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Jumbo-jet sized 'SuperGigaFly' robo parachute tested


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By Alex Posted Friday 26th September 2008 11:35 GMT


"If transport planes descend below 10,000 feet they become vulnerable to shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles"

So instead, the payloads will become easy pickings....


Just what I was thinking. Huge payloads of supplies necessary to support our troops gets destroyed, possibly leaving our troops helpless and hungry.

Bill seeks guidelines for US laptop searches


Online storage...

is looking better every day. And it's probably more secure than HLS.

Homeland Security backs deportation with Wikipedia



I thought the law was supposed to use the Mariam Webster.

Cloud computing lets Feds read your email


What next

What next? A medical transciptionist can desolve Dr/patient confidentiality.

Security shocker: 75% of US bank websites have flaws

Dead Vulture

The study was conducted in 2006

This is NEWS? Thanks a lot for the [un]timely heads-up, Reg.

NY street-cleaning truck swallows dog

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The article reads as though it were written in the fashion of a sick joke.

The article reads as though it were written in the fashion of a sick joke.

Media police assault takes down legit video website


I wonder

I wonder if this will result in a class action brought on by the [who knows how many] users who were adversely affected by MediaDefender's vigilanti-ism.

Becta asks EC to probe Microsoft school deals



All really good ideas. Schools should stick to OO to maintain interoperability as well as low cost. After all, for the most part K-12 are learning basic ed. There not being taught to build space ships. And where would competition and tech advancement be if for example automobiles were required to have interchangeable parts, for just one example the doors of a Malibu having to be interchangeable with those of a Mustang? The only reason the Human species survives and advances so greatly in technology is our ability to adjust to an ever changing environment both natural and man made.

Microsoft gives XP an extra two years to live (kinda)

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I guess this is how the rich

I guess this is how the rich get keep getting richer while the poor just keep getting poorer.

And to think, only two years ago When I need to replace my old clunker the only Windows I could find on the shelf was XP. And already their telling me to shove-off. Even my last cheap television will have lasted fifteen years when uncle sam tells me to shove-off. Maybe Linux [is] a better way to go.

Teachers crucified by coughing pupils


Blame school, parents, society.

Blame school policies not being strictly enforced. When a student disrupts proper class atmosphere, warn. Again, suspend. Yet again, expell--to juvenile detention to finish the semester where privileges are earned by strict adherence to rules or lock-down and treated like the childish brat's they are portraying. And the parents pay a fine for each day the child is in juvie and fed and tended to by society. If the entire class wants in on the festivities, so be it. Our children must learn that freedom and liberties like driver's licenses are privileges and must be earned. Good men and women fight and die so we can enjoy them; misuse them, and loose them. This stupid acting-up is not an individual problem, it is a societal problem and parents, students, school faculty and society need to face up to it and get with the program. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure children become respectable team-members of society, and if it means treating children like childish, spoiled brats when the act out as such, then so be it. While I don't particularly care for the person who coined the phrase, it really does "take a village to raise a child." And better they get straight BEFORE they get fired from jobs, or worse not even hired because they are ignorant and stupid or become burden's on society or worse,drug dealer's, mugger's, murderer's and end up in prison or dead. And all of this rearing must begin day one, not after the train has left the station on a one-way track.

Boeing faces jumbo problem over US aerial raygun fleet


Scrooo Boeing

Having to lift off and fly to an offensive weapon could be dangerously time consuming, and in fact take too long to be of ANY use. And keeping the ABL continuously in the air over hot spots is ridiculously impractical and too costly.

If possible, I think the weapon should be mounted on sea faring vessels which are often in the vicinity of hot spots, and for long periods of time. And send Boeing packing to pull (probably deliberate) cost over-runs on some one else for a change. The job of protecting the US, our allies and neighbor's is NOW, not after we're backed in a corner waiting for weapons. Can you immagine trying to tell the person shooting at you to give you time to get your act together? For far, far too long the DoD and our security have been taking a back seat to contractor's shenanigans. It's time they bite the bullet for playing games with our Country's security.

Inventor promises bottle-o-wind car in a year. Again


RE: nay-sayers

"very inefficient fossil-fuelled one; wasting energy unnecessarily in electricity generation/transmission"

I wonder how this would compare to searching for, drilling, pumping, transporting over vast distances, refining and manufactuing, distrbuting and pumping feuls. As well as the many hazrards created and dealt with throughout these precesses. Not to mention having to deal with and supporting the terrorest underworld not to mention the whims of oil prodcing countries and governments. Plus having to deal with tree-hugging enviro-wackos trying to prevent the use of oil, coal and nuclear power generation.

Human rights group pleads for condemned Saudi 'witch'

Jobs Horns

And folks think.......

And folks there we're still in the dark ages. I guess the judges and torchorers must be glad the "witch" so graciously didn't put a spell on them.

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon


This is wrong in so many ways!

Primarily because children (and in-fact everyone) should learn right from wrong thru deductive reasoning rather than by threart of harm or injury.