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Judge greenlights lawsuit against Microsoft

Paris Hilton

@ Gordon

"Law of strict liabilities", "Do be serious", "Will you get out of the f*cking GARDEN??".


Opera screeches at Mozilla over security disclosure


Opera has Mozilla as Competition on Mobiles

Haven't U heard of MiniMo? Its Mozilla's Mobile Client. I've been using it since version 0.015, they're up to like 0.023 now and may be further along. I stopped watching when I gave up my mobile phone and got an NEC Mobilepro 900C. I couldn't use it anymore but haven't checked since upgrading my Mobile with CMonex's custom bootloader ROM v2.0. I may have to go try 0.016 again, as I believe 0.023 is WM5 and up only.

At any rate the best Web browser I've found for at least the Mobilepro 900C is actually Internet Exploder. It renders all current pages, even the flash portions and looks great, despite coming from Microsoft.

None of the others(Netfront, Opera, etc) have worked thus far.


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