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Windows Subsystem for Linux to debut in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

JD Evora

Re: Inside out.....

I suppose that the big problem is that all the "kernel work" is done by the "Windows Kernel" that there isn't a ext4 driver for the Windows Kernel yet.

About running windows programs from WLS, look a the post:

>Invoke Windows processes from Linux, e.g.

> ~$ cd /mnt/c/temp/ && echo "Hello" > hello.txt && notepad.exe hello.txt

>Invoke Linux processes from Windows command-line, e.g.:

> C:\> bash -c "fortune | cowsay"

JD Evora

Re: grep and awk and redirection

>I get that with Cygwin on winders

What was my option before as well,but the big difference was that you needed that the program you are looking for, was recompiled and included in Cygwin.

Now, you just add the relevant PPA from launchpad.net :-)

>Why do I need Micro-shaft's LAME ATTEMPT at copying Linux?

You are missing the point.

MS is not coping Linux.

You are installing the "real Ubuntu" from Canonical servers

The bit that MS did was a "translation layer" that convert the Kernel calls from all that binary identically software, to the Window's relevant kernel call.

JD Evora

Re: Why?

Stop loosing developers.

Right now, most developers choose Mac because all those Linux tools that are fundamental in any bleeding each development are available.

The other option would be a full Linux Desktop, but without any big marketing muscle behind that option, it is a niche option at most.

With that solution you keep your cheaper and familiar Windows Laptop and have all those tools available.

JD Evora

Re: WTF?

I'm using it EVERY DAY!!!!

Work polices force me to install Windows 10.

Until last year I had a Ubuntu VM running the whole time for development.

Now I have a Bash terminal open, where I have access to all the Ubuntu tools.

The limitation is accessing from Windows the directories under WSL control. Getting around that is as simple as working the whole time in a directory under Window's control (/mnt/c)

Linux on Windows 10: Will penguin treats in Creators Update be enough to lure you?

JD Evora

Re: Is it better than Cygwin?

One of the big advantages is that you don't need to port the programs, it runs native Linux binaries downloaded directly from Ubuntu's repositories

Renewable energy 'simply won't work': Top Google engineers

JD Evora

The whole article is misleading !!!

The whole article is a misleading interpretation of the original IEEE one....

They never say that the Renewables are not worth to invest in... They say that the change they make won't we QUICK ENOUGH to avoid the climate change. That is why we new new disruptive technologies

And the last part, defending the fission is as misleading... In the article they mention nuclear FUSION!!! a completely different horse.

Even with those strident security measures, we have now TWO huge portions of the Earth completely inhabitable, imagine if those measures were not as strident.


Why there's real hope for webOS - if HP is committed

JD Evora

No, Symbian has hundreds of thousand of apps, it is no more because on the user front is not competitive with the new touch interfaces.

If a device sells well the developers will take the effort to develop for it.

JD Evora

>There's no market loyalty to WebOS like Android and iOS.

The numbers are small,because the companies behind were not able to attract new users, but for the people that actually use it, WebOS generates the biggest loyalty out there, based on comments from editors that manage multi OS sites.

>Open source won't work for a consumer device

Isn't Android open source? That the SO is open sourced doesn't mean there won't be a company behind it package it nicely and give it support.

JD Evora

Looks like you don't know anything about WebOS.

It has the MOST active mobile community that exists.

The core of WebOS is coded in HTML and js and the source code is just there, in the device. There is a VERY active community doing mods for the WebOS devices and HP has reached this community already



Oracle mobile Java licensing suit boomerangs

JD Evora

Yes and no

I agree that JME should die and a full stack should be put into the phones.

But letting the TCKs free we only allow even more fragmentation, I agree with "let then put a jre on every phone for free"



O2 to release Palm pair on iPad day

JD Evora

They are a good complement...

They include Mobile hotspot.

That means that you can share you data connection with up to 5 wifi devices.

Perfect for the non-3G iPad ins't it?

HP eyes webOS iPad rival

JD Evora

It is done

And it is called PDK.

It is coming out of Beta at the end of May, but in the mean time Gameloft had an early access and is porting ALL their games to WebOS (17 so far) the complete list is at http://www.gameloft.co.uk/download-games/palm-pre-games/?selected_sort=name&alpha_21=all_alpha)


JD Evora

Not the best idea

And how will they make a different product from the zillions of Android phones already in the market?

In less than a year a very poor Palm has managed to have 2000 apps in the catalog, I think with HP's money, knowing that they will stay and the easy iPhone ports that the PDK brings, in one year the number of apps wont matter any more,

What does HP want with Palm?

JD Evora

Big plans for WebOS

I do think that HP has big plans for WebOS.

Buying Palm's IP for protect your self only makes sense if you DO PLAN to enter that territory BIG time.

WebOS is even for Palm heaters the "best mobile OS on the marked" Palm was not able to make it a success specially due lack of resources.

Problem solved, Palm gets money and HP gets a way make their products to stand out from the other Android/Windows mobile builders.

Looking forward for a WebOS device with a better hardware!!!

Palm Pre update inbound

JD Evora
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Even less applications

The update is here but we now have even less applications :-( just 60 because they only allow you to see the the ones that SPECIFICALLY set your country, instead of allow you to filter out the ones that you are interested in.

Regards to 3G download, I think that the pre is only sold with unlimited data plans.


Apple slapped for dodgy ads

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The worst is that you are NOT ALLOWED to install it

Java and Flash are free yo download (Java is even GPL now)

BUT the Apple's license terms for the SDK doesn't allow anyone to create a IPhone port for those technologies.

I'm OK for not having java/flash out of the box, but banding people to install it????


Sun backs Java-on-iPhone 'quick fix'

JD Evora

Technically it was done

Porting Java to the IPhone was done already, see http://blogs.sun.com/hinkmond/entry/houston_we_have_liftoff but of course it can't be released until they have a legal agreement




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