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Apple is Fisher-Price of sound quality, says Neil Young

Steve Wallis

God cannot be wrong

Neil rocks!!! And he's right, the sound quality of my iPod is not up to much. It's too tinny!!

French FNARRista speed-cam bomber scores own goal

Steve Wallis

Hello.....reality check!

Firstly, lets not forget how many THOUSANDS of people are killed each year in car "accidents", caused mostly coz some cunt is going to fast!

Secondly, this guy demanded "an end to immigration". What's that got to do with speed cameras? The guy is obviously a racist nazi fascist arsehole, it's a shame he didn't die. Oh well, next time.

Polish builder sacked for humping hoover

Steve Wallis

oh dear...

...Thats a blow for his employment prospects!

Spielberg quits as Beijing Olympics advisor

Steve Wallis

Nobody's Perfect

but lets's not forget that the Chinese government (not the poor people that They rule) is further from perfect than most.....

1: Tibet

2: Tiananmen Square - How many of those protestors do you imagine suffered a 9mm headache in the aftermath?

3: Human Rights - Don't even breath out of turn

4: Their totally barbaric methods used to abort late -term "unofficial" second babies - allegedly a syringe of Formaldehyde into the brain at the moment of birth!

5: Cheap Goods - Where do you think your £20 DVD was made ? Prison, probably.

How can anyone consider doing business of any kind with these bastards?

Paleontologists unearth Mexican trumpet-playing hadrosaur

Steve Wallis

I wonder....

....was it in a mariachi band?

US spooks won't get UK census access

Steve Wallis

you can't trust 'em!

What an amazingly dumb idea! You can't trust the septix not to screw it up somewhere! But this outsourcing is already happening. I recently applied for a copy of my birth certificate and it duly arrived from a company in FRANCE, for God's sake! AND,in a window envelope with the words "birth certificate" clearly visible from the outside. I almost believe they WANT our details to fall into the wrong hands in order to justify ever more draconian restrictions on personal freedom!!!!!!


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