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Facebook eliminates parts of Wales


I hope this is still there...


Considering the vanishing of the rest of Wales......

I've always wanted to visit.

USAF raygun boffins clocking planet-buster asteroid threats


Logical Fallicies

Funny how most of the comments miss the point of the article. Nothing in the title or article said anything about shooting down asteroids or comets.

It was an article about detecting said objects.

Now, please shoot me down for pointing out that it is a fallacy to point out events that didn't occur.

Astronaut Twitters from orbit


Another example

Of the Fall of Civilization.


Of course, it could be useful after all, since most people can't come up with more than 140 characters of any real use.

If you need an example....

US prof says 'bioelectric' cars much better than biofuel



Solar Bio-fueled Alternative energy will not make a significant difference fulfilling energy demands.

Nuclear Energy can.

But there are many who, for whatever reason, oppose all things ATOMIC.

They buy into things like the "RENEWABLE ENERGY INITIATIVE", but don't have a clue about what that means or how it might work. They believe the HYPE.

Solar power is vastly more expensive than other, proven technologies. Solar power can't compete unless at least three things happen:

1. Oil gets way (way way way) more expensive.

2. Solar energy collection achieves much greater efficiency, and the cost goes down significantly.

3. There is a better storage solution developed for when it's night or cloudy.

So far none of these things has happened, or is likely to happen for decades.

Please spare me the description and or link to the "New Battery", "Capacitor", or "Flywheel". These things are just parlor tricks at the moment. We don't even have a truly useful battery powered car yet. 40 miles? Pure unadulterated HYPE.

Nuclear Power is the only current technology that can provide the limitless energy the world demands. It's on 24/7, requires no sunlight , wind or flora to work. It's cheap, efficient and safe.

It's cheaper than oil or solar power. Cleaner than coal.

All blue-eyed people share one common ancestor



Here be Mutants!!


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