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Opera screeches at Mozilla over security disclosure

Graeme Griffiths
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Opera certainly are

I don't really care about the vulnerability, I know Opera will fix it as soon as they can, but I have to correct Ian Johnston.

I don't know when you last looked at Opera but it's been very usable since v6 and virtually perfect since v7. I've been using it as my browser for over 5 years now and, on odd occasions I use other people's computers, I miss Opera's speedy response and mouse gestures. For a while I did, occasionally, have to resort to IE for web-pages designed by idiots who use M$'s bastardisation of web standards but that is virtually unheard-of these days. I can't remember the last time it crashed (so "a few pages" is just bollocks) but on the odd occasion it has bombed-out at least you can return to exactly where you left-off.

If you haven't used Opera recently, give it a go, it blows all the others away.


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