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Brits are Europe's biggest gadget buyers - official

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@AC -

the per capita figures are indicated by the colour.

Still - it would be nice to have the numbers

Finnish blogger amputates Google from Google

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@Mike Powers

I use google for finding consumer electronic items at least once a week and find it astonishingly easy to avoid the price scraper and ebay results. A one-off, 5 minute investment of your time to target your filters and you'll be done! Or there is givemebackmygoogle, but you have less control over the filtering there.

Lies, damned lies and government statistics

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And rtm isn't the whole story

Examples such as the A77 also explain reduced deaths without it being anything to do with cameras. The A77 south of Glasgow used to be a 4 lane road with no central barrier. It iced up in winter and was very dangerous. There were always accidents there, then a large upgrade happened, including lane separation, road rerouting etc. and at the same time some average speed cameras were installed.

Needless to say the reduction in accidents has been overwhelming. Also needless to say, the government is placing this squarely at the feet of the cameras which have 'reduced accidents significantly'.

It's a nonsense, but then honesty wouldn't allow them to pocket this extra road tax quite so blatantly!

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices

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This is why more and more normal folks are looking at Ubuntu

A version of Linux that just works. Install of OS and apps is painless. If Ubuntu and Apple can split the market between them and gub Microsoft I for one would be much happier just leaving my XP box as my games platform:-)

That Wi-Fi network you thought was secure? It ain't

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MAC address != secure

MAC address based access controls are the simplest to get around! Seriously, do not use this with the expectation it will give you security. If you want security, treat it like you would treat the Internet - terminate in a DMZ, require 2 factor auth, use client-side agents with validation tools to identify user and device to the network before allowing out of the sandbox DMZ, use WPA TKIP /PEAP etc plus VPN software.

just my tuppence based on the networks I work with every day

Infra-red cameras to tackle congestion in Leeds

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That's a damn good point. The solution should be that if cars are moving at a sensible speed (not sure what it is on that road) then there obviously isn't any congestion so they shouldn't charge. The system should deliberately be limited to only take pictures if cars are travelling at low speed.

In other news, where I live, the council has tried its best to mess up the roads (adding bus lanes where they are unnecessary, introducing one way systems and even closing entire roads) but it is still faster for me to drive the 17 miles to work than get the train. And it is less stressful, more pleasant and fun.

Down with public transport as a revenue earner! Can we not just copy the Germans - they are great at making efficient public transport AND fast roads!

(Tux - because I can)

UK teen is world's youngest certified ethical hacker (maybe)

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@Joskyn - totally agree; I organise training for my own organisation and a professional security body and I would far prefer it if bootcamps were removed from the equation entirely. This is why I like the CREST concept - the assault course means you really have to know your stuff in practice. Theory will help you, but without the hands on you will fail.