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RBS MELTDOWN LATEST: 'We'll be the bank we should be ... next YEAR maybe'


I imagine though they could never seem to find the money for IT spending, it was always available to pay bonuses.

TOO GOOD! Groupon ex-boss to drop, er, 'motivational business album'


Am I the only one drawing massive parallels to David Brent of 'The office' and 'Equality street' fame?

Review: Corsair Voyager Air 1TB wireless hard drive


Re: Warranty

i have also had good experiences with logitech in that regard :)


Re: Warranty

Could always return it to the supplier and let them deal with it, I thought they were liable in instances like that under UK law?

Are biofuels Europe's sh*ttiest idea ever?

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How about they used this instead of oil seed rape?


Virgin Media keeps mum as punters fume at crippled web access


my experience was also terrible

I used to use virgin 60mb line (still have it in fact as my housemate pays for it and hasn't cancelled, it's justa backup now) and it was awful. As soon as it hit peak time (i.e any time Ii wasn't at work or asleep) the latency went through the roof and the packet loss went mental. Forget streaming or playing online games, total waste of time. This went on for months so in the end I just binned it and got an ADSL 24 connection and am much happier. Now I can play planetside at 8pm if I feel like it.

I wouldn't recommend virgin to anybody, unless I hated them.

'Let anyone be administrator' bug in VMware snapped shut

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Does anybody else find patching ESXi to just be the biggest ballache?

I have to do these updates at my place and I get nothing but problems, updates never ever go smoothly. Is it just me?

Ten affordable mid-sized Full HD monitors


Re: 24 inches..? Is that all?

I did read it yes, no need to be a twat about it.

IMO those things you talk about IPS screens and viewing angles are just not that important to me. Pretty much any monitor now will give an acceptable display free from ghosting. The monitors I have really are nice screens to look at with no dead pixels or backlight bleed. As far as resolution I want a big monitor at 1920 x 1200 because 2560 x 1600 just means I need more grunt for games and when I have 2 monitors additional desktop space isn't really a concern.


24 inches..? Is that all?

I have 2 of these bad boys


Massive, perform well, cheap. What more do you want?

BT to rent cheaper FTTP lines to ISPs - if they stump up £1k a go


Re: I am currently pricing up for new offices

Do NOT get virgin. Do a quick google on virgin complaints November 2012 to see how many complaints there are about speeds and latency on the forums. Fair enough they may have a business product which I don't know about but I can say I wouldn't trust them with my business given that I have had a totally shit connection from them fro the last 3 months. In fact last week I ordered ADSL24 which will be fitted next week and then I will be getting out of my virgin contract.

Trust me, AVOID.

Virgin Media vid misery blamed on unnamed peering network


Also got the same problems, based in South Tyneside here.

I called up and complained myself about it earler today and they told me it was a local capacity problem and due to be fixed by the 21st. I also got £15 off this months bill.

It's been shit for me for at least 5 - 6 weeks now, when I tracert I can see the high ping is happening somewhere in the core and not local, it always happens during peak times with the main giveaway being the 500ms - 1000 ms pings which make playing any games impossible.

If it's not fixed this month I will also be off, 12 month contract be damned!

Nearly one in 10 Brits 'fess to shower phone faux pas


lucky you

My sensation was in my sports bag during a football match, one intense rain shower killed the screen. Sent it away for repairs (not covered under warranty) when it came back the touch screen was replaced but knackered witha fault very similar to the 'grounding fault'. Nothing I did could make it work properly so I just replaced it with an Xperia Arc.. which is just... not as fast :(

I do think phones should be capable of being submerged to be honest, I expect to be able to carry it anywhere in any weather. It is not an unreasonable design consideration.

Hunt splashes £56.9m broadband cash on Wales



pfft, move somewhere more urban with the extra noise, traffic etc etc etc if you want better broadband.

2mb is quite enough for email and web browsing and I don't understand why the rest of us should subsidise rural broadband. It makes no financial sense.

HP TouchSmart 610 touchscreen all-in-one PC

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touchsmart 600, don't listen to those other tards

I bought one of these and it is a cracking PC to replace the bedroom TV.

I use it with Boxee and it works marvelously.

Microsoft reveals revamped Xbox dashboard

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would love to see more kinect integration

At the moment it is very patchy and limited what you can do with the voice control. I can't wait to see what they do with this overhaul.

I really wish they would fix MCE on the xbox as well because at the moment it's unusable and I have to just use tversity with the video/music menu in the dashboard which works fine but isn't very easy for my girlfriend to manage.

Really hope they deliver a big improvement!

Nintendo Wii price plummets below £100



I just sold my wii for £80 a couple of months back and I am glad I did!

Frankly the kinect that my mrs got me for Christmas makes it look positively stone age. I really can't see myself going for a wii 2 either unless they can make something much out performs kinect.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android smartphone


@ Ian Mcnee

Sorry mate, my girlfriend will no doubt want an upgrade from her San Francisco so its already spoken for.



argh, I admit it... I did buy bluetooth Sony headphones

gah, I should hand in my geek badge but after my ipod touch 3.5mm connector broke (less than 18months!!! Which is me never buying apple again) I went out and ordered a sony MW600 bluetooth headset because it was cheaper than repairing the ipod (35 quids) and I am well impressed. I paired it up with the phones I already had and its great, in fact I have binned off the ipod entirely now and just use it with my desire and SD card. Highly recommend you take a look at a review before you swear off BT headphones.

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damn you sony

I really don't wanna buy Sony products and all that but this thing looks like it could be a nice replacement for my Desire.

The only let down on my desire is the rubbish pics it takes due to the awful plastic lens cover, this Arc looks prettier has a bigger screen and takes better pics. Definitely a contender when my contract is up in a couple of months..

Middle England chokes on Nice Baps



Here in Newcastle there is already a sandwich shop called Baps, its just around the corner from my office.

Nobody has complained about the name to my knowledge tho.

Steve Jobs screws my wife (out of $944)

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6 minutes I will never get back damn you!!!

is a sentiment I really don't understand, if I had something more valuable to spend 6 minutes on instead of reading el reg then I would be doing that, but I don't because I am at work so I really don't want those 6 minutes back. In fact what I wanted to do was precisely that, waste 6 minutes and then some by reading it and the comments.

So thanks for that tpm!

Raygun dreadnought project reports 'remarkable breakthrough'


Potential to make Euro fighter and F22's etc redundant?

Why bother with advanced war planes when a sea or land based laser can take them and any ordinance out from 200 miles away?

We should probably just bin eurofighter now and start saving for some laser defence. Presumably this would work against ICBM's as well so really, no need for any military spending other than on ground defence lasers eh?

Disconsolate Spanish smokers driven out into blizzard



So you are saying that truck full of Benson and hedges being delivered is 100% necessary?

Seems at odds with what one of the other commenter's said.

Anyway, I already posted a reply to this line but basically yes ok I won't inhale (much) car fumes inside but I will outside and as I already said I am ok with that. I will go on inhaling all of your '100% necessary' transport outside if you just quit whinging whenever I light up a fag ok?


bloody title

Well you see, I am not unreasonable and that is fine. However, I don't get why I can't go smoke in a smoking area away from staff and other non smokers instead of having to go freeze my tits off and throw my cig ends in the street.

Also, I don't think it matters much where your drive your car because air pollution is one of those things that affects everybody when they are outside and is one of the reasons I don't buy any of this secondary smoke research because how exactly do you separate all of those smoking nasties from the car nasties you inhale when you're outside?

I realise that when we have the age of the electric car this argument will be invalidated but the only point I am making is that the majority of high and mighty anti-smokers don't give a damn about anybody elses health or whatever when it comes to their own convenience.

There is a middle ground here but as usual our society just ignores that and flys right off the deep end.

Therefore I hope those who I am replying to enjoy the haze of fag smoke at the door of every boozer as they enter. Choke on it you bastards! and I hope it stinks ya clothes out too, any excuse to make you wash that damn shirt which apparently some people will wear the next day provided it doesn't smell of smoke.


erm yes

You could use an electric vehicle couldn't you or ride a bike even for the vast majority of journeys or hell even do what i do and walk.

But no, most people are prepared to pay the price of chucking a few pollutants into the atmosphere for the sake of convenience. Which is fair enough I say, just don't gripe at me for wanting to do the same thing. So yes, yes you are all hypocrites unless of course 100% of all your journeys are 100% necessary and you never travel for pleasure.



I loved going to Spain and being able to light up in a pub, ah well Crete next summer instead I suppose.

Also you anti-smoking-tards who already posted, I just have to ask, do any of you drive or make use of emission producing transport..? You probably do, and that probably makes you fucking hypocrites doesn't it?

The year's best... PC games



Civ 5...?

Got to agree on BF:BC2 though, I am still completely addicted to it.

Bolivian TV falls for Air France crash hoax



Funny they didn't even notice that this was clearly shot during the day and the plane went down at night...

How Dead Space got EA's groove back


big thumbs up from me

Well, I bought it for PC despite owning an xbox and I had no issues with the controls. I think you all must just have fat hands.

Anyway, I really liked the game and I thought it was a breath of fresh air from EA. I really hope EA continues to push on down this route, I myself bought mirrors edge (great idea, fun at times but also quite frustrating overall) Spore (total let down...) and dead space. If EA takes some more risks, il take some more risks in buying them.

Government flags ID cost increase


What benefits?

"there probably was not a strong enough counter-voice from the government about the benefits".

urgh, don't statements like that from our elected representatives make you sick?

As far as I can tell they have not presented a single argument for this scheme that does not collapse in tatters as soon as you apply some critical thinking. Which is obviously why they just said nothing and pushed ahead anyway. I fear the Tories will renege on the promise to scrap them, imo the only way to make a real change is to hope the lib dems get in or we have a hung parliament. Anything else is just more of the same.

You're barcoded: The sneaky under-25 route to compulsory ID


@ AC 16:05

Christian values, sorry i can't let that one go.

Are you kidding me? Christian values? so, values like 'genocide being ok if inflicted another religion' or 'you should feel guilty about sex' or 'abortion and contraception is a sin' we should embrace should we?

No thanks mate, I think we would all be better off if those values went the way of the dinosaurs and we simply go with some values based on the golden rule. Also, I would say the EU is a pretty liberal influence on our society overall, though I can't deny that our membership is based on lies.

IT Angle

Also @ AC

I was trying to work out how old you are..

"Most of us grew up in the aftermath of the Second World War"

If you grew up in the aftermath of WW2, that makes you a baby boomer. if you are not a baby boomer then you grew up in as much of an aftermath as I did being born in 1981 you can't have it both ways.

I don't like generalising about whole generations as i mentioned, but I have to say if there is one generation that as a whole has been a huge massive dissapointment it is those of the baby boomer and 60's generations. All that talk of free love world peace and look what you left for us to inherit, a big steaming pile of shit. ( don't mean you personally of course, but you get what I mean)

That is probably a bit unfair, I hate capatalism and all the greed but then its only the micarcle of capitalism that means I have all my own teeth will probably live beyond 40 and don't have to shit in a field.

Is it any wonder the young are apathetic, what the fuck are you supposed to make of all this. In the end no matter how much you think about it the final conclusion just has to be... well.. fuck it.


@ AC 01:12 - about old people and stuff

"What a lot of crap in your post.

The older generation do NOT subscribe to all this control freakery and abuse of personal freedoms and choices. Nor the assumption of guilt, etc. etc.

Most of us grew up in the aftermath of the Second World War and heartily regret the way things are turning out now, in defiance of that for which our parents and grand parents fought and sacrificed."

I am pleased to hear that you are against this kind of abuse of civil liberties, however you do realise that if we are going to make generalisation about age groups that your age group the baby boomers is responsible for all of this shit we find outselves mired in, don't you?

"Notwithstanding that, we are not impressed with values and behaviour exhibited by many of the younger generation these days. Perhaps they bring it on themselves whilst seeking false freedoms without the corresponding responsibities. After all, we do live in a me first, me centric materialistic society now - quite alien to us in the older generation."

Fantastic generalisation, neatly avoiding the fact that recent generations are a product of your generation, its parenting and social policy. I were you I would be a bit concerned about what might happen when the demographics mean 90% of the population is old and incapacitated, do you think these younger generations will want to support you guys after the rampant greed you have shown? A huge generalisation I know, which is why they are dangerous and you should refrain from making. Tthat scenario is not unimagineable when you look at the way the younger generation are marginalised and deamonised now, yet they are the ones who will be expected to pay for your pension and your nursing home.

BT price rises go down well


@ I'm looking for O2 broadband, BT lines and BT Vision.

Uhh... you need BTbroadband in order to have BTvision anyway because of the QoS they have to use.

HTC S740 Qwerty keyboard smartphone


Am I th only one who noticed..

There is not a single pic of this thing switched on and no pics of the interface?

I really wanted to see what it looks like, you know, in use.

Top airline bosses launch assault on airport ID card plan


I have also been lobbying agains ID cards...


Check it out, it made page 4 of the Times today as well :D

US teen cuffed for disposable camera 'Taser'



I suppose you would be on dodgy ground bringing in 'Operation' on the last day of term as well...

Ofcom says yes on more TV ads


And another thing

Who thought it was a good idea to allow ITV to interrupt films with the news again..?

I was watching some US comedy film (can't remember what) and I was quite surprised at how funny it was, so I stuck with it and watched it all the way up to 10pm where upon the news kicked in. Looking at the EPG it looks as though this film finishes at 11:45 and it can't be that near the end I think. So remain seated for the news, occasionally flicking through the channels for something to watch (I don't watch news on the TV these day's, even the BBC seems more 'sensational' than ever and I can't bear to watch it).10:15 ad break, more flicking. 10:30 comes, and theres a human interest story about a baby seal that has been rescued, cue more flicking. 10:35 comes, weather.... 10:40 I have no idea because I decided stuff it, I might watch this film on DVD someday but il be damned if I am gonna sit through any more of this for a film I am only barely interested in.

Its slightly off topic I know, but really I hope some of these broadcasters read this thread and realise that they won't be selling much ad space with no viewers and its getting to the point that I would rather watch nothing!

I may have invested in a great big HDTV, but there are plenty of other things to do with it other than watch TV. Even if I do want to watch a particular show, I have my shuttle connected for those wonderful high res AVI's.

Public don't want internet filters, MS tells MPs


@ the stupid AC

"So because YOU don't see a problem, then that means there can't be one?"

Err... yeah pretty much, care to explain to me where the legions of serial killing, prostitute bashing, mass murdering gamers are?

As has been pointed out, violent games have been played for years and this simply has not happened, in fact violent crime has gone down in recent years.

"What I don't understand is why there are so many people who feel that repeatedly re-enacting cold blooded acts of murder is some kind of human right that must be kept available to all."

Yes, it is a human right you complete and total tool, its called 'free speech'.

"Invariably the people who get the most hysterical whenever there is a hint that there may be a clamp down on extreme violence in video games, are the ones that have no understanding of how they desensitise the player. Instead they assume that the only adverse effects will be zombie like real-life enactments of the games."

Your an utter idiot, can you please describe what these adverse effects are, other than vague hand waving about the impending doom to be wreaked on this nation by a horde of pasty skinned Dorito stuffed gamers..?


What now?

"Byron is expected to call for a clampdown on violent video games."

Yeah, no doubt because a 'clampdown' will solve everything won't it? How about a 'clampdown' on crap parenting instead?

Have to be honest, I am a bit confused about what the problem is in the first place because I don't see one.

Legal, major label DRM-free MP3s hit UK (at last)


@ Hedley Lamarr

That's a qualifier that kind of makes my point mate, and I notice you also say 'pretty good' and i dare say if you spend £10-20k on an audio setup CD's would probably still sound better on it.


@ Chewy

'You clearly haven't heard 128bit over a half decent stereo as it sounds awful.'

Pure fantasy that mate, I am quite into DJ'ing and I play mp3's through my CDJ's through my rather nice audio setup at home and it sounds great. Get a decent bitrate and you can't tell the difference between a CD and an mp3, I certainly can't and I am really quite picky about sound quality.

'But then I'm one of these strange breed who prefers the sound of vinyl to CD'

And that is the point when I realised you really don't have a clue, I also have a nice set of decks for DJing and I flip between mp3 and vinyl and I can tell you that 100% the vinyl sounds far worse. Its full of hiss and pop's especially when you get to a breakdown in the track and it all goes a bit quiet. I still use vinyl because I love mixing with it but to pretend that it sounds better is just insane. It really doesn't, people made that upgrade to CD for a reason you know?

Price, not format war fears, holds back Blu-ray, says survey


Dual format players

Am I the only one waiting for the cheap Chinese dual format player that costs £50 and plays anything?