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Microsoft rejects Yahoo! rejection

Ausländische fränkische Arzt

Euthanize 'Em

If MS wants to commit financial suicide in honor of their horrendous business practices, why should we all bitch? Let's enjoy the show!

I know, I'll bring the hot dogs and you guys all bring marshmallows, chocolate bars and grahamcrackers. We can all enjoy the fire while Nero fiddles (or JB swallows JY)!

Pr0n baron challenges Google and Yahoo! to build better child locks

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Truth Amidst Opinions

Kudos to GrahamT for seeing the economic truth here. A business needs to safeguard their products against abuses and, as far as possible, competition. Free, easily accessed porn represents serious competition. Further, when Vivid or any studio finds their productions to be freely downloadable (in whole or in part) they suffer a loss of potential revenue. Never mind that this stuff also represents a great form of free marketing.

More importantly, let me move to the topic of children and sex. While I can appreciate some of the sentiments expressed, the legal responsibility to determine what is or is not harmful to children lies first with their parents, then with the courts, next with legislative and executive bodies who must consider the pros and cons of various decisions, then with the agencies and social/mental health workers who are charged with protecting our youth, and finally with broader society jointly and individually.

Perhaps the most important hat I wear is that of an educator. I can state categorically that there is a world of difference between sex education and pornography. Our sex education program emphasizes anatomy, health, behavior and also two or more teachers' personal anecdotes. All of this is offered in a very safe environment. On the other hand, pornography often portrays pedophilic, bestial, violent, voyeuristic, homosexual or multiple partner sexuality which has been proven to be disturbing* to children--as well as many adults.

(*disturbances may include arousal or troubling persistent thoughts and/or images)

Adults may have a right to indulge in *some* pornography (depending upon their local laws). Allowing children to become exposed and disturbed by this material constitutes neglect (here in Germany). Actively inducing them to view or experience pornographic content is considered child abuse, and for good reason! Numerous of our children have been intentionally exposed to pornography* as a gateway to establishing a pedophiliac sexual relationship with them. My firsthand experience in treating and counseling these children is that all such exposures and experiences degrade their academic performance, social functioning and healthy sexual development.

(*statistically this happens most often with homosexual men, but the perpetrators are adults of many descriptions and their motives range from misguided all the way to malevolent)

Yes, the nude body is natural and sex is beautiful in a healthy context. However, there is a growing body of evidence that affording children the greatest degree of innocence for the longest period possible gives them the greatest chances of a fulfilled and productive life.

That American Puritanism is invoked is sadly predictable. America is a land of contradictions. But most of their people are truly good people. If I were in a desperate situation, and I could choose the nationality of one random person who might or might not then choose to help me, I would absolutely choose an American. They do so love to "help out" often offering to help even when no one asks for it!

I believe that pornography is a selfish indulgence that is good for no one. But I also believe this is a decision each adult must make for themselves.

Have I managed to present a convincing counter-argument to Chris C's "what's wrong with Porn?" I expect that you never thought it could be done without religion, but I've learned that the great truths of religion are great only because they are true irrespective of their source, and one of those is that selfish indulgences are bad for us.

Dr. S.