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Gears of War 2 scheduled for November release


...that's not all

Pleased to hear they might sort out the MP matching on Gears2 as it was very poor previously...

Check out Dark Sector and Prototype coming for the Xbox360... these look rather nice too.

Seabed cables will be fixed by next week


@ Chris Martin

These cables don't usually break all the way through.

Usually there are 8 - 16 pairs of fibre in one cable so damage usually takes out a part of it, so the traffic can be re-routed on another fibre link within the same cable.

The cable can then be fully repaired at a suitable time in the future.

However if an anchor / fishing boat or Jaws fully cuts the cable then the maintenance companies have to rush out there and fix it.

They seem to be a little slow to react this time.


I laid that cable....

Never thought I would hear about that again especially not on The Register...

I was part of the FLAG (Fibre Link Around the Globe) project in 1994 and was actually one of the dynamic positioning officers that piloted the Cable Layer through the Suez canal and on down the Gulf of Suez and Red Sea.

I remember these cables being very heavily armoured due to the amount of shipping / fishing and anchoring that goes on in that area - they must have done a proper job to totally break them.

Oh and see-me-wee is another acronym but can't remember what that stands for.

On sharks, they do actually like biting telephone cables there is even a bite resistant cable that suposedly doesn't feel nice when they bite it...

Those were the days... 13 weeks away with 6 weeks off, 12 hour shifts and a nice big bank balance at the end - why did I ever switch to IT!!!