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Hey, friends. We know it's a crazy time for the economy, but don't forget to enable 2FA for payments by Saturday

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Re: SMS is U/S for 2FA

Santander are the worst bank in the world. I had some unauthorised transactions on my card, phoned them up and had them blocked. Fraudster phoned them up and got them unblocked again, despite all the security information having been changed and calling from a phone number not even registered on my account.

I demanded an audio copy of the phonecalls and all paperwork just to waste their time and cause as much cost to them as possible. They also paid me goodwill payments etc. but I went into the branch and cancelled my account, swiftly followed by joint account and moved all my savings. Would never trust them ever again.

UK's Rural Payments Agency is 'failing on multiple levels' – report


Guardian 2.0

The Register seems to be like the Guardian these days, 3000 out of how many? Delays back in 2015 well before Brexit... tedious comments moaning about brexit... I thought the Register would be more a place of opportunity and entrepreneurship...

TSB boss: We know everything's working, you just can't see that


Cute that you blame project managers when I think you mean the project sponsor and service team signed off the risk of going live without due diligence.

Windrush immigration papers scandal is a big fat GDPR fail for UK.gov


You missed a word... "to make the country as hostile to ILLEGAL immigrants"

Blighty stuffs itself in Galileo airlock and dares Europe to pull the lever


EU friends apparantly

The more the EU play the big I am the more gleeful I'll be when they do one. The resulting posturing towards the UK will just push us towards closer union with the USA and outsource our requirements to cheaper providers such as SpaceX for delivery. We are more than capable of building satellites and opportunities come out of adversity. $60mil per rock launch, how many satellites do we need to build?

Oh good, half of Defra's Brexit projects involve IT


Who cares

It will be like the millennium bug all over again, nice pay, good bonuses, resulting in tax revenue. Win all round, happy days

UK good for superfast broadband, crap for FTTP – Ofcom



I would love to get just 30Mb.. compared to the current BT 7Mb single supplier lock-in, with no hope insight of anything better and escalator price increases that would make Sky blush

Elon to dump Trump over climate bump


Re: Whack-a do lobby

Careful now, el reg seems to have turned into the tech wing of the Guardian. Mass extinctions aren't going to happen due to temperature rises, all the world's creatures have been through worse and date back millions of years considerably longer than humans, when the world was a lot hotter. Worse case they drink a bit more water.... but they aren't all going to keel over because its a bit hot, we have 20+ deg swings already it's called the four seasons

Fasthosts was down

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News story

Last time I came past these parts they were down....

Brexit: UK gov would probably lay out tax plans in post-'leave' vote emergency budget


Re: So basically...

Or we could look at our own Commonwealth and improve trade with them and also look at the rest of the world, Asia, Russia etc. Take a look at a GDP graph of the EU countries the majority of them are insignificant, besides their ability to supply cheap exploitable labour for the UK, Germany and France.

IBM says no, non, nein to Brexit


Re: @ John 156

"By the way, the raping you talk about, I assume is related to the New Years Eve incidents in Köln and a few other cities."

Maybe or possibly these..(due to the character limitation this is just January).. end of the day if you are happy with it, all the best with taking in millions of migrants and as long as it happens somewhere else and to someone else's daughters etc it makes you feel all nice and warm inside right. Just don't then try and forcibly have them sent to other EU countries and don't pretend it comes with zero consequences.


January 1. More than a thousand migrants sexually assaulted hundreds of German women in the cities of Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

January 4. A group of migrant youths sexually assaulted a handicapped girl in Bielefeld.

January 5. An Afghan migrant attempted to rape a 15-year-old girl in Burghausen.

January 7. A 36-year-old asylum seeker was arrested for raping a 16-year-old boy inside the city hall of Wolfsburg. A "southerner" (südländisch, arabisch) sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl near a train station in Ellwangen.

January 8. A 17-year-old Syrian migrant exposed himself to women at a swimming pool in St. Ingbert.

January 9. A 48-year-old woman was raped by three migrants in Dresden. The perpetrators have not been arrested. Also on January 9, a 45-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by an "Arab-speaking" man in Gleidingen, a town near Hanover. A group of five North Africans (Algerians, Moroccans) sexually assaulted five women in Oldenburg. Two North African migrants (Libya, Tunisia) sexually assaulted a 31-year-old woman at the main train station in Leipzig. A migrant attempted to rape a 46-year-old woman in Saarbrücken-Altenkessel.

January 10. A group of "southerners" (südländisches Aussehen) sexually assaulted three girls at a public swimming pool in Ansbach. A 21-year-old West African was arrested for raping a 15-year-old girl at a train station in Wuppertal. A 36-year-old Syrian migrant sexually assaulted a 20-year-old woman in Bornhöved. The woman was showing the man an apartment that had been advertised for rent.

January 11. A 35-year-old migrant from Pakistan sexually assaulted a three-year-old girl at a refugee shelter in Kamen. Eight migrants attempted to rape a woman at a grocery store in Ampfing. She defended herself by using pepper spray. A 20-year-old Moroccan assaulted a 24-year-old woman in Frankenberg.

January 12. A "southerner" (südländisch aussehenden) raped a 16-year-old girl in Wuppertal. Two "Arabic speaking" men assaulted a 37-year-old woman in Fröndenberg.

January 13. Four migrants (südländisch aussehen) attempted to rape a 13-year-old girl in Gelsenkirchen. Three migrants sexually assaulted a 31-year-old woman in Oldenburg. A migrant attempted to rape a woman at a train station in Altötting. She defended herself by using pepper spray. Three "southerners" (südländischer oder arabischer Herkunft) assaulted a woman in Bad Münstereifel.

January 14. Three migrants (südländische Hautfarbe) sexually assaulted a 47-year-old woman in the Bavarian town of Dingolfing. Three "southerners" (Südländer) assaulted a 22-year-old women on a train in Bremerhaven.

January 15. A 36-year-old migrant sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl at a public park in Hilden near Solingen. A 31-year-old migrant from Tunisia was arrested for attempting to rape a 30-year-old woman in Chemnitz. A 31-year-old migrant from Morocco appeared in court for raping a 31-year-old woman in Dresden. A migrant sexually assaulted a 42-year-old woman in Mainz. A migrant (dunkleren Teint) sexually assaulted a 32-year-old woman in Münchfeld. An African migrant sexually assaulted a 55-year-old woman in Mannheim.

Also on January 15, all male migrants over the age of 18 were banned from a public swimming pool in Bornheim, near Bonn, after assaults against female patrons at the facility. The measure was branded as racist by German media outlets.

January 16. A migrant from Syria sexually assaulted a 12-year-old boy in Mudersbach. The migrant was arrested but then released. A 25-year-old Moroccan migrant assaulted two woman at a grocery store in Zeithain.

January 17. Three "southerners" (Südländer) attempted to rape a young woman in Kiel. Two migrants (19 and 38 years old) sexually assaulted a 21-year-old woman at a restaurant in the main train station in Nuremberg. A 19-year-old Afghan migrant assaulted four girls (aged 11 to 13) at a public swimming pool in Dresden. Migrants invaded female changing rooms at a swimming pool in Burghausen. Two "southerners" (dunklen/südländischen Typ) attempted to rape a 42-year-old woman at a pharmacy in Altötting.

January 18. A 43-year-old Syrian migrant assaulted a 63-year-old woman in Wetzlar. Police say the man also assaulted two other women (aged 62 and 74) in Wetzlar.

January 19. A 17-year-old Eritrean migrant attempted to rape an 18-year-old woman in a parking garage in Bad Oldesloe. After police intervened, the man head-butted an officer, who was hospitalized.

January 20. Migrants invaded female showers and changing rooms at two public swimming pools in Leipzig.

January 21. A "black skinned" (schwarz glänzende Hautfarbe) man attempted to rape a 13-year-old girl in Langenfeld. Two migrants assaulted an 18-year-old woman in Dingolfing.

January 22. A migrant (südländisches Äußeres) attempted to rape a 16-year-old girl in Feuerbach district of Stuttgart, and in downtown Stuttgart, four "Arabic looking" (arabisches Aussehen) men sexually assaulted a 23-year-old woman. Migrants harassed women at public swimming pools in Zwickau.

January 23. Migrants sexually assaulted two 11-year-old girls at a public swimming pool in Wilhelmshaven. Two asylum seekers from Afghanistan assaulted two 17-year-old women at a public swimming pool in Straubing. Three 16-year-old migrants from Afghanistan and Syria assaulted two 13-year-old girls at a public swimming pool in Hachenburg.

Also on January 23, a 35-year-old migrant sexually assaulted a woman in a restroom on a train in Düsseldorf. A 22-year-old Syrian migrant exposed himself on a train in Hanover. An 18-year-old Syrian asylum seeker raped a 17-year-old woman in Straubing. Two unidentified men sexually assaulted an 18-year-old woman in Wiesbaden.

January 24. Two men speaking "broken German" attempted to rape a 25-year-old woman in Lehrte as she was walking home from the train station. The men pulled a knife on the woman and ordered her to "spread your legs."

January 25. A 30-year-old migrant from "North Africa" (nordafrikanischem Erscheinungsbild) exposed himself to a 19-year-old woman on a public bus in Marburg, and then to passersby at the main train station.

January 26. A 35-year-old migrant attempted to rape a young girl in Bochum. Two female passersby intervened and called police.

January 27. Two "southerners" (dunklem Teint) sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl at a bus stop in Überlingen. A 21-year-old asylum seeker assaulted an 18-year-old woman in a female changing room at a fitness studio in Lahr.

January 28. A migrant from Sudan sexually assaulted a female police officer in Hanover as she was attempting to arrest him for theft. Two "underage refugees" (minderjährige Flüchtlinge) sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl at a shelter for children in Düsseldorf. It later emerged that one of the perpetrators was a 22-year-old migrant from Iran who claimed he was 16 years old to gain access to the shelter. A 17-year-old Afghan migrant assaulted a 14-year-old girl in Frankenberg. A "southerner" (Südländer) sexually assaulted an 18-year-old woman in Backnang.

January 31. A 30-year-old German, originally from Turkmenistan, raped a seven-year-old girl in Kiel. The man kidnapped the girl from a school playground at 11AM, took her to his apartment and, after abusing her, set her free. It later emerged that the man had been accused of sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl at another kindergarten in Kiel on January 18, but due to insufficient evidence, the public prosecutors failed to pursue the case.

Also on January 31, four unidentified migrants (ausländischem Aussehen) sexually assaulted a 17-year-old woman in Vilshofen. An unidentified "dark skinned" (dunkelhäutig) man assaulted a woman in Villingen. Two North African migrants sexually assaulted two 15-year-old girls in Salzgitter.

UK web host 123-Reg goes TITSUP, customer servers evaporate


Re: The National Enquirer of Technology

"To be fair they do say that backups are not included... But then they provide backup software which backs up to the VPS itself... Great of you delete the off file.. Not so great if the whole server is gone."

My reading of not providing backups is that if I mash up my files from day A to day B then I can't restore back to A but I would expect at the server level some form of snapshot/backup, not a restore to a completely empty box.

Glad I'm not with them :p

Met Police cancels £90m 999 call command-and-control gig


Re: Dispute the right to terminate contract

Depends if it was delivered with an audit able trial of change control (ie. change of requirements) and the customer signed that off, understanding it would take longer and cost more.

If so, they got what they asked for and therefore will have little recourse.

Has Voyager 1 escaped the Sun yet? Yes, but also no, say boffins


Re: replacement

It's America not Europe, hence why you see old people working in supermarkets shuffling around, they can't necessarily afford to retire.

Don't worry though it's coming this way, under the guise of choice and that old people love working until they die. The thought they may want to put their feet up and drink tea is now just seen as an expense to the tax payer...

Volvo to 'accept full liability' for crashes with its driverless cars

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Re: Crash for cash

lol brilliant.. how often have you come across a masked figure in the road and had to put your foot down?

Most expensive cars these days have automatic door locks that lock when you drive off and you will be sat in a car, hands free so able to make a phonecall to the Police, complete with video footage of the masked figure lovingly archived by your friendly car.

Microsoft updates Band semi-smartwatch for fitness fanatics


Looks like they have fixed that?.. now with Gorilla Glass 3


Scout Association's shelved database won't be back until next year

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Why do they need a global database at all?? In my day a pen and a piece of paper seemed to be the recording method. Surely the local scoutmaster with an excel spreadsheet is enough to record whether subs have been paid?

White House 'deeply disappointed' by Europe outlawing Silicon Valley


Re: Tantrum coming in 3, 2, 1...

Convenient timing with the VW issue though, just a coincidence??

Here's why Whittingdale kicked a subscription BBC into the future


Re: Flawed comparison

Never mind the fancy stuff.. I'm amazed that when it comes to the local news on the BBC HD channel you get an interlude... why can't they pipe the SD channel down the HD channel ?

Run Windows 10 on your existing PC you say, Microsoft? Hmmm.


Re: Ha

@shifty_powers so just 99%, so the screen drivers don't work for 14mins each day.. think I'll pass thanks

Hacking Team: We're the good guys, but SO misunderstood. Like Batman


Re: Legal help

Presumably referring to other forms of evidence such as router logs, dns lookups etc that would show the source of the data transfer

BT issues formal whinge to Ofcom over Sky dominance in pay telly

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Working or Broken?

TV services a few years back you had a few channels and everything was "free" albeit the price of a tv licence.. now the market has opened up for competition and now you pay a lot more for a lot less.

So the free market good or the free market bad?

The Empire Strikes Back: Disney tractor-beams StarWars.co.uk from Brit biz


Cuts both ways...

"Abscissa itself has also benefited from the dispute-resolution process, by wresting control of jokers.co.uk from a fancy-dress rival in 2007."

How many top-level domains are there now? 300? 500? No, it's 1,000



Shame they don't make it illegal to contact your whois records for the purposes of touting for business, a nice automatic fine would make it worthwhile registering so many domains.

China wants to build a 200km-long undersea tunnel to America


Burst the bubble

Would be nice but it's not going to happen, have you seen the news about the Chinese stock market the wheels have already started to fall off, it's going to be a huge mess. 13x the amount that Greece owes has "vaporised" over the summer.

French privacy cops snarl at websites over crap EU cookie warnings


I thought there was an exemption

That if it was a fundamental requirement for the functionality of the site, eg for the purposes of tracking what you put in a "basket" ?

BT: G.fast is fast and we want it FASTER


Re: Yet more RFI further up the spectrum

I expect BT will be saving as much money as possible to store up a war chest to defend against a Deutsche Telekom takeover

Microsoft: Here's what you'll cough up for Windows 10 next year


Re: Free Legal Torrent for all

erm who worries about fragmentation these days? Just install a large SSD drive?

BT's taxpayer-funded broadband monopoly may lock out rivals, says independent report


Re: Wire is so last century.

Until you turn on your microwave or child monitor



Nice idea but not quite right. A sole R&D company would be a high capex with no source of revenue, until it had a marketable product and what it produced was the best (or better) in the market that consumers/businesses wanted to buy the product. So highly unlikely to be viable, the other splits sound good though :)

Snoopers' Charter queen Theresa May returns to Home Office brief

Big Brother

Re: The Bedroom Tax Man cometh

@Vimes... hardly surprising when you consider whether they win or fail domestically (e.g Kinnock).. they need to make sure their EU retirement scam of gooning around Europe at the taxpayers expense is not going to be touched. Don't forget the nice fat salary, plush office and final salary pension. I would be sidetracked as well. EU is the retirement home of the political elite

Metasploit maker Rapid7 gobbles web app security testing firm

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Re: Inappropriate image in more than one sense

I didn't read the article.. but who is the model :p

Microsoft discontinues Media Center with Windows 10


I found MediaPortal sucked a few years back but now it's a very resource light and strong piece of software. I have it running on a laptop in the loft, with 4x HD tuners pushing HDTV around the house, the laptop is also running the music for the house, with no interuptions or stuttering. MediaPortal has a very light footprint and is very stable. If you have WMC then MediaPortal is the obvious choice in my opinion.

Tesla reveals Powerwall battery packs for homes, Powerpacks for cities


Re: "the horrors of an electric stove"

Considerably safer than gas as well for old people with limited mobility. Once you've tried induction you will never go back.

E-voting and the UK election: Pick a lizard, any lizard


It's not broken don't fix it

We need proportional representation not e-voting and postal fraud.


Re: Please, no e-voting!

Not correct at all, having the physical ballot papers enabled hand writing analysis to determine that they were filled in with a high degree of certainty by the same hand.

NINETY PER CENT of Java black hats migrate to footling Flash


Re: Well that took a long time...

I'm not sure that the architecture and specifically the cost of running that architecture was really available until fairly recently. IT has matured and the total cost has come down making it feasible to have millions of PCs hitting your update service 24/7, the cost of running that 15-20yrs ago (for "free") would have sunk most companies.

Vodafone: Can't make calls on our network? Use Wi-Fi

Paris Hilton

Re: EE femtocell (“Signal Box”) no longer available from EE …

I thought that femtocell boxes had to be registered with the network provider for the purposes of Emergency 999 location. So you can't just buy one from ebay and plug it in?

Love rats show sex while drunk will sober you up, say boffins


Re: Sex when drunk

Not always, sometimes goggles are required...

Leaky battery attack reveals the paths you walk in life


Re: iOS approximating battery level to nearest 5%

Or just lazy coding and can't be arsed to "expose" the data... which is more likely?

UK.gov shuns IT support tower model. Now what the hell do we do?


Re: Ah, the traditional model

Not quite, because unless you are seriously incompetent, you would use a little bit of ITIL and have a centralised service desk, the odd one or two problem managers and ensured your infrastructure supplier(s) have enterprise level monitoring and therefore would know where the issue lay.

Yes it does cost money..

Did NSA, GCHQ steal the secret key in YOUR phone SIM? It's LIKELY



If only... people care more about EastEnders we are all fucked

Car? Check. Driver? Nope. OK, let's go, says British govt


the purpose of driverless cars

It's a proving ground. How about the next step driverless freight and the end of two lanes of a motorway being blocked by duelling lorries. Instead they drive in a convoy in the "slow" lane and manage their speed to provide gaps to enable other traffic on/off at the exits.

Sounds like bliss..

Secret Service on alert after drone CRASHES into White House


Re: Pull!

Wouldn't it be safer and easier just to install some large fans on the side of the building?

NASA greenlights SpaceX and Boeing to carry crew to ISS in 2017


Re: Playing the party line

@ Fluffy Bunny. You might want to google Neoconservatism before you get all high and mighty.

Google UK doubles London Kings X mega-office sprawl


Re: Room for the Spanish people

What of Spain?

Ok so a quick look at the fountain of knowledge wikipedia

Debt % of GDP - Spain 85.3%

Debt % of GDP - Uk 90.0%

That's from 2012, so since then the UK coalition have been borrowing tremendous amounts of money, to prop up low wages and pretend the boom times are back.

Then if we google "director earnings to staff" we find great headlines such as;

8,000 NHS staff on six figure salaries

30 charity bosses paid more than £100,000

Save The Children bosses get £160,000 in bonuses

So about that 0.1% thing.... if we tax google out the country that would be a good thing. Instead of the google of things, we would have hundreds of smaller companies being able to make a living and paying taxes and innovating, whereas they can't as they are pushed out of the market by google and it's non-taxed muscle giving everything away for free.

Maybe I'm just getting old...

DANGER: Is that 'hot babe' on Skype a sextortionist?


Re: For the love of all that's precious!

I'm guessing lonely people, or people that experiment... there are a lot of people that suffer from depression, so it's the classic befriending sting.

Sextortion only works if you give a shit, the victims should just tell them to go for it and put it on youtube. Is there a sextortion category on youtube? No probably not, as I expect they would just take it down anyway.

What do UK and Iran have in common? Both want to outlaw encrypted apps


Re: Oh not again

Not so, I think someone needs to refer to the Highway Code;

Rules for pedestrians

Zebra crossings. Give traffic plenty of time to see you and to stop before you start to cross. Vehicles will need more time when the road is slippery.

Wait until traffic has stopped from both directions or the road is clear before crossing.

Remember that traffic does not have to stop until someone has moved onto the crossing.

Keep looking both ways, and listening, in case a driver or rider has not seen you and attempts to overtake a vehicle that has stopped.

Rules for Drivers

Zebra crossings. As you approach a zebra crossing

look out for pedestrians waiting to cross and be ready to slow down or stop to let them cross

you MUST give way when a pedestrian has moved onto a crossing

allow more time for stopping on wet or icy roads

do not wave or use your horn to invite pedestrians across; this could be dangerous if another vehicle is approaching

be aware of pedestrians approaching from the side of the crossing.

So you don't automatically lose your licence... what you can prove though is something different

Peers warn against rushing 'enhanced' DATA SLURP powers through Parliament


Article 8

I look forward to the highly expensive court cases where these new laws will be challenged against Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Specifically around what is "necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security." ... Discuss....

Article 8 – Right to respect for private and family life

1. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

2. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

Tesla S P85+: Smiling all the way to the next charging point


Re: If only..

@Dairy Milk - Probably not since they changed the recipe to make it cheap and nasty