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Suicidal moose descends on Alaska

Nawve Eliyahu-Yehoshua Cohein Gadol Ben-Malchezadek

Idiots, all of you.

I live in Alaska and can tell you that I have nothing but sympathy for all of you folks. Here in Alaska we enjoy so much freedom and seperation from you guys that we are virtually a different country, 50 miles from former Soviet Union at our closest point, yet approx. 2,500 miles from the continental United States at your closest point,THANK GOD. You dont even realize that the phrase "United States of America" is a falsehood, there is no "United States of America", although there is a "Unity State of The Americas," don't worry, I won't call you stupid if you can't understand, just think about it for a minute instead of your next Quad Breve'. Do any of you realize that stuck as you are, within your cities and apartments; that if the trucking industry were to be shut down %80 of you will have turned to cannabalism within 72 hours, while the rest of you will be meat, which once again is nonsustainable. You are stuck in a toxic environment where even your air is so poisoned that it is as if you grew up smoking cigars or huffing toxic effluent. Your ecosystems (Cities) are shot and are made for immediate gratification, and if you look closely (whereas I can see it from all the way up here in Alaska) you will see that your downfall is your continual mental masturbation, i.e. you see it, want it, you get it, which is once again nonsustainable because of the aspect that once it no longer exists you're screwed, it is simply because of the fact that you take and take and never give back, never grow your own food, ( this statement is intended for those of you who are inner-city dwellers, which make up the greatest portion of the population, and not for you micro-agriculturists who are contributors, to you I say thank you and keep up the good work.) do any of you even know how to grow your own food? I and most other individuals here live off of our own food, I grow bananas in our greenhouse (Raja Puri and Cavandish, as well as Kiwi, Carob, Apples, Grapes, Hierloom Tomatos, and tons of vegies, all STRICTLY HIERLOOM ORGANICS. WE are the fountain head from which you recieve a great portion of the purifying aspects in your society. I see that in most of your homes that you may have at the best, silk or paper flowers, the occasional rubber tree or helicopter plant, but nothing edible. I pity you and pray that you wont leave a big pile of trash behind when you move on.


Nawve Eliyahu-Yehoshua Cohein Gadol Ben-Malchezadek


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