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Police go slow with encryption key terror powers

Clemens Wachter

What about the right to remain silent?

AFAIK this is one of the most basic laws under almost any jurisdiction. Even the European Court of Human Rights has held that 'the right to remain silent under police questioning and the privilege against self-incrimination are generally recognised international standards'

Basically this RIPA should become RIP asap.

Botanist sues to stop CERN hurling Earth into parallel universe

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What's a resonance cascade???

Userfriendly.org yesterday:


(Yes, I know I'm late)

BlackBerry takes Monday afternoon off

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Re: re downtime

Get some math coaching, please. Rule of three, anyone?

'five nines': 99,999% uptime equals 0,001% downtime.

0,001% is equivalent to 20hrs

99,999% is equivalent to 1,999,980hrs

1,999,980 hours is ~228 years. I doubt that RIM has been around in 1780...

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So they had 12hrs downtime in April 2007 and 8hrs yesterday. 20hrs in 11 months.

Uptime: 1-(20/(11*30*24)) = 0,9975 = 99,75%

Definitely not 'five nines'. For a normal IT system, this uptime would be fine, but for a multi-million $ NOC....


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