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Map paints gloomy picture of world's oceans


So easy to fix...

People, people, do you remember some 'blah blah' about how we would need the resources of other planets to feed the world and bring all nations up to the same living standards that we enjoy?

It's so easy to fix this with CONTRACEPTION, "Oh I can't find food to feed my family" stop bl00dy breeding them then.

Or...we could always switch to killing and eating each other...I bet 'Longpig' tastes better than fish anyway ;-)

Jane Fonda c-word slip shocks US

Thumb Up

Eh!! She said what?

In my office the 'C' word can only be used on a Friday, a sort of rationing to keep it's Gravitas. I love all the fuss, it's just a shame she didn't have a "Costume Malfuntion" and showed her own at the same time, the GILF lovers would of shown their support for her then (a sort of Karma, Yin Yang thing to balance things out).

BTW Omar, the phrase for "pools of vomit" is affectionately known as "Pavement Pizza" in the 24hour drinking, decriminilised drug using, happy slapping, chav culture, of this once great nation. I dodge them mostly on a Monday morning on my way to work.


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