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PS3 won't beat Wii until 2011, forecasts analyst

Eric Jones

Who knows...not the analysts

These guys have been wrong on just about every short term prediction for this generation, how can I even begin to take their long term plans seriously.

And as for the anecdotal Wii stories and no core gamer stories:

Resident Evil - Wii Edition sold over 1 million

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles - 950,000

Metroid Prime - over 1 million

Guitar Hero Wii - over 1 million

Smash Brothers Brawl - over 1 million (in 3 weeks, Japan only)

No More Heroes - over 100,000 in 3 weeks in the US.

Mario Galaxy - over 5 million

Coming to the Wii this year -

Mario Kart (will easily sell over 1 million)

Rock Band (this summer)



Bully SE


I've got all 3 consoles, so I can't wait for MGS and Resistance 2, Gears of War 2 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

But for those who are saying that there's nothing to play on the Wii, they either don't know (cause Nintendo games are advertised for shite), they're lying or they really only like mini-games.

I think it's going to be Wii for years and then the Wii two will take it up a notch.


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