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Pentax K200D digital SLR


@caffeine addict

Image Stabilisation: Thats only true of CCD based/software based image stabilisation.... most decent modern DSLRs (Nikon, Canon spring to mind) are using lens based image stabilisation. Nikon have VR series lenses (Vibration reduction), Canon have IS lenses (Image Stabilisation) and Sigma have their OS lenses (Optical stabiliser)..... so there is no loss of use of pixels on the CCD.

How believable are government claims on ID cards?



What I find most laughable is that all they are trying to measure is the success (or lack therof) of their own spin and marketing.

On one have they try and convince the population that ID cards will solve all of their problems, and then they try and find out whether they have been successful in doing so.

My 2p worth is that there are almost no benefits to ID cards, especially when confronted with the associated costs to the taxpayer.

The biggest problem with the government is that they do not do what people really want them to do, instead they have their own hidden agendas and try to convince people that they should follow them.


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