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Hawaiian anti-LHC lawsuit thrown out


@Nic Brough

No good, Pratchett fan, must say it...


yerwhat, yerwhat, yerwhatyerwhatyerwhat

Quake rocks Britain


@ BatCat... "Rural Lincolnshire"

As someone who lives in Lincs, you do realise that saying Rural Lincolnshire doesn't narrow it down much....?



@ Rich Bee

As someone in Gainsborough, where Shakespeare Street is, I can confirm that's true, and the road it joins onto (one of the main roads out of town) was closed off this morning.

Plus, I spotted 2 fire crews with blues going.

And yes, it scared the crap out of me.

Dial-a-phone 4u?


@Anonymous Coward

(Side Note: I like the fact there's a Phones 4U ad at the bottom of the page where everyone hates Phones 4U, as I type this...)

Mind you, it drew my attention to another ad, apparently, there is an independent left. Well, at least, I've not come across mobileshop before.

Looks like Carphone and Phones 4U haven't quite got everyone yet... Although I do christen those two companies "the creeping bleeeerrrrgggghhh"

Feels appropriate...