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Microsoft hires Pawn Stars to shaft Google

Aaron Browne

Microsoft - Selling The Past

This is Microsoft trying to sell the past. Pretty much everything I do nowadays requires the Internet. Feedly, productivity and Citrix connectivity to work. Unless they can offline the whole Internet onto a Windows 8 laptop then effectively it is the same as a Chromebook for me. Note: I own a Samsung Chromebook.

Don't buy a Google car: They might stop it while you're driving

Aaron Browne

Google Reader increases my use of Google Plus

Google seems to use numbers to justify decisions. What if the number of users are small but encompasses influential individuals in the tech market? The CEO of any company is only 1 person but they can cause significant pain for all employees. Numbers is not analysis.

I also share a significant number of articles from Reader to Plus. This will increase the tumbleweed perception of Plus yet again.

Microsoft's data center offensive sounds offensive

Aaron Browne

Money does not buy happiness..

Microsoft has money but not soul. Spending up big on huge data centers to serve out to their forever diminishing online market share. Hint: No-one cares!

Consumer group slams 'unfair' software licenses

Aaron Browne

No problems with EULA here!

My Ubuntu 7.10 ISO didn't make me sign or agree to anything. All quirks and malfunctions gladly accepted with an emphasis on giving me freedom and in turn motivating me to actually give a toss about fixing it!


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