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Microsoft to make Xamarin tools and code free and open source


Re: Oops, an expensive and unfortunate mistake for some

They're giving refunds for recent purchases.

Coding is more important than Shakespeare, says VC living in self-contained universe


Re: My own creativity is expressed not through writing plays


Your Left/Right comments, thinly-veiled self-aggrandising bollocks.

Microsoft's new cross-platform web app framework renamed ASP.NET Core


Intelligent devs are going to use JSP or PHP? Seriously? It's 2016!

Node.js Foundation gets a small sprinkling of Yahoo!


Re: Yahoo?

Netflix and Paypal appear to be happy with it.

MPs launch 'TalkTalk' inquiry over security of personal data online


Re: Are there any techies in the Ministry of Fun (DCMS)?


>What we should be doing is making extensive use of the directorship disbarment laws...

Absolutely. The only solution, perfectly elucidated.

TalkTalk offers customer £30.20 'final settlement' after crims nick £3,500


C4 news article


Which explains why a bunch of geographically unrelated kids are being collared.

By extrapolation, it suggests that the 'DDOS attack' was probably a couple of dozen script kiddies running sql queries.

Talk Talk, beyond pathetic. Rumbled.

Hacked TalkTalk CEO: Dead as a Dido? Nope, she refuses to quit


She's been CEO for 5 years!

If MR ROBOT was realistic, he’d be in an Iron Maiden t-shirt and SMELL of WEE


They've already commissioned a second series because of the success of the first.

There is so much wrong with this article.

Iron maiden t-shirts? Wtf?

The tech stuff is vetted and all technically possible, if unfeasable. But it's drama, it's OK. It's still a million miles from what's gone before.

Elliott articulate? What? Only in his head. I guess Alastair watched a couple of episodes max.

They acknowledged the fight club influences and twisted and played with them, switching unreliable narrator to narrator taking to himself to narrator talking to the audience.

I'm obviously a fan, but I hated it at first as I thought it was just a fight club rip-off, then I got it.

Too much of the criticism reeks of watched a couple of episodes, Alistair and commentards.

Devs ask Microsoft for real .NET universal apps: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


Re: Hmmmm.... Interesting


>As a matter of fact, at this time, most of the top video games on those platforms are written in C#.

Really? Ios and android?

Top VW exec blames car pollution cheatware scandal on 'a couple of software engineers'


See this article for a completely different slant on


Why Horn made himself look like a lying moron by saying '2 rogue engineers' when he was referring to the heads of R&D departments is inexplicable. Or perhaps it says something about how he views the VW hierarchy.

Doctor Who's Under the Lake splits Reg scribes: This Alien homage thing – good or bad?


Re: The Abyssmal

>But then 99 percent could probably be found in Aesop and Homer.

Agree 100%

But there is stuff worth watching. Mr Robot?


Re: Base under siege

Yes, but badly.

I loved Dr who, when I was 10. Can't watch it now. I could watch Alien repeatedly.

It's like Coronation Street vs The Wire/Breaking Bad/whatever, where they know how to write a script and not continually plagiarise and dress it up as an 'homage'

Jeremy Corbyn: My part in his glorious socialist triumph


Re: Full of win

>Ian Duncan Smith has already pointed out that this Labour invention is deeply flawed and plans to scrap it.

Duncan Smith redefines reality on a weekly basis to suit whatever hole he is digging himself out of, so excuse me while I PMSL at any opinion that he holds.

Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership election


Re: Pyhrric victory

>>People are emotionally disturbed if they have political views that don't line up with yours?

>I think you're being a little unfair there.

No comment required.

>The only labour party members I know celebrating Corbyns win are those too young to remember the 70s - Generation Y and the Millenials.

Know a lot of labour party members, do you?

Bloke clicks GitHub 'commit' button in Visual Studio, gets slapped with $6,500 AWS bill


Re: Nominative Determinism

I could have written your first paragraph about myself, but the second, no.

I used to read several .net blogs, Hanselman, Haack, Conery, Skeet. You really think that they all chase the new shiny? My experience is the opposite of yours and that usually, not always, developers who didn't read .net blogs were 9-5ers.

Enjoy vaping while you still can, warns Public Health England


Re: "Almost certainly"

>The 2 most popular brands of 'e-juice' have been found to contain chemicals that are not safe to be inhaled and those are the ones that are supposed to be legitimate.

Absolute bollocks. You're parrotting tabloid crap.

Hey, folks. Meet the economics 'genius' behind Jeremy Corbyn


Re: @Lucrelout


Piketty has been so widely and thoroughly discredited by now than I'm genuinely surprised to find someone citing him.

Absolutely, completely false. The supposedly flawed figures, which he addressed, did not impact his basic premise.


Re: Whereas the QE to date


I didn't step over any homeless on my way to work today. Didn't even see any, and I've travelled through a couple of counties to be here.

I don't even have to point out how ludicrous that statement is.

I've previously demonstrated how a minimum wage couple can buy a starter home within a shorter commute than I have, so affordability isn't a problem.

No you haven't, you absolutely haven't. You posted some flawed figures that completely depended on external factors that only exist in your worldview. You claiming a fait accompli based on that post is hilarious.



The reason there isn't great economic ground between the main parties is the inescapable fact that most people have never had it so good.

You != most people.


Re: European-style health system

After spending the evening looking into this, I've come to the conclusion that there is no universal definition for 'European style health system'.

If you're an American republican, it's something to be resisted as they see it as state-provided care.

If you're a British conservative it's something to be welcomed as it's parallel public and private care.

A lot of opinion seems to think that it doesn't exist for the same reasons that I wrote.

So it's a political term and it depends on your perspective.

I take issue with your 'known fact' as it's one I've never heard expressed, so if you could provide some links to back it up?


Re: There's an interesting point about those industries being crap

Please define 'European-style health system' because different countries have different systems.


Re: Corbyn is barking, but ...

I just enlightened the wife - you're right, she didn't know that her wages were paid by some cunt on the register.

You gotta be in it to win it: The Register presents its official Programming Competition


Re: Om nom nom, tasty bait.

Oh dear.

Dumb MongoDB admins spew 600 TERABYTES of unauthenticated data


Re: нет!

Relational and native JSON types.

Osbo PRINTS first Tory budget in 19 years with his BARE HANDS


Re: It's like the sixth form common room

Good luck getting a mortgage with 4 x income multiple and 10% deposit. Even if you find one, the interest rate would be astronomical. The average age for first-time buyers is now 35, according to Money Supermarket. Your original figures were rounded up by about 8k above actual, so forgive me if I take your latest projections with a pinch of salt.

Which age groups are going to get a 5k pay rise then? Your base of 40 hour weeks is not universally attainable, hence the number of people claiming tax credits.

It's pretty tough for a lot of kids at the moment and this budget hasn't helped them at all.

Warning flags were raised over GDS farm payments system – yet it still failed


Re: Why do government projects fail?

@Lee D

Not in this case as it's GDS.

A good effort, if a bit odd: Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 2


Don Box?

He's still employed?

He should have been jettisoned years ago for crimes against technological advancement.

Pro-ISIS script kiddies deface Dublin Rape Crisis Centre site


Re: Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

You need to calm down.

Who uses the Universal Credit system? ALMOST NOBODY, says report


Re: I struggle to know how seriously to take this...

The 'future benefits' on which this project was premised have been scaled back numerous times.

The 'phased implementation' is of a tiny percent of the promised functionality.

If UC is Excel, then they're rolling out a calculator that can only process 1 + 1 and occasionally returns 2.

If it's going so well, why are they wasting time on this:


Node.js fork io.js hits version 1.0 – but don't call it production-ready


Hmm, big company, moved off their java codebase to javascript/node, been using it in production for over a year.


Yes, we need two million licences - DEFRA



The licenses are for Oracle ERP not just the db.

Frustration with Elite:Dangerous boils over into 'Refund Quest'


Downvoting because

Perhaps they're downvoting you because it's you and they want to see one of your 'how dare you downvote me' tantrums.

Untangling .NET Core: Open source for Windows, Mac, Linux


Re: You like MS Products

You've decided that the abandoned MS tech debate is limited to .Net only, nobody else has (oh, and you've also decided that Silverlight, VB6 and FoxPro can't be mentioned).

This is a pattern that's built up over decades. I concede that some changes were necessary, but, for example, moving from VBXs to OCXs was of no benefit to devs, resulted in repurchasing for exactly the same functionality and typically introduced more bugs (which I blame on the mess that was OLE2). Killing VB (much as I hated it) was madness. MS had a massive userbase there. MDAC took years to stabilise and encompassed several abandoned technologies.

My definition of 'supported' includes bug-fixes, enhancements and fixing behaviours that are major bug-bears for devs. Your definition of 'supported' seems to correspond to my definition of mothballed. All the big names in Silverlight and WPF dev have moved away, generally to non-MS platforms, because they considered the platforms dead. Are they idiots too?

You also seem to think that code is just going to run on Linux. Have you tried to run anything non-trivial on mono? I don't know how long you've been on the MS stack, but based on my experience the reality for devs never matches the marketing and something as large as making .net cross-platform could take years to stabilise.

I'm already seeing articles on using Nuget to deliver PCLs and platform-specific assemblies. I understand why they're doing it but it still makes me shiver.


Re: <whatever> is the future

It's not a superset and I've no idea what a 'perfect' superset is.

It's not even a subset as the two will expand independently and features 'may' be cross-ported.

Microsoft: Hey, don’t forget Visual Basic! Open source and new features coming


Not strictly accurate.

Alan Cooper always struck me as a bit of an egotist.

A different perspective:


Google pushes 'go' on Android Studio


Re: The King is dead....

I've not used Xamarin, but I have used Android Studio betas.

What advantages does the former have over the latter for Android development?

A nation of CODERS? Yes, says UK.gov, and have some cash to do it


Re: is it not easier

You earn a shit load more working with traders than you do teaching kids.

However, most kids are OK when taught by a decent teacher, but I've never met a trader who wasn't an irredeemable c***.

Universal Credit CRISIS: Up to £200m in IT spend WASTED – NAO


Universal Credit Forever

Who's the contractor - 3D Realms?

Social misfits and group interviews: Yup, it's the startup interview circuit


Mono hasn't really seen any love or attention in years


Words to put dread in a sysadmin's heart: 'We are moving our cloud from Windows to Linux'


More AC pro-MS propaganda.

Why would anybody move from Linux to MS? It just doesn't make sense if they have linux experience.

In my experence, mainly banks, Java systems are nearly always deployed to linux (or other non-MS) servers, although development is frequently on Windows workstations.

>With the wholesale move to Azure going on in the enterprise at the moment

That is utter bollocks.

Influential scribe Charles Petzold: How I figured out the Windows API


Hungarian notation

No mention of the monster that would not die?

Get ready: The top-bracket young coders of the 2020s will be mostly girls


Re: What do we want from Coders?

Seriously, WTF is a phase diagram?

Is it an iPad? Is it a MacBook Air? No, it's a Surface Pro 3


Re: All things to everyone...

Things you never thought you'd see:

#1 "To quote Slade:"

Well done sir! Made me smile.

In three hours, Microsoft gave the Windows-verse everything it needed


Re: Too little too late? don't be preposterous!

It's not absurd, maybe premature.

You have seen the market share for WinPhone and Surface?


Re: Lots more than that -

Roslyn is very interesting and I believe that .Net native is a by-product of that.

WinJS, javascript interfaces to the Windows API, who cares? Phonegap catchup.

You didn't mention Universal Windows Apps. Plenty of euphoria on 'tech' blogs over this, when it's actually just PCLs with new Visual Studio solution templates.

Got a Netgear router from Virgin Media? Change your admin password NOW


>>what kind of moron leaves the wifi enabled on a superhub anyway.


Do tell what catastrophe awaits me.

'No, I CAN'T write code myself,' admits woman in charge of teaching our kids to code


Re: JavaScript is code...

Python, yes.

>>If you have an object of type T that you have dynamically allocated and you push a pointer to the object onto a std::vector<T*>, then a copy of the pointer is pushed. If you dereference the pointer and push the result onto a std::vector<T>, then a copy of the object is made. Collections always make copies. So collections of pointers make copies of the pointer and collections of class instances make copies of the instances themselves (using copy construction IIRC).

Realising this, years before SO, and before the STL made it into the standard library, made me quit C++. There was nothing in the STL documentation that suggested this was the case.

So C++, no.


Re: Oh really?

Seriously, Stephen Hawking? Teaching?

Knowing a subject doesn't mean you are capable of teaching it.

Have you ever been to a dev conference? um, ah, mumble, er.. Christ! And that's just few that can bring themselves to speak in public. I wouldn't want any of them teaching my kids.

How are they going to engage a bunch of disinterested kids an an inner city comp?

I hear this a lot, 'insert well-known expert here' wouldn't be allowed to teach. But the experts aren't going to want to teach. Without the teaching qualification it would just attract the dregs.

If someone really wants to teach, then a one-year teaching course isn't going to put them off; it's a safeguard and I'm glad it's there.


Re: I hate to say it...

Let me guess, you're in the 'upper layers'.