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Psion countersues Intel in not-netbook spat

Richard Stephens

well where are the batteries?

I saw this spat in these pages, and tried to get a new battery for my old netBook. I was told to ask POS Limited - but reference to their webpages does not show any such battery being sold.

the conclusion is that here in the UK at least, there is no current market in Psion netBooks, unless you want to keep them on the mains.

shame, as it would be nice to give the old bird a day out ...

Nokia plotting Symbian laptops

Richard Stephens

I wish, I really wish ...

Only the other day I got my netBook out of mothballs and fired her up - the real Psion original, who now sits in my cellar. I'm not even sure if there is life in the battery left. It still compares favourably with the modern batch of netbooks - and the instant on feature and super-long battery were just great.

Why on earth Psion got out of this market I don't know - EPOC 5 needs little adjustment, the addition of comms facilities (which modern Symbian should be able to do).

All I can say to Nokia is: if you do resurrect EPOC on the netBook, please, please don't bog it up. Just leave perfection as it was.

On a point of correction: I don't think the Psion netBook ever had 75 hours, I think 8-9 hours was about it, the Psion 5mx might have managed 75!

HTC Advantage gets a facelift

Richard Stephens

don't pre-judge this gadget.

You're missing the point - it doesn't have to run Windows, it just lets you do work on the move. Whether you would want to use it as a phone is a different matter. For me, it always was a great PDA, not a very useful phone unless you used it as a landline substitute.

I have had problems with reliability though - a lot of rebooting was always necessary.