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Lenovo ThinkPad T61

Tony Wilson

Get it right, please

Oh dear. Please try to get your facts at least a little bit right.

You can buy *any* Thinkpad with Vista pre-installed, though why you would want to is a mystery to me, especially with only 1GB of RAM. Dual core chip notwithstanding, Vista is a lot slower than XP on that configuration.

Most models you can get with XP installed instead, or if you want to DIY, you can buy with Vista and install XP Pro yourself - Lenovo use Vista Business, so you have the right to upgrade to XP without buying an extra licence.

As for screens, the *only* reason I don't plan to upgrade my wonderful old Thinkpad R52 is that I can't get a Thinkpad with a proper screen anymore. Why would I pay good money to get a laptop with a *worse* screen than the 2 year old one I already have? People, in the main, dislike shallow (aka "wide") screens. If you offer your customers a choice between shallow screen and standard screen, 9 out of 10 buy the standard one.

Don't manufacturers do *any* market research?