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Scalent strokes physical to virtual to whatever you like play


Big Deal

Big yawn... Cassatt has been doing the same thing for a couple of years. It's that just now, the market is beginning to realize that it needs automated P->V and P->P services now that VMs are all over the place.

Green Grid pollutes environment with more white papers


Some Pro, Some Con, and an opportunity

True that one might find the org. underperforming. We're a member, and in some areas I'm very impressed, while in others, there is still opportunity for progress.

Given that orgs like SVLG, US DOE and US EPA are already moving down-the-road on data center efficiency tools, the real opportunity w/the Green Grid is to innovate completely new (and radically more efficient) technologies rather than get wrapped-around-the-axle on metrics. The membership is an ideal position to do so.

BTW, much more on this at http://fountnhead.blogspot.com