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So, what's the f**king difference between a Netbook and an ultrathin?



Maybe a NSFW would be nice before opening this. I'm so glad I didn't manage to check this at work today.

Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage

Paris Hilton

A title is required

can I have a "I'm not really happy or unhappy, and possibly even mildly confused" face and/or question mark?

OMFG, what have you done?


More of the same from me

Same as most of the above - fixed width looks absolutely perfect on my machine, but don't like it because I know that when I am using my eee I'll get irritated.

I also want some of the old comment icons back (the ones with real people on, such as Paris).

My main problem though is with the other commentators: does noone except for me have an issue with the Register hiring someone from a strategy boutique? I mean, I like consultants... I'm related to about 30 of them, but you are the last people I expected to hire one.

Oh, and can I have a "I'm not really happy or unhappy, and possibly even mildly confused" face and/or question mark?

United 'bankruptcy' points to new stock scam techniques


@ Michael

It's insider trading

China plans spacewalk by end of the month


@Webster Phreaky

Seriously - any need for the anti-Obama comment? Did it have anything to do with the article? Are you forgetting the Register is first and foremost an English website and we don't even call Brown a communist? Or that the article wasn't about politics? Arsehole.

BOFH: Server room secret panels


Re: Everyone

It's not as if the BOFH has been done by weekly update for at least the last few years: it's always been about 42-45 stories for each 52 weeks.

Baptist church in assault rifle giveaway


As a Christian

I'd like to point out an order of importance on rules

What Jesus Said>What the Old Testament Says>Everything Else

Which means loving thy neighbour, and letting God take revenge for you (and treating everyone nicely even if they screw you over) is the right thing to do, and this overruled the prior slightly sadistic side of Christianity/Judaism.

But in all cases, the second amendment and the right to bear guns may be ok, but if the guns are ever used, in any circumstances (including being robbed, or being attacked) then one would be breaking christian law.

Anyway, the point - anyone who cites their rights to bear arms is forgetting that to a Christian the bible is the only set of rules to follow, and in a case like this, there's no real leeway to argue for the ownership and inevitable use of weapons. The exception is where a weapon can be used as a deterrant, in which case that's ok, because it's not being used.

Spinal Tap's Tufnel gets new Honda hydrogen car


@ Roy

You must be new then...

Asus quietly demos Eee Box


Re: Pricing

In all seriousness Giles, you're better of taking the price in dollars ($326), adding on a bit of a surcharge as you would anyway for US sales, let's say making it $350, and then converting it as if £1=1.2$ which is roughly what things seem to be selling at currently, making it £290.

So I'd predict between £280 and £300 when it's on sale in the UK.

And to be honest, I've stopped playing PC games and have no need for the giant massive box I currently use, and I'd more than happily pay £300 for an Eee Box and then another couple of hundred for a massive external HDD. And that's because I will pay for convenience - the same reason I would pay through the nose for a 12" or 11" laptop when you can save a huge markup by buying the identical laptop in 15" or 17".

What did happen to all those London mayoral votes?


Re: Hmmm...

Reg staffers may or may not be freelancers, but I'm pretty sure Lucy Sherriff doesn't appear often enough here to be considered a staffer - there are plenty of freelancers on the Register

AMD now has 'more than allegations' against Intel


Absolutely hilarious

There's a lot of very funny stuff on the register, but very few things actually make me burst out laughing - the lego pictures, about one in ten BOFHs, but that third image down ended up with me dropping my laptop I laughed so hard :)

BOFH: The Boss gets Grandpa Simpson syndrome



... I've just realised that even though I'm the good side of 30 (actually, the good side of 25, just about) I sound exactly like that when I speak to local computer science students. That's really, really, really worrying,.

Canadian man in Taser trouser inferno shocker


"Mine's the one"

I wonder if El Reg could set up comments to automatically turn any sentence starting with "Mine's the one..." into "I'm an arsehole who thinks I'm funny", and any sentence starting "Paris because..." into "I need to get laid" and then printing their full name and address and a request to be shot?

And just to make a point:

mine's the one that paris hilton is wearing!!1!

N.B. I am quite capable of being an arsehole, I am capable of being funny (I don't intend to be on this occasion), and I do in fact need to get laid, but I manage to hold myself back from the most irritating two phrases in existence.

Monroe BJ film - world exclusive still


What day of the week is it?

I'm getting so confused. I walked into the wrong office (hotelling this week) this morning and was told, "er you were here yesterday, not today"... which was especially confusing since I then realised that I actually had turned up yesterday and somehow forgotten.

And now you're making me think it's Friday.

A whole week within the space of 8 hours - I'm impressed with myself!

US student planned to ice Chuck Norris


Not @ Sarah Bee, but at those who @ @ her

You could of course have just found out she writes for scarlet by visiting her website. Which also has her email address, mobile phone number and a picture, and reminds one a few basic things about net security.

Liverpudlians decapitate Ringo Starr


@AC and @Dave

AC: I live in Belfast now having come from Cambridge and realising how bloody miserable Belfast is compared to where I was brought up, but even so on the occasions I've been in liverpool it's mad Belfast look like heaven.

BUT, I base this on the city, not on the people. I think it's a horrible city, but the people I don't know well enough to make an opinion, apparently unlike most commenters here

Dave: A well written rebuttal, and good job for doing it. Unfortunately, it only takes a few to build a bad reputation for a place. Case in point: not all Northern Irish are bombers, and English poeple aren't shot on site, but after 4 years here I am still asked how often I get attacked (the answer being not once in 4 years).

BOFH: On the brink

Thumb Up

Absolutely Superb

Honestly I think BOFH over the years I have reading it has on average been getting better and better, but this week was the first time I have been unable to hold myself back from laughing loudly... odd looks coming at me from all directions

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic



Ireland is in the UK? I must remember to tell them that and see how they react

UK teen is world's youngest certified ethical hacker (maybe)



Totally with you on the comment about most courses there. I know a huge chunk of people who have done or are doing MBAs who do them because they're then perceievd as being better as business, when most of them aren't learning anything because they've got the practical experience. On the other hand, I know people who learn a lot from them, but that's the minority