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BBC grabs stock photo of own building

BIll Jones

Their image library is a bit limited

I once asked the BBC library for footage of the BBC and they said they did not have any. This went on till we got thrue to a manager who said that this was silly and they must have something. He finaly found some thing after a couple of weeks.

Airport plods seize man with electric vibro-pleasure shoes

BIll Jones

The story here is really where is the Register Review of this gadget shoes

I for one feel let down by the Register, this is the sort of IT Hardware that we need to know about. Is the Register getting bogged down with too many reviews of thing like computers when this obvious must have bit of kit is out there? Come one Register sort it out.

Software glitch hits Heathrow T4 baggage system

BIll Jones

This stroy made me think of this song


Just get to the end of it


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