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Dell's profits shrink as revenue grows

Andrew Oliver

By the numbers

OK, what am I missing here?

> Dell's net income slipped to $334m

OK, so total income across all business units was $334m. Got it. Now the breakdown:

Dell's Large Enterprise: $281m

Public sector: $333m

Small and medium business: $282m

Consumer PCs: $9m

Those 4 divisions together total $905m

Where's the other $571 million LOSS to bring the total income down to the reported $334?

And isn't $9m income on $3.5bn consumer PCrevenue a pretty piss-poor margin in anyone's books? 0.25% margin. really?

Google's Nexus One sales still sluggish

Andrew Oliver

No advertising? huh?

The article is wrong to state that there's been no marketing blitz around the Nexus One - at least here in the US. There are traditional-media ads (billboards, print ads) as well as innumerable online ads - I can hardly watch a YouTube video without an overlaid Nexus One ad.

It's also the only ad ever to run on the top page of google.com and that's arguably worth millions right there.

'Malvertizement' epidemic visits house of Newsweek.com

Andrew Oliver


> If you've witnessed such ads, please leave a comment below.

There's no way to tell as far as I can see.

Surely I'd need to click it in order to realize it's a mal-ad, no?

Unless you mean there are people who actually click ads on web pages?? weird.

System upgrade to blame for BlackBerry outage

Andrew Oliver

Now I know why they're called 'crackberries'

it's not because of the users' crack addition, it's because that's what the network admins are smoking.

I'm sorry, but NO organization in its right mind that targets business users would EVER think that 3:30pm is the right time to roll out a code upgrade. That's primo time between when all the execs are back from lunch, and just as all the lazy ones are checking to see whether they can skip off home early.

Midnight or later is the only time this kind of thing should happen. That's when you'll have the least number of users impacted by any problems that do occur.

And if your network admins cry about it, get new ones. As much as you might like them, they are not the ones that pay the bills.


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