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No Huawei out: Prez Trump's game of chicken with China has serious consequences


Re: Difficult to back out

It seems that China will be the latest name on the list including Iran, Syria, North Korea ecetera.

If so I think it is time for China to take Taiwan back.

Twist my Arm why don't you: Brit CPU behemoth latest biz to cease work with Huawei – report


Re: loss for ARM

Both RISC-V and MIPS are subject to US embargo.

The legacy DEC Alpha may be an exception.

Timely Trump tariffs tax tech totally: 25 per cent levy on modems, fiber optics, networking gear, semiconductors…


Re: *NOT* Emabarrassed American!

The Chinese government well expected the shift of lower-end industries towards South East Asia years ago. Thus, came out the awkward "Silk and Belt" which must be a makeshift to maintain the 1.4 billion people before the country be able to join the "high-end industry club" who is not actively willing to accept more members.

Whereas, there is no such problem for India parts of which commingle into the "high club" in a spontaneous and individual way that is strictly impossible for China where the adopted socialism demands all entities within be well centrally controlled.

Meanwhile, though not without benefits as demonstrated in astronautics and nuclear facilities, the Chinese current policies could stymie the diversification of minds and behaviors limiting what its people can achieve in other aspects.

Hope my opinion could offer some explanations for what you observed.


Re: *NOT* Emabarrassed American!

You are correct by stating that the pitch is sloped.

Furthermore, the slope manifests the huge difference in point of view regarding free market and govenment intervention. It is this difference that drives the clash between the two.

The chinese sees it is just to employ national capitalism while Uncle Sam thinks it is just to keep the market of technologies exclusive in touting his version of free market which incentivize the merchantilism you mentioned above.


Re: *NOT* Emabarrassed American!

China is an exponent of globalization nowadays while the US opts for protectionism. In contrast, they had swapped preferences around 30 years ago.

It is the status of sci-tech progression and employment that determines which option a government will choose. Thus, in my opinion, other issues might be superficial.


Re: Diplomacy Speech

As a Chinese I am so delighted that UK people are supportive in mind. Guess the stucking in B r e x i t (spaces for I am afraid of censorship which is common around me) contributed somewhat to this sympathy.

We are trying to improve but somthings cannot be changed overnight for example totalitarianism and national capitalism which are somewhat indispensible for a less advanced contry especially in a harsh world environment.

Against the Trump people around are saying we need to resort to Maoism...

MAMR Mia – it's not just WD: Toshiba's popped to the microwave too


Is HAMR really inferior?

If HAMR will actually result in wearing to platters then the prospect for Seagate would be dim.

China decrees it will grow world-class enterprise vendors by the year 2025


The Copier-Symptom is rendered by China's status quo, as the vast majority of people are forced to prioritize immediate profit duo to economic quandary or legacy socio-mentality. However, this atmosphere has been undergoing changes. The new generation is getting more and more creative.

Meanwhile, the State-Capitalism of China is unrivaled, as it can buy into Activision-Blizzard or even WesternDigital-SanDisk. Moreover, for instance, it is rumored that SoftBank would transfer ARM to Unisplendour in the future.

IPv6 now faster than IPv4 when visiting 20% of top websites – and just as fast for the rest


Re: About 6to4

If I would be forced to IPv6 by ISP. An upgrade of my router should be a must unless something anther than PPPoE be deployed.


Re: About 6to4

OMG, Carrier Grade NAT, then I have to move to my company to get rid of the State Firewall :(


Re: About 6to4

Yes, I have a public IPv4 address but have no prerogative for an IPv6 subscription (for I am not a business user who is given more freedom on IPv6 as IPv4 Firewall is mature).

Meanwhile, the router in use (Apple AirPort Extreme 802.11ac) which is a premium one is not PPPoE over IPv6 capable.

Lots of people rely on 6to4.


Re: now just trollin

NAT simply cannot scale indefinitely because of the 12 NAT layers limit inherent to BGP protocol specification.


About 6to4

Home users as contrary to business users here in China have to employ 6to4 for IPv6 WWW. BTW, PPPoE over IPv6 capable routers is far from ubiquitous Worldwide.

Have no ideal of why it is stated above that 6to4 together with Teredo constitutes no more than 0.01 % traffic. Although the Teredo portion admittedly should be omitted.

Huge explosion kills 44+ in China, blasts nearby supercomputer offline


About a thousand of Benz, BMW got damaged too.

Maybe containers of iPhones that is made in china due to export were busted.

Made for each other: liquid nitrogen and 1,500 ping-pong balls


Re: Nice But It Cost

The subject involved is not this case in particular. Some instances of this type of experiments may be less controversial. Pay attention to the number of 56649 in the following sentence excerpted from the penultimate paragraph of the article. "He has also roasted jelly babies in the name of science, and set the world's record for near-simultaneous fireworks-rocket launches: 56,649."

Meanwhile, recycling those ping-pong balls should be time-demanding.


Nice But It Cost

This type of experiments is entertaining and conducive to science education whereas it may entails considerable environment deterioration or resouce dissipation. Hope people will correlate a experiment with some certain more tangible objectives other than pure entertainment or reduce its scale.

Godson: China shuns US silicon with faux x86 superchip


"National Capitalism" "No much Variance on Human Intellect"

China hardly always made its technological achievements via national-scale intellectual and capital support held by the govenment - a mode that can be described as "National Capitalism" - for a virtuous circle of free ecnomic activities is far from established there and the citizens' recognition of values is biased toward immediate benefits as a result of the grim living standard mostly due to ecnomic disparities national as well as global.

Given enough time and an agreeable circumstance any group of people can work out something marvelous. It's not a issue of "who is smarter".

Apple vanishes Java from Mac OS X Lion


Farewell Rosetta

My Starcraft, Office 2004 and Sibelius 3 all relie on Rosetta. It would be heart-rending to have to leave these pretty apps which have brought me much comfort. An OS often keeps a certain degree of compatibility, however, OS X 10.5 and 10.6 are over-encumbered with Intel x64, Intel x86 and Power 32-bit. As OS 9 (the M68K...) compatibility was ditched, It's time now for PPC, let alone that Apple has to license PowerVM from IBM.

Intel: 'PC makers took the light out of Light Peak'


The exteriorization of PCI Express

Upon the advent of the new MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt I found that it is just the exteriorization of PCI Express which formerly inter-links the non-peripheral components of a PC.

The so called silicon photonics technology which harnesses indium phosphide on-chip laser beam is much anticipatied. Although copper wire is currently used, Thunderbolt with its ideal of deperipheralization has achieved its rhetoric success.

US woman orders $150k cloned pitbull terrier

Paris Hilton


Admittedly, Booger 2.0 will be different intrinsicly, but his owner will get her obsession of Booger 1.0 satiated through the extraneous resemblence.


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