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IBM invents printer that checks for copyrights

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Visual Studio running on OS X and Linux for free? SO close

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Works nicely

I have to say that I think it works quite nicely. I shall be trying this out in the office tomorrow to see if it can replace my current editor (joe).

Give in to data centre automation and change your life

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Puppet & Chef

We had to discount these for automating over 250 server instances because they run on Ruby.

Ruby uses a terrible amount of memory when its run for any length of time. You'll soon find your automation system is taking up to 1GB of your RAM.

A far better tool is Fabric which lets you execute everything over SSH from a single point.

Webscale IT: Learn more from the experts on June 25

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Recommendations for NAS-based home media set-up

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Synology (doesn't matter which model) and a boxee or roku.

Job done.

'You're BEAUTIFUL when you're angry' 'You SEXIST PIG!' Xbox One's fresh brouhaha

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My girlfriend...

...knits alot.

Sites downed by 1&1 web outage

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Reason for outage

Spoke to an engineer in one of the data centres, he told me that there was an issue with a firewall configuration update and the network basically stopped at a node in France. They were rolling out backups of the old configuration so as to restore functionality.

Newzbin2 pirates prepare to sink BT web block

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Instead of blocking....

If BT wanted to enforce this surely they could just repeat every request to newzbin2 services 50 (or more) times, basically turning their own users into a DDoS tool. Newzbin2 would then have to block BT users from using their service in order to keep running.

Blocking seems a bit stupid as it can be easily circumvented.

Schoolkids learn coding at GCSE level in curriculum trial

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GCSE/Standard grade

When I did my standard grades we programmed in Comal, this was around the year 2000 so schools couldn't yet afford huge numbers of pc's and we were still working on acorns.

I thought this was normal? Are you telling me that kids taking GCSEs don't actually write a single program? Thats f**ing shocking.

Surprise Automotive X Prize winners announced

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I ride a Honda CBF125 to and from work every day (about 43 miles in total). When driving carefully I get 160mpg, when driving aggressively (ha, its a 125) I get 115mpg. My GPZ gets me between 70 and 80mpg.

Where is the story here? These things are hardly revolutionary in terms of fuel usage.

El Reg space paper plane christened Vulture 1

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First thing that came to mind would be a glass stick containing a pressurised gas with a certain thickness of glass. The stick would be tied onto the balloon and the plane. When the pressure outside the stick becomes too little, it will rupture, splitting the connection between the plane and the balloon and drop the plane.

Probably too fragile, but meh.

New Scientist goes innumerate in 'save the planet' special

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Sorry mate...

...but I think you missed the point of the article in New Scientist.

That password-protected site of yours - it ain't

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Very simple if you read the docs



..mines the one with "Read the manual" on the back.

Apple's carpet-bomb Safari flaw can wreak havoc on Windows

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Is it just me or are people being pretty stupid?

Whats the problem: Rogue files get downloaded onto a computer.

Whats the cause: Safari.

Seems pretty open-shut to me.

BT: 'We did not let anyone down over Phorm... it was not illegal'

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Copyright worries

Is it just me or will they need to get permission from the owners of the websites, whose content they will be modifying?

From those forum posts it appears as though Phorm is also modifying data being sent back to the servers.

Will the website owners get a share of the revenues as they will only be seeing adverts if browsing the web, and they will only be browsing the web out of choice.

I don't think this will ever get out of the door, there will be law suits not only from users about their data being intercepted, but from companies who have their websites modified on the fly by Phorm.

BG cause he would never stoop to this.

Vista SP1 kills and maims security apps, utilities

Philip Skinner

Blown out of proportion methinks

Could this article have maybe not mentioned a few facts to get people riled up?

Well I guess you have to sell stories somehow.

Tux because I enjoy it when yum breaks my computer and I get to fix it.

New Mexico bets future on promiscuous supercomputer

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Paris Hilton

Misleading opening line

"Can a supercomputer save a state? Former Presidential candidate Bill Richardson sure seems to think so."

Is it just me or did this make anybody else think that this article was about saving/loading the state of said supercomputer?

PH cause its a question.


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