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8m health records go walkabout


Flagstone HDDs anyone?

Flagstone HDDs, rock solid but very pricey and users can still leave a post-it note with password on it stuck to the laptop lid... :-/

How blogger kept Belle de Jour's ID secret



Wow! I'm impressed with the commentators here. Hurrah that the blogger warned BDJ about the Mail [spit!] getting closer.

iPhone to become Blighty's favourite smartphone


OTSO Symbian...

Where's my Psion Revo with 3G, WiFi, Colour Screen, microSD slot and Quad-band mobile phone features?

I loved my Psion Revo. Fantastic device. Still like my iPhone a lot but it's not a patch on my faithful old Revo which still gets used though infrequently now.

Apple to show off iPhone OS 3.0 next week


MP3 ringtones/txt alert tones etc.

Why can my sad old Sony mobile (and even older Motorola V3 etc.) use any mp3 I like for ringtones/alert tones etc but my new whizzy iPhone can't? WTF? Yeah, yeah I know I can edit it, convert to AAC then rename etc. etc. but honestly what a palaver compared to my old mobile.

DAB: A very British failure


DAB sounds crap

That's why I use FM.

Also DAB reception is piss poor where I live which isn't in the sticks (Southampton).


GCap reaches for DAB off switch


DAB sounds appalling

I had a DAB for a week and returned it. I listen mostly to Radio 4 and on FM it's in stereo and top quality, however via DAB it was 80kb/s and mono ffs!

DAB is a step backwards.

Listening to radio on Freeview is much better quality wise but not many (any?) Freeview boxes have a display that allows you to see what station you're listening to without the telly being on...


I'm sticking with FM and recording Radio7 using a PVR, until the quality of DAB improves.