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Atlantis spacewalkers snapped through shuttle windows

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In case anyone spews out the usual Urban myth...

In case anyone is tempted to spew out the usual space pen myth:


And the logo 'cause Paris would (maybe!) know this!

Apple opens international iPad store ahead of rollout

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You're such a jealous douchenozzle.

Chip maker to take on iPad with $99 tablet

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What is it with the vaporware???

What is it with every man + their dog releasing information/press releases stating that they're gonna sell their version of the (iPad-killing) slate?? I would not mind this if the f*ckers actually gave concrete details like: when will it actually be on sale? How much will it cost? Who has actually reviewed it?

So far, many of these press releases give vague "available in later 2010"... and it seems to me like these companies are closing the barn door after the Apple horse has bolted, as by the time the competitors come out with their wares, Apple will have had some months' lead in selling their iPad... so that by the time of release, Apple has carved a sizable niche in the slate market, leaving the dregs to the 50+ Windoze/Android slates fighting over the rest of the pie...

How about some innovation *before* Apple gets its oar in? Otherwise, lots of these products are me-too-types... (But I guess part of the problem is that aside from maybe the Apple & Android folks, no one else has really invested lots of time & R&D to the OS, forcing manufacturers to cram the hippo that is Windows 7 into the small black dress that is the sexy hardware, resulting in crap like the first Zune...)

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Correction to my previous posting!

Correction to my own post: the first Zune is not a good example of a hippo shoved into a small black dress, a better example is any of the usual suspects that create any (non-Apple) sexy smartphone hardware, yet insist on f**ing it up by shoving in some crappy Windoze mobile version, forcing a user to use a stylus and a Windoze-type Task manager...

Zune's faults are not really the hardware and the GUI (the GUI is not innovative post-iPhone, but it is sexy); instead it's Microbarf's refusal to allow the use of anything but the Zune marketplace, and the dorky-ass language used ("Welcome to the social"?? What the f**k, did we just travel back to the 1950s??)...

Apple bins iPhone covers

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Mirrored screen protectors do have some uses!

To be honest, I do use a screen protector on mine, but only because it has a mirrored surface so I can check my teeth for stray food or my face for random bits of mustard or ketchup after lunch! (I've saved myself lots of embarrassment by using the iPhone + reflective cover as the mirror... you'd think that at my ancient age of 36 (well, it's old in gay years!) I'd manage to find a way to eat without looking like I participated in some kind of eating contest!!)

Microsoft renews vows with JQuery Javascript

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Well f*ck...

I only started to learn JQuery a week ago (love it so far), and now I find out the Microborg is sticking its oar in?? Nooooooooo! I can see Microbarf squirting its special juice on JQuery, and then devouring it whole, leaving an empty shell of what was once a great Javascript library.... *sighs*

Europe clears Windows 7 for takeoff

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Hey Hate2Register, you're full of cr*p. The interweb thing is a cool thing, and not just for pr0n and the millions of cute kitten pictures available..

Perhaps you should stop websurfing on your Amstrad and get something that has more oomph?

What you *should* be ranting about is lack of full compliance with HTML 5, and overuse of Flash (I like Flash, but sometimes some Flash Designers are asshat morons who use it without giving us a DHTML option... WTF is that about, as if we all had a quad-core Macinpoop computer to run their top-heavy web app in order to check our bank accounts!)

CCTV website recruits video vigilantes

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I have a wild idea

What if, instead of spending lots of money on stupid non-sentient cameras that allegedly no one watches, we instead spend the money on more real flesh-and-blood cops (these "cops" come with their own built-in crime-detection software, binocular camera system, and can quickly move from place to place on things called "legs".)

Fuck me, I should patent this and become rich!

O2 could impose out-of-contract iPhone lock-in

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@Matthew Brown

Don't be a stupid c*nt... you British are equally capable of shite business practices. (I know, I'm a Yank who has lived in the UK for 9+ years now, and sadly the UK has its own native brand of hucksters, perverts, and asshats.)

But O2 does blow, and they had better unlock the f*ckin' iphones at the end of my contract, they're an overpriced network.

(Ironically, isn't British O2 owned by Spaniards/Telefonica?)

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

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re: Special electronic exchange rate

re: Special electronic exchange rate, sorry but do yer math... even with sales tax added (at say 8.5% in New York), the Amerricans pay way less than we do in the goddamn UK with our 15%...

Microsoft airbrushes anti-Apple ad

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It's so boring to hear Apple fanbois and Windows Sheeple arguing yet again. Ya gotta go with what you are happy using day in and day out, it's virtually a religious question (and therefore not subject to things like intelligent debate or facts!)

I hate Windows/Microsoft because so far the OS is retarded/user-hostile. Windows 7 is the only Windows version I am truly thinking of purchasing, as it's the only Windoze version that actually seems to work without getting in your way.

I hate Apple because they sometimes treat people like children: my iphone is locked-down, and their Itunes app store policies are all over the place.

Having said that, I'm willing to pay a little extra to get a computer that won't f*ck with me at home when all I want to do is play/work on it (I do tech support at work, I don't f*cking want to do tech support after work too!)

That's the reason why despite the Apple Fanbois I like their OS and phone (once on Firmware 3.x!!): it's intuitive... for example to unlock the screen I don't have to stick two fingers up my ass and stand on my head as I had to do on my Motorola phone (piece of shit it was!)

I just wished Apple was big enough that they could charge less on their hardware: i.e., the MacBook Air, so much £££ for so little computer, just taking the piss!

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary

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But seriously...

There IS actually a large gulf in language usage between the limeys and the yanks, but the limeys are closing that gulf by using Amerrricanisms... I'm an Amerrrican and have lived in the UK for 9 years now, and have picked up the lingo (Viz magazine actually makes sense and is goddamn funny), but I often do a double take when I often hear American expressions uttered by local Brits, such as:

"You bet your bottom dollar"

"The buck stops here"

"A ballpark figure"

"The train station"

"It's a no-brainer"

etc etc...

Amd what's up with using Americans in adverts in the UK (and not just sarky ones, but actually some "decent" adverts)? I don't mind, but it's f*cking with my mind and accent, as I sadly watch my accent slide from American West Coast to Mid-Atlantic...

Spanish bar invites customer abuse

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It does help

As a native Spanish speaker, I can tell you about the efficacy of swearing at a computer in Spanish... even if Windoze still buggers up, the Spanish invective lowers my blood pressure:

¡Oye pinche computadora de mierda, si no me das la información que te pedí este segundo te juro que te daré un desmadrazo y te rellenaré de mierda que he personalmente cagado!

(Of course I'd never go through with the threat, but the computer doesn't know that!)

PETA pitches for Pet Shop Animal Shelter Boys

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PETA idiots

Such stupid requests on behalf of PETA are why I don't take them seriously except as potential "ecoterrorists". Maybe next they'll hatch a plan to replace the Easter Bunny with the Easter Cockroach or somefink...

Brits and Yanks struck with embarasment embarrassment

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Stoopid Limeys AND Yanks

Sorry, when a language can't be spelled properly about 90% of the time by its natives, it's time to change! I learned English as a second language and my spelling is usually better than that of a native... and, after having lived in California (and now living in the UK), I can safely say that many native speakers spell like morons!

(Some of it IS due to lack of education by both the whine Limeys and the Yanks, but most of the blame falls on the English language).

Of course, I am biased as a Spanish speaker. But instead of wholesale reform (I don't want English to look like Dutch!), how about some "normalization" of the spelling system in English? Use French (*spit*) as an example if needed. Compared to Spanish its spelling system is over-complicated, but compared to English, French (*spit*) at least has regular spelling rules.

In any case, Limeys need to stop moaning about Yanks and their spelling faults, as God knows I've seen plenty of stupid mistakes here in the UK, on the part of newspapers, books, shopsigns, etc. For people who invented the language, they sure can't f'ken spell it!

Maybe all that is needed is to stop idolizing chav culture (especially in the UK, chavs seem to run this country), and start encouraging teenagers here and abroad to take pride in themselves, so that they stop spelling like some1 wit a turd-grade edukshun?

Holy f**k, Microsoft covers up ‘undesired’ words

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What about last names with dodgy words?

I feel sorry for anyone with the last name of Cockburn, especially if mispronounced:

"Thanks for your call, mister <BLEEP>burn!"

Jane Fonda c-word slip shocks US

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Brits are cunts themselves...

From the British knee-jerk reactions on here and in "real life" here in the UK, I can testify that you Brits need to stop being such hypocritical cunts yourselves...

I hate to break it to you, but as a Mexican-American Yank living in the UK (8 years now) I can tell you that you folks aren't much better than the Americans vis-à-vis hypocrisy... you've got plenty of your own pedophiles, racists, murderers, wackjobs, and even laugh at the US for things like Puritanism on drink, yet you have your own big problems with binge drinking here in the UK (see any Friday night in the UK, the puddles of vomit!) You even have your own vigilantes whenever a suspected child molester on parole moves into a neighborhood, yet apparently usually end up beating up innocent people...

*rolls eyes* To add to it, need I remind you of how popular white trash culture is here in the UK? (Big Brother, Jeremy Kyle, the Mirror, Bling Bling, etc...)? So from my experience, the only real difference between a Yank and a Limey is the lack of guns... and I've seen that you Brits certainly don't need guns to be vindictive, violent, drunk, uncouth, trash...

I'll get my coat...