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Unsafe at any speed: Memcpy() banished in Redmond


My 2p

Having been an Ansi C programmer for a few years and having to write cross platform code to various platforms including the intresting Microsoft variation of Ansi C.

I understand the reasons why Microsoft feel that they need to do this. But, if they are saying that you cannot get your app certified while using memcpy() then, in my opinion, they should drop their claims to be ansi compatible. This will require yet another macro to mangle the calling of another function that Microsoft have changed or failed to accurately implement.

They are, again, fixing the symptom and not the fault. Maybe they should look at fixing faults properly and not the symptoms.

I also wonder if this will also impact the performance of the same code running under Windows based against the Unix's and Linux's of this world.

This would seem to push High End Apps back to the Unix like Platforms again.

BOFH: A safe bet

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Poor and late.

Well I had about given up on this and then I read it and wish I hadn't.


500,000 oppose Red Arrows Olympic ban

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Smoke and Mirrors

Has anyone read the full responce from the govement? I tried to read it last night and it seemed empty and badly constructed.

"The Red Arrows flew over London the day we won the Games in 2005 - and they took to the skies again in August, on another special day for London 2012, as we marked the end of the Beijing Olympics and the start of the run-up to our Games. "

"The Red Arrows flew over London the day we won the Games in 2005" So we won the games did we?

"- and they took to the skies again in August," They probably took to the skies several times in August.

Why is "on another special day for London 2012" been put in a historic context?

", as we marked the end of the Beijing Olympics " ok, getting lost here.

"and the start of the run-up to our Games. " So they will be flying in the run up to our games.

At no point do they actualy say "Yes they will be there at the opening" There is a lot of dancing and chipper wording in there, but they are also denying that anyone said anything anyway. I'm sorry but I will put this down to smoke and mirrors again.

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Microsoft, Novell shake hands on virtualization



When I'm being lazy and want to try something quick and dirty I run a linux box under windows.

As I said when I'm being lazy.

Once I have the idea working I will then drop it onto my lunix cluster or onto a dedicated host depending on what I am doing.

But I agree it is great for UAT and trying to figure out what the latest "Critical" OS patch from our friends at Microsoft will do to that Business Critical Windows Application that the bean counters use and can't live without.

I wonder if you can run the Microsoft VM stuff on a Linux VM machine?


Ho Hum...

Running Linux under Windows.. Well it works, but not as good as running Windows under Linux.

I did some tests a while back and found that running a Windows 2k AD Server virtualized under Linux was 5% faster then running it on the same hardware without the virtualization.

Linux runs virtualized under windows ok, but you get some intresting network lag spikes on VMware.

Just thought I would share.

Vodafone says termination rate clampdown would hit the poor


Another Brilliant Idea, Oh hange on No...

I am impressed that they suggesting a new way to allow people to grief one another.

If some-one offends you all you have to do is keep ringing them burn your free minutes against their PAYT. Even if you hit their voice mail it will burn the credits.

Then they will have to introduce something to fix the problem they have just created.

What "Totaly Working And Tested" person came up with that one.

Danny & Brutus, I have to agree with both of you.

CPS apologises for DNA disc blunder


30 days have September

Errr, I see the problem, there was not a 29th of Febuary 2007 so it had to wait to be delivered on the 29th of Febuary 2008.



Mine is not to wonder why, mine is just to do in vi

Sage sees flat US market

Gates Horns

@ SpitefulGod

I don't know what scares me most from your comment.

1. Microsoft doing accounts software.

They can't get IE right so are they going to rewrite accountancy practices to fit their software?

2. Free.

Since when does Microsoft do anything for free? How are they going to fund legislation changes? what sort of SLA would these changes have?

I will have to have a look into this.


Mine is not to wonder why, mine is just to do in vi.

Zend stacks PHP for work and play


LDAP = Old Hat?

This is something that gets me, as Microsoft (2K+) uses Kerberos authentication, would it not make it easier to use that? I have several machines intergrated into an AD and it's far easier to setup and use once you have it intergrated into PAM.

Just a though.

Bolluxed router configuration? Click here for help


Cool But....

Would it work for Apple, Microsoft, Sun or other?

Hotmail dies on both sides of the Atlantic




No mate, If it was a Joke it would start... A man walks into a Bar... ;)


I don't need to bash Micro$oft, they do a better job than I could ever do. Was it not they who did a comparison on MSSQL vs. a DB running on Unix where they used a crap unix box against a state of the art Windows box and only got 15% gains? and then got the advert pulled by Traiding Standards? Gotta love the Spin...


I spotted that... No poo telly for me... :(

@All at Microsoft

Well done, Keep up the good work, what are you going to do next?

Waiting in wonder

A Nermal

If this is normality you can have it. I'm a nermal.

BOFH: The Silence of the Servers



Nice one Simon,

In a little story there can be so many Truths.

El Reg collectible pops up on eBay


Errr Lost in Reg.

If you read whats on the front page...

Every Newspaper should have an agenda...

Helicopter Crashes.... Check

Goverment Computer Projects... Check

Mainframes.... Check

Tax.... I'm sure you did a thing about IR35...

Well done Just like every paper, you have broken your promises...

Twopence added. and I will get my coat.


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