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Peugeot preps 4WD diesel hybrid


and it handles like........

a drunken sailor I expect with, to all intents and purposes, a random variation of power to front and rear.

So that'll be like most other 4WD banana wagons then.

As long as they don't try putting this in a real car that's fine with me

HDTV 'pointless' without perfect peepers

Paris Hilton

Not that perfect - don't be so alarmist

My vision is very far from 20-20, in the 1960's it was something like 15-18 if I recall correctly, and it sure is worse now than then....

I've got a foxsat HD plugged into a sanyo plv z4 and the difference is glaringly obvious - even if I use an old pair of specs (that I can't use to drive with) I can see the difference. Mind you, the difference is pretty hard to spot on smaller screen (I use a 22" LCD screen when I don't need the big screen).

Paris? - well she weras specs too

Adobe takes UK price hikes to new level with CS3


Don't let the b*****s grind you down

This disease is spreading, I recently wanted a Nikon 9000 scanner and the UK price is pretty exactly the US price (around 2,000 in both cases), Was able to find a US based retailer who could ship to UK, and offers an international warranty, so we get local Nikon break/fix support.

All in cost (VAT, carriage etc.) around £1,400.

Look around and find the best place to buy.


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