made a pledge with myself to never ever use any isp that uses these profiling systems at all....BT/Virgin et al take note : i will never be a customer of yours while you insist on doing this no matter what the cost is to me to follow this rule.

As for our government they arent interested because they would be seen to be 2 faced when they themselves are installing equipment to mirror all our communications, that mr government is another bad move but i will leave a response another time.

I already have a very aggressive policy towards advert blocking and very few ever make it to my screen....Advertising companies take note ...... i would never ever buy anything from a firm that uses such methods.You are increasing MY traffic allowance for no good reason and i get nothing in return so back off !!!!

It is only because they get people clicking on there adverts that they use this method in the first place....dont do it.

Massive ATM fraud triggers Gulf banking jitters

Frederick Karno


probably just as bad here too but i dont think the banks have to report it,although plans are to make them again......

god forbid that we dont trust the banks to be honest.......personally i hope they are getting billions from the scams it will perhaps bring the industry up to speed rather than them sitting like ostrichs with head in the sand.