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Gamer claims complete console collection

Simon King

Others missing:

Jaguar, but no Jag CD

Sega SG1000

Original Famicon

JVC Wondermega

Philips Geopac 7000

Others have clocked the CD32 and CD>i. I dug my 32 out only last week to play Beneath a Steel Sky! It's impressive to see a PCFX in the collection, but I'd reckon there's probably better out there.

Nintendo 3DS launch games

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@Mike Hanna

What, you mean like real buttons to push?

O2 tries to explain its new prudish nature

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Didn't matter if you had already had the bongo filter disabled...

It still demanded that you re-register. Fortunately, I have a contact at o2 retail who sorts all this out for me. Apparently, my grot-o-filter was still set to 'allow' and yet I was getting redirected to the o2AV portal.

Poor effort.

Humax HDR-Fox T2 Freeview HD DVR

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Thanks for a decent review!

I don't want to sound like a proper brown-noser, but ever since his original Freeview HD roundup, Nigel has demonstrated a solid understanding of the emerging platform and its issues and as a consequence the Reg reviews have become pretty much the only source of Freeview HD information you can guarantee is free of PR fluff and isn't just recycling the press release after having played with the gadget for a weekend.

Trebles all round. And no, I'm not related to him.

Office for Mac finally breaks out of Microsoft

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I bet I know of one feature that didn't make it...

Cross platform video chat in Messenger. MS once again manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - they've had a Mac client since the OS 9 days, but have never bothered to add the AV. Now Skype has made it irrelevant. Well done MS!

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles

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Dead? NEVER!

BOFH cannot die - he just comes back meaner!

LG 42LF7700 HD TV

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'DVI' port is about resolutions

As anyone who's tried to plug their pooter into some Samsungs that recommend a certain HDMI port for DVI->HDMI connections. The EDID (resolution table) for those nominated ports has the full native res of the panel exposed for a nice 1:1 desktop. Other ports often don't.

Carphone Warehouse buys Tiscali UK

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But what about the TV?

Will Carpark Whorephone keep the TV infrastructure? They are one of the few alternatives to Sky/Virgin for pay TV.

It's garbage, mind, but it's an alternative.

Firefox devs ask navels when to curtail Mac OS support

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Are they suggesting Linux on PPC?

I ruddy well hope not. I remember trying to get wireless and compiz running on Ubuntu on my old G4 (just an experiment) and I didn't half feel out in the wilderness. Every guide I came across seemed to refer to some package for which there was no PPC equivalent.


BOFH: Cable entanglements

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Paris Hilton

Forget Paris....

Can we have a Sarah Bee icon pliz? Yowza!

Russell T Davies bows out of Doctor Who

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No seats?

What are those things near the console that David T sits on every other week then?

Mine's the one with a stick of celery in the lapel.

3 claims to have squared the circle

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Actually, I think they've done pretty well.

When did 3 kick off - 2001? So they've managed to launch a next generation mobile network and push their way into a very well established market and turn a profit inside 10 years? I'd call that pretty good going, to be honest.

Cigarette ash proves a drag for Nintendo's Wii

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@ChrisC: FAIL - Dreamcast did not have a CD-ROM

The DC sported a custom 'GD-ROM' drive, made by Hitachi. DVD drives were still hideously expensive and Sega wanted to keep the BOM down. They also reckoned by using an obscure format they would keep the piracy down.


BT Vision targets Xbox gamers for growth

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Possible to have HD before Freeview?

BT are missing a trick here. According to MS bumpf, Mediaroom is perfectly capable of handling a HD stream over IPTV. Why not trumpet BBC HD and 4HD ahead of Freeview? This would make Vision an option for early adopters who A) Don't want to give Sky any money and B) Don't want a dish when Freesat comes out.

Nintendo sounds Wii-free Xmas warning

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Where from? Amazon.de, that's where!

My work collegue has just bought 3 for friends and family. €250, plus delivery, and they're not making you buy 4 games like some unscrupulous retailers.

Not a problem for me, I've had mine since launch...

Artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince attacks internet

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As mad as a sackful of badgers

The best description about just how barking Prince is on 'An Evening with Kevin Smith' - I highly recommend watchin it. To summarise - Prince has produced a number of songs and videos and they've just never been released (possibly because they're rubbish). He's got about as much connection with reality as Michael Jackson.

Microsoft strips Office from charity PC scheme

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I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking it...

TVonics DVR-250 Freeview Playback DVR

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The Thompson DVR is a Top-up TV one, and so has access to a special 14-day epg. Any 'normal'/'regular' Freeview box is stuck with eight days.

Be glad people - it used to just be now & next!

Atari's Portfolio: the world's first palmtop

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Classic bit of kit

I had a Portfolio at high school (90-95). Proved to be a cracking bit of kit for taking notes in class, which I then uploaded to my PC when I got home. Really needed an extra memory card to be of much use and since they were proprietary they cost a fortune!

Why I won't buy a Dell next time

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Can you tie your own shoelaces?

The poster above just about beat me to it - how the hell do you get a job writing for one of the biggest IT sites out there if you can't spec a PC from *DELL* of all people? This is the company that will default to a ball mouse on an £800 PC - of course they won't automatically put a firewire connection in there! PC's *still* don't have firewire in there as a matter of course (unlike my 7 year old G4) and I would expect him to know this. Same goes for IDE - SATA is the way forward and he's criticising this? And at the end of it all why did he not ask a colleague for advice if he's stuck?

Oh, and the quality of the writing is pretty poor. The paragraph about the 'mystery' component upgrade made my head hurt - almost like it was written by a bottom-set GCSE student. What's scary is that this clown is thinking of becoming a switcher. Errrr - OS X sucks mate, don't bother. We don't want you.