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BBC continues to milk great tits


Great Tits

We have a similar predicament at work.

One of our ashtrays has been taken over by tits of the feathery kind.

cDc automates Google Hacking



I can get at their site with Internet Explorer. Have they then removed the 'Firefox is so cool' part?

I am testing this using IE running under Wine on Linux though.

Just testing now on an XP box. Yep works there just fine too.

I don't think I'd ever class cDc as acting like script kiddies. And if they wish to block IE then fair play to them.

For my personal web site I can't be bothered to code for IE (I use CSS but don't bother with */hacks /* for IE and with javascript I do object/function detection but can't be bothered to work around specific IE-isms). I don't actively block it, but it is my site, I'm not forcing anyone to visit or use any particular piece of software.

How is this any different than a restaurant saying you have to wear a tie? You don't have to go to the restaurant, but if you do want to then they expect you to wear a tie. Do you call restaurants (or anywhere with a dress code) kiddiez?

By your logic all the sites that code for IE only (and say unsupported browser for firefox et al, Linux et al) then are run by script kiddie bratz?

I think Firefox is cool, that's my _opinion_. Yours is not that way inclined. I'm glad you are able to think for yourself and make your own decision.

Virgin Media taps Microsoft in lengthy email outage



We asked VirgTeleEuroBellWestMedia (as they are in this area, Eurobell box, Telewest endpoints, virgmedia branding) to move our cable service on the 27th February (We thought we'd give them a couple of days to mess it up a little before we actually moved). They said "Yes, that's no problem". They then went on to clarify. "We can disconnect you on the 27th, however we won't be able to connect you at the new place until the 29th". DOH!.

Still with how email and the service generally is right now with VM, we won't really notice a couple of days down time. It's not like it doesn't happen at least once a month as 'normal service'.

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