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US man saved by bulletproof DVD


The DVD's irrelevant.

Experienced shooters are often struck by riccochets of the "bounceback" variety. I've been hit myself, (from my own .45, no less) and I know at least a few others who have as well.

A "bounceback" strikes a wall, target fame, or whatnot, and changes direction by nearly 180 degrees, which means that most of the momentum and velocity is expended. If you spend any time at the range and are observant, sooner or later you'll find a fired bullet on the wrong end of the range.

They strike with roughly the same force as a paintball, which is enough to hurt & raise a welt, but generally not enough to break the skin. That it hit the DVD was entirely arbitrary and not germane to the outcome.

The riccochets that can harm you are the ones that substantially follow the original vector of the bullet. Striking a wall, for example, will change the direction of travel by less than 180 degrees, leaving most of the velocity intact. Those are the riccochets that ranges are specifically designed to contain, as they can lead to tragedy.


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