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Sony sued for collecting kids' data


Whose fault??

So it's everyone's fault rather than Sony?...who provided the system to collect the data? who saw it as again for sale?

With corruption suffocating us and conspiracies which include our present economic downturn deliberately, not acidentally, created by banks now being rewarded for dragging us all into shattered lives for their own greed, to bring the new world order into its final days of long-recorded implementation you want to say "it's not Sony's fault".

In answer to one question raised ....it's not run from Tokyo, Japan is simply a willing agency in the mind meltdown of those who have no better life than obsessions with vile and violent computer games. Only 5 Nations remain whose central banks are not owned by the same business which owns the Bank of England and the Federal reserve....and obviously numerous others. Those 5 nations which have resisted enslavement are called by Bush "the axis of evil" which is rather a line between Washington and tel Aviv, when one understands fact.

There were six ideologically uncorrupted central banks but iIraq was invaded and so far nearly 50% of its population has been murdered ..and its central banking system looted whilst we sit around navel gazing.

The disaster of which Sony's actions are merely the dop in the ocean in stealing people's privacy and "democratic rights" revolves around the enslavement of people's minds and money through what is termed "globalisation".

To find why corruption is endemic begin with 1743 then move forward to Amschel Rothschild in 1777 and then continue work forward.....find who does in fact control the world. It might open your eyes to the indoctrination of children by the forces of evil and the capturing and storage of all of our personal information since the 1980's through 'Promis' and 'Echelon', the two most common assassination based programmes.

Your government bought Promis to spy on you in the late 80's and early 90's but it was sold already trapdoored to Israel and soon after to Washington. It's purpose is primarily assassination but governments use it to collect data on your transactions. Echelon is an american spy programme which reads for "key words" in every piece of electronic mail and every satellite assisted phone call .These programmes have been used to target scores of thousands of people, their mobile phones are used to "gps" them and track them and then laser guided or other assassination takes place as required.

This is your brave new world. It's comprised of "Sony"s and a vast array of immoral companies which make money from breaching your privacy. This letter could well end up on the web without my knowledge or agreement as who know whether the register has integrity? Websites think they have the right to do as they please without accountability...even if accountability were practical and enforcable.

You may be happy with that short sighted view of the right to privacy but I am not. You maay be happy to be a pawn of the new world order, I am not, nor am I happy to be a pawn because you don't care or because you think we should all be happy to be controlled by central data bases, banks,financiers and fore-lock tugging governments.

Perhaps some education in the reality of enslaved political systems, enslaved because "who controls the money supply, irrespective of any government or change of government, rules the Nation and the world, might lead to a reviewing of the concept that a company which sets out to take and use your information or your children's information is innocent of any crime against us.

Landmine charity: Ban the killer robots before it's too late!


The culture of death..snuck in with the cultural revolution

Robot wars.....remote controlled devices are not by definition, robots. Whether one accepts that or not it is indisputable on fact that mechanisation of war and genoicide by the use of remote control devices, including cluster bombs and land mines, has done nothing to make the world safer, rather the opposite. Nothing will stop the killing of humans in war because revenge is a human emotion. Someone on the site said robot will not be vulnerable to emotional errors...but nether also will they be able to exercise pity or kindness or discernment based on inbuilt human detection systems developed over thousands of years. Soldiers acting like robots in Iraq prove that case ebeyond question.

I suppose an unfortunate consequence of computer games is that a susbstantial part of this generation is even sillier than the last one, but with numbed brains when it comes to the culture of death.

Vietnam produced the hippie era and then came the post 80's lack of musical talent and profound 'rock entertainement' amateurism and ugliness , which became the reference point, with the death of culture, came the culture of death as a solution to all problems. In fact TV is now at the point where suicide is a preferred option to watching the American propaganda and stupidity which controls it...if one cannot simply turn it off.

The collusion between politicians and the military against protesters became entrenched as an accepted, if not uncontestable, tragedy in the emerging of the new fuedal system..the New World Order, seriously being constructed in the 1980's when the spying upon everyone of the world's citizens which used electronic devices such as computers, card machines, then electronic faxes and emails and mobile phones became a reality through Echelon and Ins-law "promis'.

As soon as I press the send button this email will be perused and spied-upon by echelon using key word priority. If the key word , or my notified address is there..it will be recorded.I you pay an bill by card or over the phone today the entire process and the situation and your locality will be recorded and available to 'selected' paying customers including your own government, that of Israel and the USA and your tax office,for example.

Resisters to regimes, as shown perhaps by their movement records at Promis and Echelon are then termed 'terrorists" by such vile regimes as invaded Korea, Vietnam, Iraq to mention but three planetary disasters, hunted down and tortured and/or killed, along with selected associates.

Assassination is a culture which has, through Mossadand the CIA alone, done away with scores of thousands of dissenters since the mid 1980's...forgetting the millions assasinated in Iraq, Rawanda, Sudan, Bosnia, El Salvador...so many places...ordinary innocent people slaughtered...and here we have recommendations for even less personal killings. Thoughts that this would do away with the killing of humans is ludicrous..the use of robots will not stop that...it will however be another link in the denying of responsibility or war crimes.

In closing, what would be preferable woud be a moving away from all automated war and the fulfilling of an old adage by sending politicians who desire war to be the front line combatants.

Ony one thing can save this planet, good example...force can change nothing, in fact it exacerbates problems. The invasion of Iraq even though Hussein offered to exile himself has been the ultimate proof of the failure of that option.

It is difficult for me to accept easily how readily long range killing and the accompanying by media lies and political lies on a grand scale have been accepted by the present generation as a part of life. It seems to me the future lies in a return to the better aspects of post WW11 morality, not where we are going at the moment.


SIIA slaps lawsuits on eight eBay Adobe sellers


Send them to the gulag.

The Internet for all its blessings has been a curse. The worlds most scumbag lecherous and thieving rats all use it...those who generated the system pretend they cannot stop abuse (yawnnnn!)..yet America's spy programme "Echelon" stores every electronic message with a key word or phrase in it. The technology isn't all that hard.

Ebay and PayPal are a couple of shonkers themselves...my experience is that the crooks get good treatment and the innocent get the raw deal.My ebay looses to crooks add to about $9000 US...and eBay and PayPal have a stack of compute generated names which reply with stupid letters, no continuity, to make sure your complaint goes no where if that's what they want.

So..adobe...selling to porn brokers..no doubt I suppose...its amazing how much scum stuff I received immediately after complaining to gmail and qmail about fraudsters....Unfortunately computers and the Internet are the alter egos of millions of fraudulent people who might have been better suffocated at birth.

I agree with the suits...and I aslo agree that if adobe is selling off information, it also should be sued, by class action, at no costs to those taking the action if the case passes a discretionary testing by the Department of Justice.

I can't say computers are not a huge asset but it they died away tomoorow I reckon I'd take about 3 months to get over it...the world might regain some sanity....there was not a lot wrong in the 1960's..oh sorry, Bush was alive then wasn't he?...go back a bit...


Unseen 'Marilyn Monroe' nude snap wows US expert


Not even the dogs are chasing after her....

Marylin Monroe was never...at her worst...as a ugly as that woman shown ...what's her name Madonna or something. Marylin Monroe had a wild life and was used up by a well known "counsellor" well known in a religion which pervades the money side media and creative arts (see internet under marylin Monroe) . She was used and abused and set herself up for it....she had a sad childnhood but she had CLASS ...but this woman shown is utterly devoid of any such assets ...and Marylin had natural beauty and sex appeal. The woman in the photo shown has absolutely nothing...sexless, foul mouthed, not even pretty and no class. Cheers


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