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Mozilla mauls Microsoft on IE, Windows 7 bundle


They should just pay Dell to install it

If some company wants their browser on prebuilt machines, just do like google does with their shitty search and pay Dell to install it. If microsoft does something nasty about it, THEN you might have a case against them.

But for retail copies, the idea of shipping an OS without a browser is retarded. However, I would expect nothing less from the EC.

Harvard Prof.'s hearing against RIAA can't be streamed online


Find a compromise

Take 5 minutes to read the decision, its pretty obvious it was made based on the law as written. As much as one might dislike the RIAA/MPAA they are due the same rights in court as someone in any other case. No special treatment should be given.

With respect to the broadcasting/recording of court proceedings I think that a full video recording of all court proceedings for the purpose of record keeping would be a good idea. However, the broadcasting of these cases while they happen could lead to harm by way of influencing the jury. While a jury in the best case scenario would actively ignore (or report) any contact with the resulting media/external discussion of the case, in practicality it can sometimes be unavoidable.

Somehow a balance must be found between the right of the public to view the trial and the right of the parties involved to an impartial jury. I think recording the trial and then releasing it after completion is a fair compromise.

Laptop Hunters snare Microsoft on Linux


OSX is a competitor to windows, linux is not

Saying linux competes with windows on price is pointless because linux sucks a big bag of dicks.

Its like saying harrr this fecal matter is a better source of sustenance than your steak because its cheaper!

Opera sings praises of Microsoft-browser statement


What a bunch of morons.

IE/wmplayer/whatever else is included with windows because its basic functionality that the user expects. If they want a really shitty experience where they have to go find a bunch of 3rd party apps to get stuff working they can use linux.

Everyone who wants to use a browser or media player other than what comes with windows will go out and get it. If Microsoft prevented them from picking an alternative, that would be a problem. But thats not the case.

All this does is waste consumers time and taxes. Is the EC out for Microsoft just to be dicks or are they completely incompetent?

Internet Explorer - now with 35% less FAIL


stop saying FAIL

it makes you sound like some slashdotting 4chan retard

iPhone 3G not compatible with existing accessories


How can you possibly be mad at Apple?!?!?!

They're giving you the privledge of purchasing new Apple products. And when those are obsolete in a year you get to purchase MORE APPLE STUFF!!!

MS products just too cool to comprehend, say MS geeks


re: the notes haters

Notes/Domino is still the best document management platform there is

Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.

Sure the client may be a pita at times, but the flexability and capabilities of a Notes Application far outweigh anything you could do with sharepoint or any open source offering.

Email is a fucking joke, anyone still relying on it for internal communication should be shot.

As for all the vista vs xp stuff, I think vista got a load of shit because they changed so much of the UI when the didn't need to. That plus the "OMG ITS USING SO MUCH RAM!!!!" complaints from users too stupid to undestand caching are probably what caused its downfall. Theres nothing wrong with it and it ran fine when I used it on my old workstation. I had a pos 64MB vid card too. Our parent company nixed my vista use because they're security nazis, or i'd be using it right now.

Vistas failure comes down to 3 things:

1. Morons who do shit like disable superfetch BECAUSE IT EATS SO MUCH RAM OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! and then post about it on their blogs.

2. Morons who take the blogosphere as gospel

3. Its not much of an improvement over xp/2k3 (both of which are excellent).

oh, and lol at all the lunix on the desktop guys. You're always good for a laugh. "I DONT NEED SOFTWARE I HAVE TEH WEB!"

Apple account hijacks spread to developers


Apple security at its finest

Its like they haven't learned a thing from watching Microsoft's security blunders.

EC's 'Steelie' Neelie snubs Microsoft Office


Competing word processors

What products compete with office?

Open office? lol. What a joke.

Although to be honest, anyone still passing around static documents by email or comedy revision management systems like sharepoint deserves what they get.

As was already mentioned, Notes/Domino does document management way better than anyone else. If they hadn't gone down some terrible design paths and then kept them for backwards compatability, we'd all be on Notes today.

It boils down to Microsoft writing the only office suite that doesn't suck loads of balls. Open Office will be ready for enterprise/desktop use about the same time linux is.

Apple store detains teens for installing iPhone game


retail store managers are dicks and have no clue what they're talking about

news @ 11

as for the morons arguing about 15 hour installs for all their software or whatever non-sense, get some imaging software you scrubs.

Unless apple are completely retarded (and im not ruling that out) it probably takes no more than an hour at most to re-image a stock j-phone.

WaSP gives browsers 'fail' grade


FYI IE8 Beta is out


Fails both acid2 and acid3. Hopefully they'll get it up to snuff before release.

IE8 to follow web standards by default


@ ross

Theres nothing stopping you from adding tabbed browsing or whatever other plugins you want to IE. Most of what you mentioned already exists. The problem for me is when I get onto a system with IE7 installed and the only other alternative is some garbage like firefox, its painful. Luckily I have a simple reg file I can use to remove the command bar and worthless search bar from IE. Which makes it usable, but not ideal.

Also, the intigration with explorer is probably the feature I miss the most when IE6 is not available. Being able to go back and forth between the web and the file system is a great convenience.

And while opera isn't the only 3rd party browser, it is far and away the best of them.


Standards Schmandards

Who cares. Until they can come up with a UI as good as IE6's, I doubt I'll switch. Opera comes close, but doesn't quite get there.

Its too bad Microsoft decided to go down the horrifying UI path that is IE7/Vista Explorer. Its like they looked at Firefox and the Mac Finder and decided to take out the absolute worst parts.

Fraud guardian LifeLock accused of fraud


Experian is so full of crap

If If they really wanted to help prevent fraud they'd let me get free credit reports whenever I wanted and allow me to deny access to my credit report unless I pre-approve a creditor. That would cut down on their overhead wouldn't it?

I hope 10000 lifelocks setup shop and experian goes out of business under the load. Credit companies are only out to screw you as hard as they can.

Microsoft opens APIs and protocols to all


Microsoft you suck, but im still gonna use ur code thx...

If Microsoft writes such bad code why the hell would you want or care if they open their APIs?

If anything this will prolong Microsoft's dominance of the market. It was inevitable that open source software would start to catch up with Microsoft in terms of software viability. OSS is still nowhere close on the desktop, and the server leaves much to be desired. By opening their APIs Microsoft is allowing developers who would have otherwise had to develop alternatives, to simply use an already existing Microsoft standard. So how is that going to increase competition and create better software? That was the whole point of this EC stuff wasn't it? All I see this creating is more client applications for Microsoft servers which will still require Microsoft licenses.

I just think its hilarious that all the fanbois are all "hurr mikkro$oft's code is shite" and then in the next sentence "i wish Microsoft would open their code so i could use it". If OSS really wanted to compete with Microsoft they would have written better, open standards that would run across all OSes. Since they've failed in doing that, they decided to get the gov to force Microsoft to open their supposedly junk standards. Good work guys.

Virgin Media taps Microsoft in lengthy email outage


Now they know...

Should have used Domino!