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Olympus shows off lens-swapping 'Pen' camera


micro slr

Didn't Olympus work with Panasonic on the micro slr format? So why this?

Student leader demands lectures be 'put against the wall'


Came the revolution...

As is noted in a future edition of 'The Encyclopedia Galactica' when the revolution came 'Wes Streeting' was first against the wall.

Court upholds 'hacking' charge against smut-surfing worker


@ken hagan

'If I leave my front door open, it is still theft if you walk in and nick my telly.'

It might be theft but I'll have a telly and you'd be unlikely to get anything out of your insurance company :)

Boeing: Raygun dreadnoughts will rule the oceans by 2019


Don't use sharks...

Surely something like an electric eel would be more appropriate, or perhaps some sort of ray.

Mine the one with the fishy smell about it.

Irish ISPs rally against record label anti-piracy threat

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Well done ISPAI

"ISPAI is disappointed that the great potential of the internet, to provide opportunities to connect with users in new ways and develop new business models, is being missed by the music recording industry."

You tell 'em dudes :-)

Swiss EV coupé gets Berlin runabout


@Solar panel still good on a snowy day?

As far as I can see this vehicle has no need of a solar panel, from this picture the mains lead can be clearly seen...

Tabloid girl's jubs freeze at -130°C


Touched up?

I've studied this picture in detail and have come to the conclusion that the model has been touched up.

Tongue lolling and spittle drooling in a Homer Simpson style...

Cowon iAudio S9 PMP


Not a glossy screen in sight...

At last a nice looking screen, the oled display takes away that horrible glossy shiny look that has been around for the last few years, excellent.

Lightning to thunder with speed-creep beating V8 roar


"Mind you, they could always look, of course..."

Why would pedestrians start doing that just because of the introduction of electric cars, they've spent the last hundred odd years stepping out in front of cars that make plenty of noise, why change the habits of a lifetime or two?

And if they do rely on hearing rather than looking, that can always be sorted by the use of a walkman to totally deaden the senses!

Group Test: Wireless music streamers

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Logik IRMA 1 - all the above on the cheap

If like me you didn't fancy spending out all that dosh only to find that the tech didn't do what you want, try out the Logik IRMA 1, I picked mine up for £35 and as well as all internet 'radio' channels it can attach to local servers via uPNP also to shared drives including NAS devices.

Admittedly the remote is a bit restricted compared with the Sonos but what do you expect for a twentieth of the price, they've got to save money somewhere!

Big demand for pay by phone tech, claims Nokia


See a rise in mobile phone thefts...

So once they've nicked your phone they'll now be able to escape by public transport all at your expense.

Research: Wind power pricier, emits more CO2 than thought


@ Que by AC


Google tips hat to St George - finally


I just wanted to say...

Mines the flame proof one.

Samsung M110 Solid rugged phone


Why Oh Why

Does it have to have a camera at all? After a week of use that this camera is going to get in the market it's aimed at and the lens will be completely covered in s**t and scratches.

If it had no camera I would consider buying one.

It a mobile phone... not a camera.

Microsoft preps Yahoo! proxy attack


Resistance is futile

... says it all really. The Microsnot cube will dominate.


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