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Werner Herzog's latest film warns drivers not to text while driving

Craig Milo Rogers

Viewing while Driving

How many people will view this movie, while driving?

Why probe Google for antitrust? It 'does no evil'

Craig Milo Rogers

Obvious Monopoly

Is any other major company providing "don't be evil" as its service? No. This is an obvious monopoly, and should be investigated. Next up: a cap-and-trade market for evil.

Taliban attack Brit troops with explosive donkey

Craig Milo Rogers

IED Means...

IED means Improvised Explosive Donkey, right? SInce the article didn't quite come out and say it.

DARPA to build nothingness detector for tunnel sniffing

Craig Milo Rogers

Investment Possibilities

Think lead-lined tunnels, or better still, osmium- or iridium-lined ones.

Ofcom exempts road users

Craig Milo Rogers

Uses for In-vehicle Signage

In-vehicle signage broadcasts, coupled with in-vehicle text-to-speech, means that drivers could have the signs spoken to them in their language of preference. Blind drivers will be able to better handle the motorways, too.

Sun dreams the impossible Java on Jesus Phone dream

Craig Milo Rogers

Perhaps a Java Compiler

If Sun compiles Java to machine code prior to loading it, they might have a winning combo.

US may shoot down spy sat to safeguard tech secrets

Craig Milo Rogers

Subcontract to China

Why not contract with China to blow up the satellite? They've demonstrated that that have the technique.