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I helped catch Silk Road boss Ross Ulbricht: Undercover agent tells all


Good Bad and the Ugly

Like most enterprises that function successfully to transfer huge amounts of money/value from the many to a few (think government), this one was alike the bootleggers (alcohol/tobaccy/other) that was deemed non-essential for human health. Some people do try to live without the use of mind altering chemicals, ingest non-foods or implore others to try harmful products. Modern business is all about money, far less about caring a damn how it arrives at their bank. Facebook mines peoples minds, seeking entry to use whats there for sale to business to sell them things (anything). Free choice is subverted by the hysteria and 'need to be part of it' life, social contexts and all variants thereof. All the individual wants is freedom to exist, and live out from under the heavy hand of others who make laws that deny them that freedom. Many act like the thugs themselves, taking more while returning less.

UK rail lines blocked by unexpected Windows dialog box


noxious one

much ado about nothing, trains continue to roll like background apps.

'This is insane!' FCC commissioner tears into colleagues over failure to stop robocalls


Re: The FCC isn't going to do anything that isn't easy

if the 'provider' can offer an app to filter these noxious annooyances, it is charging you for using the app as well, (someone is making money off the aPP)

so they let 1 percent net LESS robocalls through to the poor saps at the end, and leave the other 99.99 percent covered in robo SHIT. they could give a damn, after all 'BUYER BEWARE, telecom is just another PRODUCT to suckle on your money tits.

Landmark computer hacking archive deposited at TNMOC


my father worked for the USA Bell Telephone System (now AT&T) from 1930 to retirement in the 1970s.

he took me to work with him on weekends to keep me away from the 'bad elements' in our neighborhood. in the late 1950's, he showed me the punched tape read/writers they used to communicate the various office information among each, using existing copper lines and microwave links. it was simple enough for even an 8 year old to understand. not a full blown 'net', but even then, the wizards in New Jersy were well aware of the use of widespread, standardized methods of sharing information. commercial investment required tons of money to buy and use this system, but only when CHEAP AFFORDABLE computers were here could the internet become a public reality, and an opportunity for ISP's to start gouging the entire population.


Local Bulletin Boards

circa 1980-1990, the usa was introduced to local dialup bulletin board's, often managed and run by local radio amateurs who did have enough smarts to know what they were capable of. some, very few, had actual high speed telco lines into the skeletal frame work of the national 'grid' that was indeed the internet that was used by major corporations, universities and fragments of the government. protocols were yet to be written to establish any real ability to 'surf', and actual sites were ... well pretty far and few between. even in So California (the "Epiecenter' of Al Gores invention /s) it was limited to aerospace, university and research primarily. Land lines (the wires up on the telephone poles) with actual rotary dial phones ruled the day. Then stuff just took off as the greedy providers realized the scope and scale of the profits that were to be made. Even then, the BBS smart ass users were busy subverting the subscription and payment systems, stealing what they could. (all in the name of being as economical as they claimed to be).

US government upends critical spying case with new denial


if some folks decide to flaunt the concept of acting in a manner to preserve life, to not kill for their own purpose and imbue fear into others, then that is rightly deemed an act of war and must be dealt with as such. this is no game of spin the bottle, with innocent bystanders getting blown to bits for some ideological guru to get their rocks off, it is simple survival of life and freedom. as terrorists feel no qualms using any means to force innocents to carry bodybombs into a crowd, the laws must be suspended to deny them the freedom to do that. when lawyers start having their own children explosively splattered across the plazas, they may begin to act with less deference to prior precedents.

Another data-leaking Spectre CPU flaw among Intel's dirty dozen of security bug alerts today


one basket for all the eggs?

before certain people decided to take advantage of others, (for profit by fraud, deceit, strategy, etc) the specter of losing any amount of spare change legally was minimal, but a scaling up of so many business's to proportions that yielded millions of bucks with very little real 'effort' became suddenly 'important enough to pay attention to". loss of patent code execution has ever been fraught with risk, speculation and unending revisions. this industry is dynamic, like it or not, like politicians tweaking the culture to 'make it all work right".

these obscure defects in the processors, now offer some the very minimal advantage to nudge a few bucks away from those who have, up until now, chosen greed as a way of life, rather than one that honestly improves the entire lot. security some say? when did that suddenly become an issue?

When tyrants pull on their jackboots to stamp out free speech online, they reach for... er, a Canadian software biz?


uniqueness is a virtue

taking 100,000 years to emerge from a primal society of upright hominids to a diffuse and varied clanish tribes, each with its own tailored behavior constraints, is not easily disrupted. expecting another, violently defended region, to accept at face value what another region of peoples deems 'acceptable' is quite naive, humans dont like to change if it means relearning a completely different way of life. pecking orders remain intact, even as 'ownership' of areas passes on from one generation to the next. in addition to the logarythmic increase in populations demanding the same priviledge of what was once plentiful and abundant resources, and theres no end to squabbling and elbowing amongst the hordes for the 'leaders' to settle. its only going to get worse, even as the communication networks increase the interface surface and their melting together.

British Crackas With Attitude chief gets two years in the cooler for CIA spymaster hack


whos watching the henhouse....

the court systems remain committed to 'sending a message' to all those beyond their remand, to obey and respect the rule of law (written by those who gain power enough to do so). woe be to anyone (child/adult) who fails to be apprised of the web of edicts (hundreds of thousands) and plays havoc with the stability of the old boys network. the structures of powerful people is much like a simple primitive jungle, ruled essentially by fear, force and direct threat to others, even as democracy is used to portray it otherwise.

Hubble Space Telescope spies possibility of liquid water in TRAPPIST-1


Re: And to think 'Dubbya' wanted to kill the amazing Hubble way back in 2005!

keep drilling for 'unlimited oil reserves' locked within our thin skinned planet, for use as an aid to foul our atmosphere even more with emissions and noxious noise from vehicles that make our lives so easy. like Trump, making the world his own private hotel, to gouge people for money, enhance his singular ego and redefine the art of prestidigitation and lying to GREATER heights! water you say? nothing to worry about, its everywhere, at least until you start drying up and cannot water your horse.

New York Police scrap 36,000 Windows smartphones


Re: Inherited wealth doesn't prove a thing...

Central Park Lake event for the kids. See how many skips you can get on the first throw!

Then a 'fishing event', complete with long handled crab nets to retrieve as many as you can, The one with the most catches, gets a year of free hotdogs.

It's a question worth asking: Why is the FCC boss being such a jerk?


Re: Inconceivable!

truly said. its bad enough the interference some government dimwits parlay as 'necessary for the public good", but it seems more and more, these clowns are doing, saying, enforcing these acts of omnipotence , just because they can say, "Well, we had to do something!" meaning they really have no clue what they are doing, but to ensure they appear to be doing something, anything to justify their very existence. it probably has been like this since bureaucracy began, long ago, disguised as actual functional control mechanisms to reign in so many of the snake oil and similar 'corporate interests' who had no true beneficial intentions other than reap money from any process FOR THEMSELVES. face it, these are politicians in disguise, steering the public astray at any cost, to the taxpayer, to the consumer, to anyone foolish enough to believe.

HBO slaps takedown demand on 13-year-old girl's painting because it used 'Winter is coming'


freedom of expression

"12/9/2016 2:37:41 AM"

wooops retracted, double post!


freedom of expression

a lawyers best activity is?, How to prevent people from excising their most valuable rights!

a class action lawsuit against HBO and any other slimy group of trademark holders would suit me just fine.

this is what happens when lawyers/barristers have nothing really important (make money) to do, they sit around, figuring out ways to intimidate the public, squeeze money out of 'the little folks', smoke their fat imported cigars and then give everyone the finger.

give HBO the "cold shoulder" they deserve. little girls lives matter MORE!

The very latest on the DNC email conspiracy. Which conspiracy? All of them, of course!


children, children, ..

sadly im an american, born and raised, thoroughly indoctrinated in the mind blowing concept of 'democracy', reciting the 'pledge', loyally saluting the flag with hand over heart and so forth. i cant quite describe what a dreadful time this is, for lots of voters (the real ones that are vetted and have some stake in it) sorting among all this chaff and noise coming from the mouths of these so called 'leaders', fingers pointing so many ways they seem as flexible as cooked spaghetti (al dente!). this all reminds me of what kindergarten and grade school was, when the schoolyard was rife with social misfits trying every which way to get to the top of the slide ladder, pushing, shoving, pinching, kicking, snarling and spitting. the climb to the top, thence to sit long enough just to annoy the ones behind and then slide ever so quick back to the reality of being at the bottom once again. all of these 'patriots', democratic participants and hanger-ons so desperately, yet pathetically acting like selfish children on a mission.

Software bug costs Citigroup $7m after legit transactions mistaken for test data for 15 years


Hillary Clintons Boo Boooooo...

well, this is like Madame Clintons classified email server. "I didnt intend to do that all, im sorry please forgive me!" NO, NO nO! being a simple programming oversight (lost in the tomes of ever present code revisions, tweaks, crashes and change of personell?) a nice hefty FINE of a few million bucks could placate most any USA agencys (seeing as their life blood is essentially the flow of MONEY). as for the security (national defense, financial balance, regulations and other trivial issues), the taxpayers get the general drift that making mistakes will end them in prison, while the fat cats get their fat wads of cash nibbled and shared among the others.

Man faces 37 years for sarcastic post insulting royal dog


PETA rights must be fully endorsed!

as these obedient and loyal animals (dogs) can exhibit far more in the way of dependable friendship and defensive capacity than so many two legged 'friends'. I say the King, Queen and their obedient prince deserve a pledge of honor from the great PETA organizations on the planet. Long live the underdogs!

Hi-torque tank engines: EXTREME car hacking with The Register


excellent hybrid

and, you can use it to harrow and plow the lot with all that extra available torque too!

Facebook to Belgian data cops: Block all the cookies across the web, then!



add "facebook*.*" to your HOSTS file NOW!

& look for other proxy names they use also, this fukkerberg shmuck is a sly devil!

GCHQ director blasts free market, says UK must be 'sovereign cryptographic nation'


why the need

all the concern for maintaining complete isolation and patency of ideas thru communications, reinforces the need for same. a circular system that fails to respond by adjusting and correcting to result in a non-cyclic, static and predictable (and improvable) state. is this a basic failing of natural human traits, to simply secure another's efforts as their own, essentially bypassing redundantly performed work? theft of concepts, or is it the very possession of concepts the root cause? did we not learn the dangers of the past 10,000 yeras of human desires, oppression, possessiveness and resultant conflicts? history may never teach a being that which it is incapable of learning.

Undetectable NSA-linked hybrid malware hits Intel Security radar


shell companies/untraceable funding/taxpayer supplied money/threat of anysort

as the 'enemy state' of so many foreign countries, the usa is fully capable of doing preeeety much what it pleases, yu know, to maintain that aura of respectability/viability and politically pristeeness that make so many in the usa (and allies) happy as clams. with china/syria/other middle eastern clans simmering with envy at the smarty pants trying to overtake their commerce, trade and 'cultural integrity' systems, expect feecal matter to fly and rude political families to do unconscionable things. Creating a company (ohh so clever) that presumes to be a hard/ss drive manufacturer, then simply hacks any common drive, re-brands it as 'new and improved" and guess what. the good onsumer sheep will buy them, use them and distribute them for the NSA gratis. who cares where they end up, they now are 'target capable', usually as soon as someone hooks it up to the big bad internet. isis may play a small part, by encouraging the animosity between so many people, but the big fat wealthy ones, really arent affected. malware is like the thousand people willing to cheat you to get ahead in the line, short you on quality, trick you to buy junk and countless other typical human traits.

Top Android app devs found exfiltrating mystery stealth packets


Re: Oh Look my data limit is reached!

and the various contract providers are jumping with joy as data limits are exceeded every month for a few extra millions in fees too! look right to Verizon, comcast, att and euro providers to find no real throttles on this activity either. they love when they can keep the users blind to reality.

Researchers say they've cracked the secret of the Sony Pictures hack


Re: Let me get this straight

one great 'leader' and a supporting legion of old military goons who can't get past the 44th parallel if they tried. this sad country isn't 'backwards', it is simply a product of old farts who wont let go of the past. asian cultures high regard for 'elders' has brought millions of post Korean War children into a mind boggling alter universe of perspective and indoctrinations. perhaps the past teachings of the 'flat earth religions' comes to mind? while the priests languished comfortably on the sweat, blood and efforts of the 'faithful', the faithful eventually gained access to the printed word, real knowledge and realized they actually were being 'tended' like sheep. the cryptic secrecy used to contain any society or population is a key element of control. secret guns, secret weapons, any secrets that maintain a carefully structured class that, like most animals, always seeks greater territory and breeding access to expand it's own realm. language barriers offer some of the greatest opportunities for tyrants to instill fear and natural paranoia. stay tuned, the world gets more interesting as more people elbow each other in crowded places.

Licence to snoop: Ipso facto, crypto embargo? Draft Investigatory Powers bill lands


Second guessing...

where the point of trust is broken, and then deciding what is defining that point may exacerbate the core issue that defines the human/animal itself. adamant to retain individual freedoms, yet force others to submit to one's own expression of perceived freedom? absolute obedience, or submission to absolute beliefs that utilize no acceptance of alternate thoughts or actions under threats of death (ie-absolute non-life) is one of any organisms highest fears, highest actionable priorities or call to duty. those responses have become more important to survival than tending the garden of life itself, the organism may have reached the end of its useful existence, unable to dynamically adapt, fail to communicate effectively across it's evolved replicated selves and alter its multidimensional perception of existence. even virii, perhaps the simplest of creations, makes a greater effort to change, than the highest form of life as we claim to be.

HTC caught storing fingerprints AS WORLD-READABLE CLEARTEXT


ten fingers, ten subtle signature variations!

Science sub spots lost Revolutionary-era SHIPWRECK


Re: And in other news

at last, some metrics we can all consume. the scale of our oceans compared to the average size of those human made floaty things really is quite remarkable. when we think of Fukishima spewing tons of Cesium into the deep blue sea, we often lose sight of our own final demise.

Google unleashes tame botnet to hunt XSS in cloudy code


who's minding the henhouse?

and who exactly is making sure these 'scanners' are looking for malware exclusively? after years of being cleverly exploited by these very huge corporate advertising scrapers, people should be warned that every scintilla of code has a purpose, and that purpose is to scale up the last/next quarter estimates of the corporate proceeds. they aren't doing this gratis.

TrueCrypt + Norton AV = BSOD, wail disgruntled users


OEM encryption

many laptops already have a built in encryption (full disk, part or choice partition) that is emebedded in the firmware, OEM bios and similar. add on top of that the various off the shelf encryption ware and you might end up with enough scrambled data to keep you busy decrypting for months. if your business is so critically contingent on secrecy, or competitive arenas where spying (and theft) is a bigger part of your livelihood, you deserve every disaster you get.

Did NSA, GCHQ steal the secret key in YOUR phone SIM? It's LIKELY


whos really affected by this?

sure isn't 99 percent of the nice guys. as long as you're a 'nice guy', they tend to let you screw yourself among your peers. the target of this is usually (and i say that cautiously nonetheless) the 'bad guys', who tend to screw everyone anytime for their own best interests. how often do you collaborate among your peers to arrange financing for purchase of C4 explosives, body wraps for suicide bombs or travel tickets to locations to 'soft targets"? or is your chatter just the senile nonsensical BS across Twitter, ******-a-gram or other, raving about the best sushi shop, the kewlest iPhone app or your last great orgasm? if so then fob off, 'they' don't care about you or your non-existent lifestyle.

Why did it take antivirus giants YEARS to drill into super-scary Regin? Symantec responds...


Re: Okay, honest question...

nahhh, that's too simple. media (aka software giants) need these mystery 'crisis' to self sustain themselves, maintain the public in a state of constant fear and give employment to the ones who cannot create systems ware impermeable to defeat or injection. since 99 percent of the users (is that too generous?) are actually honest and properly dazzled by the glut of software, internet traffic (aka useless advertising and hollywood junk) and desire to have the 'bestest and fastest' regardless of cost or actual functionality, then this one Regin thing has actually next to nothing for them to be concerned with. it's the people who derive financial gain, and control over others that really shake in their boots when they find someone has been banging their bride behind their back, in their own bed. i agree, this could be a really smart attempt at truly subversive stealth by some real cornball MIT, Eton, Princeton type or even a 14 year old genius (like the sandy hook school massacre brat) with no thing else to do. some people just do it for fun, as a challenge. elevating this to 'nation state' status makes for great popular entertainment, at the nation state level at least. again, we are all swapping petabytes of code with no real 'sheriff' to keep the mayhem in check. why would anyone want to screw with communications companies anyway? (sarcasm off)

Musicians sue UK.gov over 'zero pay' copyright fix


Italians have deduced the proper means of payment.

if this is true, i applaud the Italian monetary schemes. but i still say if they don't play their stuff within earshot, I AINT PAYING A DIME . if its crap music i can walk away or have them arrested for disturbing the peace.


Re: SOS, DD, more phoney money baloney..

any of these artist's is complicit in the 'copying industry' scam, as they profit from unperformed (no actual singing or playing) of their so called 'art'. the copying industry includes all manner of management, technical and manufacturing (all the way down to the floor of the pressing plant) and distribution matrix. these artists have become so lazy, they dont even perform real music, they lip-sync, use prerecorded background tracks, hire writers to script their lyrics, and pretend they have created music art. every audible/visual fleck of information that does not come straight from their pea brain, drug fueled, sex immersed mouths is a worthless fake. if these artists want money, they can perform 365 daya year on stage, doing their art, for real. like most of the fobs that do real work, and hand off TRILLIONS of dollars to the intermediary copying industry for non-performance fakes of their productions. we are all being had, by Sony, Samsung, Phillips, Intel, and any other corporate middle man or management that reaps BILLIONS in profits from some of the few (and i mean FEW) real artists out there. so phoooey on the lot of you!

MI6 oversight report on Lee Rigby murder: US web giants offer 'safe haven for terrorism'


20-20 hindsight, nearly perfected!

ahhhhhh, shoulda seen this one coming, they just T-Boned us and took us completely by surrrprize! golly gee whillikers, how we gonna look now? these mooslioids are a sneaky bunch, willing to do whatever the 'man' back home approves! they do anything to get respect and recognition, be a part of the big shebang, feel like they is wanted, loved and OBEYED.

Gee THANKS: Cryptoscum offer a free decrypt in latest ransomware racket


Re: Of course

persons already victimized and paid the price would have the decrypto program intact as it would be used during 'reclaiming' their files. a site devoted to victims could have them submit the program/drive for professional dissection. the crypto method itself is not the weak point, if you have no decrypt key, there is no resolution to the encrypted files, irregardless of the algorythm.

what has me confounded, is how an entire drive is surreptitiously encrypted without the user being aware of any changes or misfunctions. drop/mess a few bytes in most DLL, EXE or data files and windows, linux or other OS will blow up. does this mean that the malware allows the files to be 'on the fly' decrypted for use, up to the point where the payment demand is posted?? that would mean the decrypt 'key' is intact somewhere, before the demand, allowing normal file use. it seems like a root type with some clever Stuxnet approach.

Attack of the drones: ‘Nefarious’ private use rising, says top Blighty copper


Re: Leftpondians have this:

not long ago, i was naked in my home on a warm summer Tuesday morning. my front inner door was open to let the summer light in, the screen shut to prevent insects. housework is easier without clothes on. i was busy doing my dishes at the kitchen sink, nearly a straight view from the front entry, and i hear a knock on the door. i turned to see two wonderful Jehovah Witness visitors, a spiffy dressed male and a classy dressed woman, gazing in upon my bareness, i danced a few steps out of view and asked them what they wanted, they said nothing, but then retreated. they did leave a nice brochure though. haven't seen any of them since then.


Re: Could be fun

a slingshot made from excess surgical tube, some leather, a sturdy Y branch cut from a nearby pear tree and a few choice stones from the gravel driveup will do. takes only a few days practice to get comfortable and accurate. it's silent, so it wont alarm the neignbors, can be tossed into the fireplace on arrival of officers, and can be used to send secret messages to your sweetheart across the wall. evades most cell tower monitoring, radio intercepts and avoids most requirements for registration.


drone chasers

soon, in a 'theatre' near you, the release of a newly purposed device to chase down, immobilize and destroy semi-autonomous vehicles that once offered freedom of choice for criminal ingenuity. the barons of tech in MI5/6 are already sweeping the internet for all useful methods being generously disseminated on uTube, 4chan and plenty of 'less than light sites', bringing together all the will of government and hidden government to bring peace (aka silence) to the land. stealthily flying at precisely 1000 feet above the deviant's device, tracking it with the precision of a laser guided hawk, the eventual return to the controller will be noticed, position marked and ground bobbies dispatched at breakneck speed.

DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? New leccy BMWs have flimsy password security – researcher


Re: @John Tserkezis - My name

depends on whos calling whom who. 'prudent' is a far more charitable description for yourself, as long as it's a 20 year old Bentley? ;-))


Re: My name

as long as your name isn't one of those long used generic standards like smith, brown, chin, wu or other, you're fine. like people having the same birthday week in the same room, as production numbers increase the opportunity for 'identity intercept' also increases.

LulzSec turncoat Sabu avoids jail time thanks to co-operating with Feds


Re: Entrapment

like most of the 'suddenly necessary' laws that have arisen, one day you're assisting the freedom fighters and leveling the playing field, the next day you're on the receiving end of the governments big stick.


next he will be on the govt payroll (as a contractor) making ten lifetimes wages, meanwhile other as capable net people will be villified as 'non-patriots'... as the govt depends upon an unencumbered flow of tax money to sustain its own infrastructure, anyone that 'rocks their boat' will be targeted.

'Good job, NSA! You turned Yahoo! into an encryption beast'


Re: Conspiracy theory to the max

intel agencies do seem to come up with some clever chess moves too. makes for good entertainment at least. the problem is, humans are a dicey blob of fairly predictable emotional reactions, making very little real use of their grey matter, and instead relying on their proclivity to have sex (and offspring) as a hedge against extinction.


Re: What fools

per the ratings, it seems there's more criminals reading and rating these comments. who you trust is quite a relative relationship these days, i dare say very few persons are 'as pure as the driven snow(den)' and most are in some way complicit in some crime or accessories to breaking some 'law'. lets start with the bare essentials, those who create these laws that protect specialized groups while eliminating ones who don't serve the needs of those specialized groups.

Time is on their side: NIST's new atomic clock accurate for 300 million years


slipped schedules

ok, so we all sync on this quantum quality transition, yet we must re-teach every new generation of children to tie their shoes before floundering aimlessly across the lawn to meet the 'maybe on time' school bus each day? did they chew their breakfast enough, so they don't get a tummy ache and lose a days worth of valuable school time? how is it we made it this far in our evolutionary transition from some pre-human form to now (relative to where you are) , and suddenly this time piece is sooooo important? can't we navigate into the future without it? do our fruits grow more precisely (without bruises and unusual bumps) now that it exists? do they care? as long as the sun keeps it's output steady enough to sustain our earth warm enough so we can wantonly spew noxious fumes and gaseous toxins freely and without thought, i'm happy..... ;-))

Very fabric of space-time RIPPED apart in latest Hubble pic



as long as i can get to the potty in time, and not mess my undies, i don't care what happens 'out there'. brown streaks, are so difficult to deal with!

Triple-headed NHS privacy scare after hospital data reach marketers, Google


omg, now someone knows!

a leak here, a leak there, and soon there's enough dribbles and drops of data to derive a fleck of profit from it by some cretinous unsavory profiteering businessman/criminal. of course, a fleck off a few terrabytes can be substantial enough to jump from a flat to a semi attached in just short of a few years time too!! gotta love the cloud, it rains so many opportunities down upon the wretched.

CIA snoops snooped on Senate to spy spy torture report – report


Re: Tail wagging the dog.

this so called 'spying' used to occur just outside the halls of Congress in idle chit chat or over a few martinis in some dimly lit Georgetown restaurant (all done without recorders or hidden mikes). gossip betwixt trusting elements within any social structure have been going on since humans emergence from jungles and caves. actually, a lot of this still does. check your calendars, they may be unusually revealing.

Newsweek knocks on door of dad-of-six, tells him he invented Bitcoin


respectfully encrypted

im surprised Facebook or Google didn't offer satoshi some nice real money for this, say a few ill gotten billion bucks. (derived from their own 'derivatives' methods). oh well, maybe this creation was only 'testing the waters', until the cpu crunchers can spirit everyone into a virtual banking system that leaves nothing behind.

French youth faces court for illegal drone flight


back to the age of horseless carriages AGAIN!

these officials claiming 'danger!, the sky is falling!, too much noise!, plane tour du Eiffel is outrageous!' etc etc etc about these new contraptions are just another 'crying wolf' when there is no real threat. automobiles were treated as such, dangerous and unwieldy, when horses were king.

We now have a relatively few flights overhead by these gnat sized vehicles all the while, thousands of million ton of aircraft (Boeing, AIrbus, etc) shed parts, ice chunks and even drop a few frozen stowaways thru the roofs of peoples homes. big deal! the french (and the other monsters of power) fear they may lose control of the peoples freedom to explore, expand and innovate on their own. govts, please stick with waging senseless wars for the causes of the few!