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UK Wii Fit pre-orders cause shortage

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Could it be that people nowadays need stimlation while exercising. Some don't like sports etc. I'm no great advocate of the gym or computer games to keep people fit but if it works and people stay at it because it works then great. If others prefer to play football or somethng then great. Whatever, I'm sure people playing football once a week will pay more in "subs" and fees in one season than you'd pay for Wii fit, so go figure.

Mines the one with the copy of "Everybody's free to wear sunscreen" in the pocket!!!

Guitar maker Gibson thrashes out more robo-axes

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Gates Horns

one way to stop it tuning

I just don't think the thing would work as well once its been belted through a few drum kits, hammered over a couple of monitors and jumped on.

And lets face it, "unsmashed guitars just don't sound as good as their smashed brethren!"

The devil knows how to rock!!!

US student planned to ice Chuck Norris

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Thumb Up

Chuck Norris goes into shipping...

...and his chief export is PAIN!!!

O2 PR calls Reg readers 'techie nerds'

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Reg Readers call o2 PR team "Pretentious tw*ts"

...who drink in overpriced wine bars that used to be banks and drive fashionable cars...ooohhh cutting!!!

Anyway, just another reason for me to leave o2 Having been a customer with o2 for 7 years (since their BT Genie days), for the first time in that 7 year period I phoned "customer services" after my phone broke out of warranty but with a considerable time left on the contract. I thought, "i've been a good customer for 7 years, paid my bills on time all the time, spent nearly £4000 with them in that time and never demanded anything unreasonable off of them. Surely a replacement phone which costs them next to nothing shouldn't be an issue". O2 customer services jobsworth says "no".

"Ok, I'm going to leave o2 in that case"

"Sorry sir, no"

Customer loyalty clearly means nothing to these people and therefore I will be leaving o2 no matter what offers they send my way at the end of my term.

What a complete bunch of pricks. But should we expect anything less of a company that ploughed millions into sponsoring Big Brother and all the dimwits associated with it.

I hope some big cheese at O2 takes the time to read all these comments to see what people really think of their stupid little company.

Flammable, cos you should light a match in a ny O2 building due to the noxious gases that spew out of their mouths.

How BA handles lost luggage complaints: Shock picture

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Quite clearly this passenger has not yet been shot so he/she couldn't be a Brazilian electrician. I can only assume that Miss Campbell volunteered to be part of the Heathrow "outreach program". I.e. They are demonstrating what will happen if you "reach out" for your luggage.

I'm sure Miss Campbell won't be too bothered about taking a trip to Milan to be reunited with her luggage!

Mines the one that's in my suitcase...oh...bugger!

Ohio man cuffed for shagging picnic table

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IT Angle

Just maybe...

...he was unable to afford the new play tables the kids had wanted to play picnic with, and this was the only way he could think of getting new little tables.

This then begs the question as to why he was sodomising the table? Surely if the table was on all fours (as most tables are) then he would have been going through the back door (as it were). Someone really needs to explain this to the chap.

Mind you, some experience of sodomy might stand him in good stead for a stint in prison.

IT angle, if he was trying to create tables, "Access" would've been a lot easier.

El Reg reconstructs Heathrow T5 chaos

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Good stuff

Really looking forward to flying from T5 in a few weeks time.

Not sure of the accuracy of the re-enactment. Where's the pile of abandoned luggage in the terminal???

Mines the one with the intial blueprints for construction of T6 in the pocket!

T5 opening turns into Airplane 3.0

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God help me

I'm off to the US in April, on the way back flying via Denver, into Heathrow. This doesn't bode well!!!

The red zone is for loading and unloading, there is no stopping in the red zone.

No the white zone is for loading and unloading, there's no stopping in the white zone.

Don't start with your white zone sh1t again

Is this because you want me to get an abortion....?

El Reg decimates English language

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With In

Also, he should surely of used the word "within" instead of "with in", am I right?

I have to admit "pigeon english" that plagues the country nowadays does get on my goat, but rest assured the lazy gits who can't pronounce their words correctly, and are unable to form to sensible sentence and argument (se Big Brother), will not have made it to this site, and if they did, their attention span would not have allowed them to get past the first page of this article, therefore shouldn't cause any offence.

The word "bovvered" will be next for scrutiny, mark my words.

Smiley face, he's not bovvered!

Odeon kicks Rambo in the 'nads

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Black Helicopters


Fair Point, I wouldn't want to be near an exploding oil barrel, which would blast me several feet. Luckily, you would never hear, nor see me ever again, and can only assume I lived.

You had to feel sorry for the guy who became, the only person EVER to die on the A-team!!!

However, the A-team theme tune is far too mainstream now, I think it's time for Dr Sam Beckett to take one last leap, hopefully, it'll be his leap home.

Helicopter icon,cos Sam Beckett never had a problem getting on no plane fool!!!

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You could save your £8 (if you complain about paying £8 to go see a film, you evidently should be spending your money on something else), do something else with your 2 hours like take a walk, see 3 dimensional people and interact with them (I'm sorry but anyone who says sitting in a large room staring silently at a screen, in the dark for6a couple of hours is socialising, is sorely mistaken).

You could then donate your £8 to worthwhile cause, perhaps Warchild, therefore helping the people who's lives are actually affected by war, rather than going to watch Sly attempt to "raise awareness of the trauma of war" (his words not mine), but not actually achieve anything, other than add another million to his pension fund.

On a lighter note, I watched Quantum Leap for the first time in years (Ironic considering it was when Jumper came out and Dr Sam Beckett was in Vietnam). Now, if that is not the greatest TV theme tune of all time, I don't know what is!!! Forget you A-team, MacGyver and Airwolf. God was a TV theme tune writer, the day that music ot written.

Mines the Anorak with Ziggy in the pocket, can you hear it beeping???

Nokia unwraps bendy nanotech phone

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Neat, but...

...does it have 5 megapixel camera???

Diners in 'suck my d**k' bill outrage

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Absolutely Disgraceful

£4.95 for fish cakes????

What a rip off

MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo

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Lucky One

It seems I am one of th luckiest people on earth. Bought an Xbox360, on day of release, it sits in a cabinet with all my other Hi-fi equipment and has never gone wrong.

Is it that I am really that lucky, or is it that I don't spend FAR too much time on it that I become anti-social and forget how to communicate with people.

There's a whole wide world out there folks, go and experience it, and then your xbox will continue working when you only use it for 2 hours a day instead of 10 (and then leaving it on overnight to prove a point)!!!!

I'll get my coat...and go outside with the real people!

Suicidal moose descends on Alaska

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Paris Hilton

After every Moose death, moost follow...

a Llama death.

Be prepared people, The Dancing llama's, their make up team and agents are all looking for their chance to make the news. Could it be that these event are linked to the Suicide squad from Monty Python's Life of Brian? Perhaps, the ghost of Graham Chapman, pushed this moose. Sounds Plausible!

As Mulder said "Keep watching the skies", although I'm not sure he would have followed it up with "for falling cows, moose's or Llama's".