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How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection


Breaking the Phorm process

Ref How Does It Work. So there is a response from dns.sysip.net. If that address is placed in the hosts file pointing to or similar, does the Phorm system fail, or does the browsing fail? Is their material inserted into the page sent to my browser, or just links to appropriate ads as specified by the page owner? How about rejecting cookies from oix.net?

Protecting my browsing from Phorm is good, poisoning their system with useless data is better. Any simple way to do that?

Can the browser show which ads are inserted by this so I can ensure I do not accidentally buy that product or service? Or does my hosts file need to be expanded some more?

Microsoft rejects Yahoo! rejection


Re: Request to Reg Hacks

MicroHoo! ??


surely it's all Ballyhoo!