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DARPA looking for mind-controlrepair brainplug tech


Monkey magic

Let me be the first to applaud the munificence of our new, banana-wielding masters.

New England wrestles porn law schizophrenia

Paris Hilton

@Chris Hatfield

I agree, no more sexting please.

Makes you wonder what to call it though. Tail mail? Flash message? A Paris?

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines



Where can I get my distros from now?

Police, Cameras, Inaction!



It is time for a total rethink of how we run this country.

We need a written constitution guaranteeing us certain inalienable rights and limiting what the people we elect can subsequently do to us.

We need all laws rethought and stop using moral disgust as an argument to make things illegal - only moral harm should count.

We need to get shot of the remnants of medieval feudalism too.

US superputer nuke boffins puff mighty, arse-kicking GPU

Paris Hilton

25 kilowrists

Is there some sort of law for the exponential increase in wrist rate like Moore's law for processors?

If so who is it named after?

Paris as she would get my vote.

Tesla Roadster runs for 241 miles in Monte Carlo e-rally


Pushed to the limit...

all cars get terrible economy.

A BMW M5 gets better fuel economy than a Prius if they are driven around at the Prius' limit.

A Ferrari 355 gets about 4-6mpg when thrashed. But it does look like fun. Screw the environment, I want one.

Wi-Fi Beeb viewing may break law

Black Helicopters

Not all options covered

Premises + you have license, plugged in - ok regardless of batter or mains.

Premises have license, you don't , plugged in - ok?

Premises have license, you don't , not plugged in - breaking the law?

Premises no license, you do, not plugged in - ok.

Premises no license, you do, plugged in - breaking the law

Neither premise nor you have license - breaking the law regardless of battery or mains.

Does that make any logical sense? How does where a device get its power from (battery or mains) make a difference? The law is an ass.

And detector vans are in your area!

LG fu**ed off with swearing


Korean company offers basket of puppies with new TVs

Do you want fries with that?

Girls Aloud obscenity trial delayed

Dead Vulture

Send him down

I'll feel much safer walking the streets of the freedom loving UK when this sicko is locked away.

Can you lock up Stephen King too?

Has anyone read the story? It's a poorly written piece of nonsense but it's not criminal (in that sense.)

I wish I could be on the jury for the case. I hope the police have their arses handed to them by the judge for bringing a frivolous case that wastes the court's and the police's time. And I hope that the case is won on the merits, not on the fact that you can't prove who actually posted the story!

Mormons demand ICANN plugs net smut hole


Mormons... who decides what constitutes smut?

Seriously this is not the worst idea in the whole world, certainly not the craziest to come out of Utah!

And it would make it easy for cops, simply check who is trying to connect to port 15.

Minister admits thought crime is on the agenda


Children can go f*** themselves

There are serious civil liberties concerns here.

What I do in my house you might not do in your house, but what I do in my house is my business.

Please get me a first amendment before I move to the religious crazy land over the pond.

I would suggest that sending people to jail for doing something where there is no harm to any other individual in (any) society is a step towards a totalitarian regime.

This has me talking to the Lib Dems! Seriously, that's how bad it has gotten.

Pensioner gets apology over S&M smut filesharing threat


Legality of downloading

If I download Eurodomination or whatever, I have no idea if it's in copyright or not until I watch it, assuming the copyright material hasn't been removed. Until I do so I am also uploading the file to other users as I am such a generous person. How am I breaking the law. And don't say ignorance is no excuse. If I sell a stolen car that I do not know to be stolen I am not sent to prison for it, I may have to pay back the money but I am not a criminal. How is this any different?

And many non-copyrighted films, music and software are available over P2P, do I have to check the legal standing of each one prior to clicking the link? Surely the only person breaking the law is the original uploader or any downloader who subsequently finds out it is copyrighted and continues to seed.

Lords say surveillance society erodes foundations of UK


Lords a leaping

I have been against the Lords, morally and logically for as long as I remember knowing of them.

However, this is the second time I have thought that I am glad to have them. The first was when that little girl, Sarah Payne, was murdered in July 2000. A sickening case that brought the tabloids out in a frenzy and had a mob of idiots (concerned citizens) attacking a pediatrician's house. Anyway, Sarah's law was proposed that basically said every man should be castrated unless he can prove he's not a kiddie fiddler. The public agreed, the representatives of the people agreed, but the Lords dissented. After the nation calmed down the law was never brought up again, but for the Lords we'd be living with it now.

Sometimes they earn their keep.

I still say get rid of them though. And the government too. How dare a LABOUR government make the TORIES the party that are looking to reduce police powers???

Deviants, perverts, 'weirdos' - who's going down?


Can we review all laws and vote on the contentious ones?

There is continued sympathy for Liz Longhurst, who was a prime mover in campaigning for this law after her daughter was murdered by Graham Coutts: in part, it is alleged, because "the porn made him do it".

Can we now ban religion due to all those nutters who did something because "God made me do it"?

As Luther Campbell once said "...what I do in my house,

you might not do in your house!

So what I do in my house is my business!"

If it harms no-one and causes no harm then it is no-one else's business.

Correct me if I'm wrong but do these law makers not tend to be the most perverted class of people? And that's fine, just don't be hypocritical and tell me what I can or can't do in my house on my own.

Scotland's porn laws: Can we talk about this like grown-ups?

Dead Vulture

Baise Moi

Am I to understand that I am to become a criminal and put on the register because I own a film, Baise Moi, that I bought on the high street from HMV 5 years ago, that had been passed by the BBFC, because it contains a rape scene? Baise Moi indeed!

101 uses for a former merchant banker


Inflating your way out of debt.

Everyone with debt in this country is better off if the govt. fire up the printing presses. It has a two-fold impact on the govt. as the national debt is less in terms of goods and services and all the mortgages it now owns will be less likely to default as inflation will also keep house prices steady. The pensioners and importers would suffer enormously though.

Or the west could simply say to China "we're not paying you any of the trillions of dollars we owe you so there!". And then try to win the war.

Germany had a similar problem in the 1930's and they went on a massive public spending spree building infrastructure (Glasgow to London in 2.5 hours by train would be nice) unfortunately they also had an idea what to do with unused resources...

Secret of invisibility unravelled by US researchers

Paris Hilton

Shape and relative motion

Would the object doing the cloaking have to be spherical?

Would there be a focal length inside which its distortion would be noticeable, like the eddies behind a rock in a stream which makes the presence of the rock known for a short distance downstream?

Also a moving (and extremely fast) camera would be able to spot them as the light would be slowed up by having to travel a: further and b: through a material so distant objects would blur. Admittedly it would be an almost unbelievably fast (optical processing, not movement) camera, but we are talking about invisibility shields here.

Paris as her knickers are already made of this meta-material.

Senator slams DHS boss over border laptop searches


@Native Americans

Buffalo were there before them...

If there were people before them then they were either wiped out or both peoples interbred so much before Europeans came over that they became the same people. That's INTER, not IN, they're not European royalty.

And you are "so awful". The American govt. (and/or states) have broken virtually every one of the 800 treaties made with the native tribes.

Oh, but here's a casino so everything's okay.

Plugs pulled on satellite paedo tracking after pilot flops



"I thought sex offenders had one of the lowest rates of reoffending about."

That's suicide bombers you were thinking of.

Mine's the one with the wires sticking out.

iPhone unlock team strikes again

Jobs Horns


"They are being far too big-brother-ish over its nurturing..."

Isn't that ironic considering their big Macintosh ad campaign in 1984.


Secret printer ID codes may breach EU privacy laws


Re: ...forced on the manufactures...

"How does this happen?"

US govt buys quite a few things, says we will only buy printers that have this tracking technology. And probably only from companies that introduce it into all their products.

No law, just simple economic blackmail.