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Reg scribe spends week being watched by government Bluetooth wristband, emerges to more surveillance

James Loughner


Covid God's IQ test

Pi calculated to '62.8 trillion digits' with a pair of 32-core AMD Epyc chips, 1TB RAM, 510TB disk space

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Not every where

The ratio c/d is only good in flat space in curved space it can be almost be anything

If you've mastered Python 101, you're probably better at programming than OpenAI's prototype Codex

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Garbage in grabage out

Enough said

Swiss security provocateur who leaked Intel secrets indicted by US authorities

James Loughner

You mean all that time it takes to fix their own screw ups that have been exposed???

Windows 10 gets a little more G-shaped: G Suite admins can now manage Microsoft's OS, and that includes remote wipe

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Re: Cool.

"Windows 10 devices can be managed in Google's admin console with features including remote wipe, device configuration, and checking compliance with policies."

Indeed what could possibly go wrong.

What's that smell? Perfume merchant senses the scent of a digital burglary

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In US there is PCI compliance All should follow this or similar standards

World's largest heap of untreated nuclear waste needs more bots to cart around irradiated crap

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Re: Holiday at Windscale '74

Irradiate mercury with neutrons and it decays to gold.

Snoops can bypass iOS 13 lock screen to eyeball your address book. Apple hasn't fix it yet. Valid flaw? You decide

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Re: "allow access when locked"

Seems to me it makes it easier for the police. Nice back door to see who you contact

Revealed: Milky Way's shocking cannibalistic dark past – it gobbled a whole dwarf eons ago

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Re: Why are there 3 dimensions?

Easy one

We are made of electromagnetic fields all our interactions are governed by EM and EM is 3 dimensional thus we can only see touch experience the 3 dimensions of EM. We are simply trapped in the 3d of EM and like flat landers can not leverage to any higher ones. QED


Too hot to handle? Raspberry Pi 4 fans left wondering if kit should come with a heatsink

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Heat Pipe

What no one suggested heat pipes I though this was a tech site LOL

Pair programming? That's so 2017. Try out this deep-learning AI bot that autocompletes lines of source code for you

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Does it???

Does it fall Mom's rule???

Mom's Rule -- Put thing back the way your found them when you are done.

Literally rings our bell: Scottish eggheads snap quantum entanglement for the first time

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Re: A different option? You cannot break Bell theorem/observations!

Problem of loop gravity is the researchers keep trying to make the extra dimensions small because as we all know we only "see" 3 (well 4 if you throw in time) But the reason we only see 3 is that ever last thing we see feel observe is through electromagnet interaction and EM is 4 dimensional. So we can only experience , and thus know about, 3 spacial and one time dimensions.

We are completely electromagnet entities. Just a bunch of extremely complesx EM fields. Think about it.

James Loughner

Re: How entanglement really works, how to prove it

It is not a matter of believing. It is simply limits on what we can measure and thus what we can know about a system. The best we can do is use statistics to predict system history. This does not really tell us what is happening on a "quantum" level it is only a statistical modal of the underlying phenomenon. It does not really tell use how that phenomenon actually works.

I have two objects which I entangle by painting one red and the other blue. I put them is two boxes ans separate them by a light year Now I open the first box and see that the object is blue thus the fact object 2 is red is now instantly known. Is this really entanglement??

Don't get me wrong quantum mechanics is great and works but it does not describe the underlying reality. Think thermodynamics. It is a theory of gross interactions and does not in any way describe the detail of the reality. But it does predict and describe the bulk behavior of matter in thermal systems.

'It’s not a surveillance program'... US govt isn't going all Beijing on us with border face-recog, official tells Congress

James Loughner

Bright side

"he Secret Service is currently running a pilot study to see if AI-backed cameras installed around the White House"

Now we know where to look for who is visiting the Pres LOL Perfect

In the living room, can Google Home hear you SCREAM? Well, that's what you'll need to do

James Loughner

Sirius Cybernetics hard at work "Share and Enjoy"

World's first robot hotel massacres half of its robot staff

James Loughner

A national Emergancy

We must build a wall around all robot factories at once. I will hold my breath until congress agrees.

Infosec's Thanksgiving turkey triumvirate: Tesla, Tumblr, Trump (as in Ivanka)... and tons more

James Loughner

Lock her up Lock her up!!!

Oh what which her?????

Hacks Fifth Avenue: Crooks slurp bank cards from luxury chain Saks

James Loughner

They have not gone to tokenizing the CC numbers?? Really they can not be PCI compliant.


I fault their CC processors not meeting PCI compliance standards.

Microsoft loves Linux so much it wants someone else to build distros for its Windows Store

James Loughner

You don't have to change any thing most DIstros work fine with UEFI. the trick is to boot the installer in EFI mode not legacy. Mixing boot methods is counter indicated

AI racks up insane high scores after finding bug in ancient video game

James Loughner

Re: Interesting..

Logan's Run.

Upset Equation Editor was killed off? Now you can tell Microsoft to go forth and multiply: App back from the dead

James Loughner

Lose the reat

Now if the would only lose the rest of Windows

Linux 4.14 'getting very core new functionality' says Linus Torvalds

James Loughner

You should ask on a Mint forum

Linux kernel hardeners Grsecurity sue open source's Bruce Perens

James Loughner

You can hack the kernel all you want and keep it a secret but if you then distribute it then you must follow the GPL and make your code available to those you distribute it to and that code must follow GPL giving those your distribute to the same rights.

Trump tramples US Constitution by blocking Twitter critics – lawsuit

James Loughner

Re: ID 10 T alert

ALL Men are endowed with certain inalienably rights which include life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Japan (lightly) regulates high-frequency algorithmic trading

James Loughner


Put a high tax on profits (say 50%) made on stocks or other equities held for less then say ten minuets. This is nothing but straight up gambling.

Oz MP flies crypto-kite, wants backdoors without backdoors

James Loughner

You don't understand they will never ever admit they are wrong.

Back to the Future 2: Gasp! America's trade watchdog discovers the risks of 'free' movies

James Loughner

Is there a difference

They're run by 'pirates,' not legit business people,

FTC accuses man of faking its news to further tech support scam

James Loughner

Guess it does not apply to the army of Indian call center people that represent them selves as MS tech and try to get you to open your machine to them. I get a call at lest once a week and have fun with them then revel I run Linux and no Windows key R does not work here LOL

OK, it's time to talk mass spying again: America's Section 702 powers are up for renewal

James Loughner

Re: Probably best to hit them in the wallet.

MMMMMM... COWS (Coalition Of the Willingly Stupid) I like that. Thumbs up sir.

Gimme some skin: Boffins perfect 3D bioprinter that emits slabs of human flesh

James Loughner

Re: Re:

Al2O3 also known as sapphire is transparent aluminum

Machine-learning boffins 'summon demons' in AI to find exploitable bugs

James Loughner
Big Brother

Re: they can deliberately produce false results

As having been proven by the US election

Apple ordered to cough up $2m to store workers after denying rest breaks

James Loughner


It is simple they were just applying the same rules to the American store people that they do for the Chinese works who make their bling. See consistent employee rules

Reg man 0: Japanese electronic toilet 1

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Re: Here I encountered the first of many problems. The labels were entirely in Japanese.

"What you need is a touch sensitive OLED display bar that can change the labels to suit any language. And Bluetooth. Gotta have Bluetooth."

What not Internet iOT is a must

Arista cats escape US quarantine, for now: Customs says it's OK to import networking gear

James Loughner

Re: "Ripped off the command line"

Text based interface is a text based interface. What exactly is unique there?????

And who did Cisco rip off. Maybe Zelda????

China gets mad at Donald Trump, threatens to ruin Apple

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Re: Trade War

Everyone knows it is spelled Raygun

Probe cops' Stingray phone masts, senators tell US comms watchdog

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Thumb Down

Re: No fixed residence

I'm low income where is my free phone????

I call BS

Verizon techie sold people's call logs at $75 a head to private dick

James Loughner


Is this not what Capitalism is all about? How can the government stop the goodness of the capital ethic???

Microsoft sues Wisconsin man (again) for copyright infringement (again)

James Loughner
Paris Hilton


Selling random numbers just $25 each

Oh and by the way here is a link to a Windows download

FBI: Look out – hackers are breaking into US election board systems

James Loughner

How silly

Just about anyone can get for a few hundred dollars voter lists from their county clerks. Including name, address, may be phone number, when they voted etc. All the candidates do. I doubt there is any more in the files they got.

The problem is potentially getting into and possibly changing vote totals especially from electronic voting machines.

Magnet-wobble wireless charging system dishes out a respectable 10 kW

James Loughner


How about a 60 Hz resonant circuit and just be a parasite off the electric grid.

Oh the Electric companies may not be amused :(

Mars' 'little green men' buried alive by merciless meteorites – new theory

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Re: maybe there never was life on Mars ...

You do realize they don't shoot money into space they do spend it here. And each unit of money adds 7X it's value to the over all economy. Money is funny stuff it is not a conserved material.

Schrödinger's cat explained with neutrinos

James Loughner


You mean the cat is not an observer? The cat know if it is dead or alive. Your ignorance is not a factor

Microsoft half-bricks Asus Windows 7 PCs with UEFI boot glitch

James Loughner

Secure Boot is Security Theatre

If malware is in a position to modify the boot stack you are already owned.

Evil doers check list

Secure boot on? Yes

send email pay us $500 or we kill your machine

Not paid mod boot stack

Bang you are dead

Engineer uses binary on voting bumpf to flag up Cali election flaws

James Loughner

Re: Who uses decimal codes for ASCII anymore?

There are 10 types of people. Those the understand binary and those who don't

All-Python malware nasty bites Windows victims in Poland

James Loughner

You mean like run execute permission in Linux???

Big telco proxies go full crazy over cable box plan

James Loughner

No No No

It is like when Bell/ATT forced user to use only their phones on the tel network. That could only be stopped and was by the government.

Bash on Windows. Repeat, Microsoft demos Bash on Windows

James Loughner

Re: How is this different?

Reverse WINE LOL

Fifth time's the charm as SpaceX pops satellite into orbit

James Loughner

Easy fix

Move the launch to an area that has land under the end point. Launch from Colorado and land in Nebraska

Ok probably not politically feasible

FBI iPhone brouhaha sparks Apple Store protest in San Francisco

James Loughner

Idiots all

Clone the phone test 10 passwords on a clone then do it again on another clone until you get the password. If the government can't do that what are we paying them for.

Bunch of idiots

Little warning: Deleting the wrong files may brick your Linux PC

James Loughner

Re: Scratch Monkey

Users can't do it only the admin ie root can. The power of root is total. If a user has root power he should know better.



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